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  1. Welcome to OD I hope you enjoy it here and make many friends ASAP! Always happy to have new members join the ranks
  2. Got my Cold Witch to Merciless last night. Dominus was a pain in my ass lol but I managed to get through him after a lil effort. Got the ranger all switched up with some new gear and a fresh look. Still looking forward to seeing some OD Peeps on the inside
  3. Anyone still currently playing Path of Exile? Since my return to OD I have gotten pretty heavy into PoE and managed to upgrade all my chars since their is some new shit since I was last on a year ago. anywho I got 3 chars in cruel act 3, a cold witch, phys bow ranger, and a melee shadow. My Facebreaker Marauder is now in merciless act 2, if anyone finds themselves on PoE and wants to group up and run some shizz hit me up. Iv'e been on my facebreaker more than anything lately his name is LebanonLevi or you can msg me at my acc name : Manbot. I also still have ownership of the OD guild i
  4. Sad to see another OD member leave but there comes a time for some of us to part ways. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and Im sure Sc2 is losing some damn fine members. They always seem to pull through and stay awesomesauce tho lol, you guys are just beasts
  5. YO DUUUDE Whatup! Just got back from jail dawg, hit me back ASAP, and PLEASE Get me RE-ENABLED!!! :)

  6. I like them man thank you for sharing them! I agree tho Bare bones is better than nothing. I've had many a bare bones projects that I toyed with and toyed with and in the end one little thought sparks something entirely new and before you know it the pen is to the paper and ink is just flying lol.
  7. Welcome to OD just remember to keep dsl low be gm and most of all have fun
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  9. Ha ha I think this is a cool idea tho I myself cany partake. I have no freestyle rap abilities lol Im a metal head for the most part lol. I like rap but I cant rap and sound to white when I do
  10. This forum was for everyone to make posts yes. It doesnt necc have to be poetry tho it can be anythign literature related. I just wanted to try and drum up some intellectual acitivity here lol Sometimes I get bored with video games and like to immerse myself in many forms of entertainment. You should see the story Im writing. Depending on how well it works out in the long run it might be a step toward finally writing my first book. I used to wanna be a writer/author but kinda forgot about that dream for a lil while.
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  12. Lord_satan(OD)


    The . wont be able to be used in a D2 acc. They havent allowed chars like that since waaaay back in the day lol. But yes as Aerineth stated, in pretty much most in house duels you will be required to use a OD tagged char. There may be times when non tagged will be allowed but also like he said thats up to the host. For the tournaments coming up soon they will require OD tagged chars tho *Yes Snick even tho I <3 you, you must use one to if you wish to participate * We deff dont judge on a persons past tho, many OD members used to mod before OD. I myself didnt care for Closed battle
  13. I can see no one wants to take this seriously lol
  14. Well hello there fellow OD'ers, This is a new subforum I asked SiL3ntKil(OD) about creating. It is mainly for sharing poetry and or short stories you may have written and would like to share. Although please feel free to share any poetry or piece of literature you might come upon and wish to share. I am a fan of all literature and am usually open to most of it lol. I shall start this new forum off with a shortish poem I wrote the other day at work. Took all of maybe 5-10 mins lol so dont hate if its not the best piece of trash you have read this week lol. A life of hopes, A life of dre
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