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  1. haha my wife will be like "who the eff is this!". glad there are some people to help motivate and light your day up though.
  2. i wish people gave me cards.
  3. Mursaat


    if its non lad and you got a tals sorc i can use and abuse ill do it up
  4. pain retain is a great way to learn not to do something, but that is better behind closed doors than out in public. everyone is a judge these days but for public punishment i would let him stand and take his chair away or make him do wall sits. and if he keeps doing it just take him outside and leave. consistency is key for sure. and for those assholes who like to be nosey, i am not afraid to put someone on blast if they want to be an idiot in public, i let everyone know how stupid they feel but i use a lot of tact to do it, kind of an art for me haha. or id call cps in front of them and give them the phone to see how stupid their reaction is and tell them to shut up. or just whip out the good old la chancla(flip flop) and instill fear! jk.
  5. Mursaat

    OD Shirt came in!

    good prize for those who win tournaments.
  6. i sold my golden knee pads awhile ago haha!
  7. I've been around battle.net for a long time (2001). Look at clans such as Last Warriors which had the exact same layout of OD and the downfall was lack of leadership and rank chasing. Another clan such as clan chaotic carnage cC, in where the agenda of the players fractured and disbanded it with the exact same rank structure layout as OD. The thing is that you can still achieve the same or better results in a simplified manner but yet it seems you are afraid of change. I'm glad you agree that if someone is motivated and dedicated it will show in their achievements but you are basing their motivation on gaining rank as an outcome to be kept "entertained" rather than holding a billet and being motivated for their job well done or be a part of the community. It shouldn't take 9 ranks to figure out someones growth in a gaming community. It actually takes longer to get promotions in a simplified rank structure as well. Didn't you climb the rank structure super fast to where people were triggered? Which is a contradiction to what you are imposing. People wouldn't be as triggered if the rank structure was simplified.
  8. this can all be done in the enlisted tier, you are still climbing a ladder if you choose to be a part of the community such as tiers of enlisted, warrant officer, officer, senior officer, generals, and commanders. time and time ive seen pitfalls where people are too worried about their rank and not worried about what they have done. this current rank structure makes players worry about their rank and not their actions, hence reference to the rob(od) days.
  9. so if enlisted are all expected to do the same thing then why are there 9 ranks of enlisted rather than simplifying it under enlisted as you did in your expectations? that would solve the problem of members not understanding what ranks are higher than others. it would also put people on a peer-to-peer level and make promotions more competitive since that's why people are bringing up the issue of people not deserving their promotion. it would also help your voting system and make it more professional for those who want to advance their status in the clan. billet holders would be officers and have the responsibility of the job they volunteered to do, which would make voting more in depth and the rank feel much more prestige.
  10. if you guys use a military rank structure, you might want to know how it works first. i remember getting a big ass book about every rank in my MOS and what is expected of me to not only achieve such rank but to also maintain such rank, this should of been done, idk a long time ago? billet holders are even set to a higher standard as well. having a military rank structure and then having a voting system is a super contradiction in itself.
  11. i like how my opinion has to be removed because it is "not valid".

    1. Show previous comments  36 more
    2. MelodicRose(OD)


      I'm going to turn off notifications then, but I truly think higher up discussion needs to be done about this topic if people are going to go back and forth at each other like is occurring here.. goodnight :P 

    3. Mursaat


      i dont feel like anyone is hostile, unless i just dont have any feelings. this was productive none the less for everyone who put their input, i appreciate feedback and discussion. dont feel threatened and if you do i apologize.

    4. Terra


      Rose is correct, this discussion serves no productive purpose anymore. He's clearly not going to change his mind about it, so the longer you guys argue with him the longer it will go on.


      These are the only points that matter:

      1. You don't neg vote based on your opinion, you neg vote based on legitimate valid reasons

      2. sexually-explicit names are not currently against the rules, therefore it is not a valid reason to neg vote someone


      Until it's changed, that's the way it is. That's it, end of discussion. You don't have to like it, Mursaat, but as long as you are a part of OD you do have to accept it. It's possible it can be changed but it will require patience, cooperation, and possibly not attacking your greatest supporter.

  12. thank you for your service, i'm a veteran myself did 4 years active duty and a combat tour in afghanistan. i am also certified electrician so if you have any questions about the industry i can maybe help. glad to have you on the team.
  13. thank you for your service, i'm a veteran as well. if you need any d3 help let us know. i also am an avid edh/commander player in magic the gathering so if you need any deck advice let me know. glad to have you to the team.
  14. glad to have you on the team, welcome
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