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  1. Thanks for being a mom even here in OD! Gorgeous flowers Sassy, hope you had a great day.
  2. The vanguard mutual fund is a great long term investment. It’s where I make my funny money. If anything right now, Id raise my 401k contributions if I could. Provided of course that I have enough(say 3 months) cash on hand and could afford more investment. This too shall pass, and at some point we’ll start recovering some of the trump era gains. What about rolling it into an IRA if your concerned with losing more money?
  3. Good luck in your future endeavors whatever they may be DBZ.
  4. I could use a vacation, and I just got off a 11 month one.
  5. Wanna hear a joke about corona virus? Whoever invented anti bacterial soap is surely rubbing his hands together as we speak. As an employer, I made the decision to initiate a two week lock down so nobody gets infected.
  6. Good to hear from you Dave, hope all else is well! Best of luck bud.
  7. Awe. The benefits of aligning how you feel, to who you are, into whatever it is you do will be rewarding. We move forward, never straight my friend.
  8. Every time my girlfriend climaxes during sex she blurts out the ending of a movie or a show and ends up spoiling it for me. I really wish I could get her to stop cumming to conclusions. Why aren't school shooting jokes funny? They're an easy target and aimed at a very young audience. I threw my wife a surprise bukakke party. It was a big success. Everyone came. You should of seen her face. Gay people have no excuse to have a bad fashion sense. Like homie what were you doing in the closet this whole time? Trump walks into a bar; and lowers it. Why do Uber drivers skip the gym? Because they don't even Lyft.
  9. Ebola's death rate in certain areas... woof.
  10. Sounds good. Loaded TS3 when I first got home. Only Terra was on it. Took another minute before I realized OD didn’t die... xD
  11. Nobody wants to start off banning a bunch of users, hard enough having players in 12 months.
  12. Some people really like orions belt, but I just think its a waste of space. Whats the best way to kill a communist? Communism. What's the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with boobs Ones a crusty bus station and ones a busty crustacean.
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