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  1. Happy bday douche canoe!

  2. It took us 24 hours to raise $1 billion to fix a damaged building. A building. A building where people will gather. To pray. For those living in poverty.
  3. I am willing to put up a large amount of money in a wager I could probably do more drugs than Jack white LOL

  4. Welcome back bud, if ya ever wanna chat about life a bit Im always game. Great luck to you! It's gonna be ok!
  5. Today for breakfast I had 3 black coffee followed by copious amounts of Mdma laced with meth I call it a hillbilly highball

    1. Townkill(OD)


      So meth with meth on brown water?

    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      yeah she was a beauty

  6. You should be. I got one award, my entire career. 😥😨🤔
  7. Ezz katka. Short and sweet. Simple man. hah. Thanks Ray.
  8. Gotchu. I think you'll like the answer too. Ive been on most of the night morning into today, eventually Imma nap today Ray and work 3-5 hours tonight. After that Ill be back to play some games and back to regular work hours into tomorrow night.
  9. The water soaking fields to grow crops here sometimes are not located to the safest of lands. In example I have a family members house between an old iron mill, which is on a hill made of the sledge from the mill 150 years ago. So the crops which soak up good run off water, and puts a well proportional size of that water directly into Susquehanna which is the largest feed of the Cheseapeake. The iron in my neighbors house makes the water really hard, and actually undrinkable without extra filtration beyond the standard well stuff. My water being above this field is not contaminated at all by the iron, and in fact I have great water. If we cleaned up that site instead of letting it sit for "historical purposes" we would contaminate the water less down hill, and down stream. This answers not homework material but yea, I think about stuff like this lots.
  10. No questions from nobody? Boo. I guess I'm more excited to do this for me anyway. heeHawha. We can discuss my insanity. My latest stint of not picking up drugs or alcohol. My crazy bicycling for work third shift in all this crazy North East weather. My gaming habits, like buying 400$ of games, and still playing free DotA. Ask away folks. I got the literally day #3833638 without sex or so. 😛
  11. OpenAI from Elon Musk was unsuccessful versus DotA's elites. But it won't last forever. Thanks for the video share. https://www.theverge.com/2018/8/28/17787610/openai-dota-2-bots-ai-lost-international-reinforcement-learning
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