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  1. Gunna hit it hard and heavy with a DH. I should be on and counting down at reset. Will group up with whoever is on. See you p pl in game............Tex
  2. I don't usually post on the forums much, but I would like to say hats off, and thank you, to Raged(OD) for all the hard work you put in recruiting new members for our division. It's an honor to be in such a thriving community with so many great clansmen. I would also like to mention the great work you do in rank promotions and I try to vote at every opportunity. We are now hovering around 140+ members in game and around 60-65 members on OD site the last time I looked, that's even with "cleaning house" on folks who don't log in/play anymore. That said, for those who read my post, for those who take pride in being a member of Overdosed Gaming Community, we could all learn from the above mentioned Raged (OD) and start giving more time to or community, let's support each other. When someone comes up for a well earned promotion, vote for them, if a new member meets there trial requirements and shows promise, vote for them. Even if they already have enough votes..... We do a great job of helping each other out in game, we should also show our support for each other on OD site. I challenge everyone to give a little more time, your input is a valuable asset to the strength of the division as it grows. Vote, recruit, post on forum, and lets do all we can to try and get the other half of our D3 community to register on OD site! Thank you for your time, Tex
  3. Pretty good idea Dark, It seams at season start a lot of guys do party up and as the season rolls on the numbers dwindle. A couple of things I would like is to see is 1). at least 20-30+ members on at peak times and 2). More Meta / support grouping. I am prob going to go Necro (support and/or DPS builds) and Wiz season 13. I am really glad to see some new recruits in game, as that's a big part of our future. I'm going to do my best to try and fill our roster with some active players for coming season. One problem I have is working 3rd shift, unless I have the night off, won't be on in the evening, so it's difficult to participate often :( A good Co-op group is super fun and look forward to season 13.......Tex
  4. Thanks Ian, I guess I left that out. Any of you guys are welcome to jump in game. Again, Battle tag Tex 46#1983. Looking forward to killin some monsters with you.
  5. My name is Mike, I have been a long time gamer. Hope to see you in D3.
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