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  1. Welcome to OD LoL 2021 Since its creation in 2010, the OverDosed LoL division has been working to create a "safe haven" for all players to come together as a community and enjoy a toxic free environment. We also emphasize on the enjoyment of playing with friends as much as possible on the public Discord server. All of these things and our overall community make OD one of the best places for you to call home. We invite you to take part and join our community. Why should you join Overdosed Gaming? As toxic as the League community is today, it is probably th
  2. Hey can you update from Officer to Senior Officer please? Was promoted to Major recently.
  3. I am mostly available after 4:00 pm CST on Mondays, 5:30 pm CST on Tuesdays/Thursdays, 1:00 pm CST on Wednesdays/Fridays. Saturday and Sundays I am free all day. If you guys need to get a hold of me just message me on Discord and I will reply as soon I can!
  4. Hey since Redops can't host Squad Night on Saturdays anymore we wanted to know what night works best for you guys on a poll. Thank you!
  5. Please do I miss playing LoL with you!
  6. Hey can you update from Warrant Officer to Officer please? I just got promoted recently.
  7. OD2019 is our clan name. Talk to Redice for invite to it.
  8. I am a big fan of High School DxD myself (warning NSFW) but outside of that Blend S, Yuri Yuri, Dragon Ball Super, Yu Yu Hakusho. Those are my all time picks.
  9. Hey I just wanted to do a poll for inhouses since I haven't heard much of them happening for a while now and I wanted to see what times you guys would like to do them at.
  10. Thank you dude! Good luck next season!
  11. Also forgot to mention the item build: 1st Buy 2 Biscuits and Dorans ring follow by Morello's first item (buy last chapter part first for better mana sustain in lane) Zhonyas hour glass 2nd if facing AD Assassins like Talon or Zed or Death Cap otherwise. 3rd item Void Staff then get Zhonyas or Death Cap 4th item which other one you didnt' get 2nd item. For boots: Get Magic Pen Boots to enhance your all-in damage try to get it after Morello's. Last item depends on the state of the game. If you can't kill the enemy tanks then get Lisandries Torment. Get Ryalis Crystal Seceptor if you need m
  12. Hi! I am Stardom(OD) aka Myth Helper101 on League of Legends and I currently Plat 5 while writing this and decided to make a guide on my favorite champion Ahri. Ahri is a mobile AP Mage/Assassin who thrives in making picks as well as having good wave clear. She normally is played in the Mid Lane due to how short the lane is as well as the ability to roam to both top and bottom quickly. Essence Theft (Passive): Ahri gains a charge of Essence Theft whenever one of her abilities hits an enemy (max 3 charges per spell). Upon hitting 9 charges, Ahri next spell heals her her 3/5/9/18
  13. In case no one looked at the Overdosed LoL chat I did manged to get Plat 5 for the first time since preseason 6! I will be writing a guide tomorrow of one of my favorite champions to play and hopefully next season I hit Diamond 5!
  14. IGN: Myth Helper101 Best Rank: Plat 4 Season 5 Current Rank: Gold 1 Roles: Mid/ADC Best Champs: Mid: Ahri, Ziggs ADC: Jinx, Miss Fortune Can't play on Monday nights and Wednesday nights due to irl commitments and stuff.
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