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  1. Got a life and was gone for nearly half a year. Sorry about that haha, everythings settled down now and i can get back to gaming. would be cool to be re-enabled.
  2. Well you see, I won't be the one coding it. I'm just going to be designing it. I'll design what needs to be coded but that's all i'm being used for.
  3. As I said i'm doing it for free. I'm not going to spend a year doing something completely professional FREE of charge. I came into the guild helping but don't expect something professional. Just something more clean and easily navigational. Thanks for the feedback though.
  4. If you guys want a specific color set tell me the # of the color you want ex. #0c2960 is the color i used for the banner.
  5. Thanks everyone thats giving me ideas on the layout other than just spamming with useless stuff that has nothing to do with the layout.
  6. I'm leaving the layout like this, and i'm out. The community here isn't really all that great. the clan say they need GM members, but i've seen a lot of BM ones. I'll be seeing myself out. If the owner of this site wished me to finish this layout, he can pay me for it and im me on aim. Frictionaldesign
  7. Here you go, sorry the stock was really LQ
  8. So from what everyone has been telling me. The layout is great but the colors need work. Anyone have anything in mind of what colors?
  9. I have spent all day designing this, speaking to Rag to make this perfect for the community, and I will continue to do so. Any feedback is appreciated and I hope to see this design soon updated on our clan page. Everything here is a preview. You would scroll over one of the many navigation buttons at the top to bring down a drop down menu when then will let you chose a link. Its the same for each of them. in the middle is a placeholder for the real thing, and it's also a possible logo for OD.
  10. A fellow texan! Welcome to Clan OD and feel free to enjoy your stay <3
  11. I might have just seen what you did there.
  12. It's good to see new members alike <3
  13. 17 year old gamer mostly here to help this site become better then it already is. I'm also here for league of legends. If anyone is wondering NO I did not make my signature, I had one of my good friends make it for me. Although I am a designer, but I've talked about this in the web development sub-forum. Anyways I've seemed to already welcome myself in.
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