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  1. Awakes Merlin from under the castle to cast that oh hell ya its time to go home and EAT spell !!
  2. Welcome to OD look forward to gaming with you in the future.
  3. Water with lil piece lemon squeezed in and the soft crunchie ice ( Like Sonic ice ))
  4. I know this is out there a lil bit but maybe not. You know when you find someone you really enjoy gaming with but can never catch up to them well. maybe we could have something like a forum or continues post type thing that you could list what time you are usually on in game I think it would be great for runners and rushers to use and for just general gaming exp coming. Battlepig(OD) usually on from 1;45 until 10:00 pm doing rushes runs chaos Baals Its just a idea I thought about long ago let me know your thought and or improve upon this OR tell me STFU !!!! either way I'm good with it!!!!
  5. hi ya ! I'm Pig BattlePig (OD) that is Welcome to the clan ! Don't hide Dem eyes girl !! Its just pig being Pig...…...
  6. Welcome to OD Glad to have ya !!!
  7. Well I'm glad I made it back in time to say goodbye ''for now'' my friend. We came up threw the ranks together making decision after decision for D2 I think we did pretty well. But I will not accept the drop bye crap you come back when you have your health and karma in line and be a StaffSgt with me that way we can influence and help guide in our clan once more. you and me talked for hours and hours about a lot of things I never forget that when I lost my wife and then lost my health the things going on in your life we held nothing back I will be here if you need that once more as you did for me. lol I remember some of those crazy nights you had at the motel and laugh and laugh. So get it done and bring your ass back. you don't have permission to stay away for ever. I out rank you now !!!! for the first time !!! You was my first real friend in OD I would very much like you to be the last I know how you feel about certain '' things '' but my friend trust Wayne not pig but Wayne one more time, when things seem the darkest and all hope lost reach inside and look up and don't be afraid to get them knees dirty help will come in abundance it did for me and I live in a whole new light now I promise we will be here if you need someone to talk to but there is someone with way more influence over your path than we. That is a Pig Promise!! Your Friend and Brother Charles Michael Wayne Maxwell. (615) 930-5914
  8. Happy birthday Wayne hope you have a great day 🙂 wish you would pop back and see us 

    1. Terra


      Happy Birthday, big guy. Wherever you are out there, I'll have a toast in your honor tonight.

  9. BattlePig(OD)


    we have had at least 2 people not make trial that were very active during their trial period officers get it in gear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't want to be officer again so help me not have to PLEASE!!!!!!
  10. i'm sorry i missed the meeting i had to go out of town for a auto auction is the a recording i can listen to ?
  11. Well three reasons was listed but more than a few was left out getting promoted is something you earn and i dont think you should have to have permission from a commander to neg vote someone especially when the commander doesn't play or even really know whats going on in that division other reasons could be they don't deserve it lack of motivation/ rarely in game /being BM things of that nature so now you saying a general has to have permission to run the division according to the commanders approval that's a can of worms '' i'm using NICE words '' and what if it s a tier changing promo we went threw this once before. that cut and dried statement BadBoi(OD) posted then closed topic so no one could reply is not how OD is suppose to work
  12. Do we or do we not have to have(OD) tags upon our accounts or game names ? yes i'm about to stir the stink hole. Cause forums looking little hum drum. this ain't a corporate conglomerate.
  13. Hello my flock i here to bring in the sinners and saints to judgement day .... i go no futher you probally already got my meaning AMEN!!
  14. Giving !! The joy of giving to those you love and the sadness on the faces who you gave towels to.
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