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  1. Like the post but its not how the " average dota player plays or thinks " it actually sounds like this guy is hoping for a day that the US servers wont be filled with " JAJAJAJA " and broken or no english ON english prefrenced searched matches(dota is a team game must have communication and understanding with eatchothers plans and actions unless the enemy team is as troll as yours). Well to many trolls have made the " how to troll your team with Pudge " videos and coming soon " how to troll your team with every Hero+NOW TECHIES ". So my thoughts on the game now that the community has completly destroyed its self inside out(my opinion). I wont solo que I wont play without 3+ and if I think from now on im going to have to join in the troll fun Im going to " hahahaha " and troll my team with a 0-25-0 mid hard carry with 6 pairs of brown dress shoes and reply to my team " no read / hear / talk / see " and at the end of the match I will be letting the other team know " bad team all noobs " and maybe Ill rage quit after feeding with a invisible hero in my own jungle >.< and call my team baddies before I do.......at least then I can have fun and know going in I wont be flamed for playing good and trying to win and be a team player. O wait...wait wait that is how most dota games go anyway. Im a competitive player I enjoy winning I enjoy smashing my oppents face into the dirt I think isntead of adding new heros they should add a fatality spell / item for each hero ha that be cool huh. Hopefully Europe Servers can bring some hope to my need for strong competitive games that are close and intense on who the winner might just be since I havent played the other servers and I do enjoy this game I might as well try them before totaly giving up and giving in to the massive troll crusade that has become dota 2.
  2. Cool find , I did not go through the whole guide / article but it seems like a good list for an experienced player to expand their understanding of the game mechanics. To detailed for me , im still a noob learning.
  3. Awesome and welcome to the clan , I will send you a friend request and will look forward to gaming with you soon.
  4. Download it. Add me , Dragoslegion(OD) ( steam account )
  5. How many of the people that actually are in the Clan OD guild ( in dota 2 ) are active on the website login and community forums as well. I know we have alot of members in the in game guild but how many are real OD members or even active players. The reason I ask this is I would like to find more active members to get 5 stacks going easier and a bigger player pool to get teams going. What happens alot is either a team is missing 1 or has 2 - 3 to many people and then end up playing alone or spliting up. DragosLegion(OD) is my name on steam.
  6. Your body might be ready , But can your mind comprehend what is about to happen ?
  7. Ok good. And not a very funny joke alot of players practice your post so beliving a post like this is easy.
  8. I only had to read the first sentence of each paragraph to come to the conclusion that you have no idea what Dota2 is. 1 very simple thing to understand about Dota2. 1. Team work , Your teams outcome(normaly) is based off your weakiest players actions and failures. ( communication , hero choices , map awarness , scoreboard fanatic ect....) If you follow this rule every single game you will understand why you lose so much. Most games are won or lost within the first 10-15 minutes skilled palyers that understand the mechanics of Dota 2 know this , and reliaze if something is going bad in that time frame and is not corrected the game is lost for every second it continues. I am not saying that this applys for each and every game but most Pub games it is usually the outcome. This is why I almost refuse to play Pub matchs it only takes 1 player to throw the game for a team of 5. Sure go ahead keep picking that " Pub lord " go ahead go 10-0 middle lane smash his head into the mud and dirt. But did you forget about the other 2 lanes ? because they have been farming your teams heros for 10 minutes now and are ready to group. Ever hear/read the expresion 5 man dota incoming ? So in conclusion .... Counter picking is just a step and process of the TEAMWORK RULE!!!!.
  9. Working Sunday! , I however might be able to switch that day for another during the week since Im working the Holiday.
  10. I dont mean to go off topic and ruin the Dota 2 madness that is consuming everything but I just logged into b.net site and noticed this new game called Heros of the Storm!?!?!?! .... Um this looks like the new dota 2 ? What is this new madness ?????
  11. Wow did not reliaze that was their plan to never charge people for a full finished client. And I have to agree with how end game PoE's options beat Diablo 3's end game. But the problem I seem to have is when playing end game level is where most of the crashes/bugs have been occuring.
  12. It kept my intrest for a good long while as the many diffrent paths you can take. Although many problems are in game play and programing. The game crashes and laggy game play has been keeping me away. As it is just a beta still. It would need alot of work for me to actually pay for a client finished game.
  13. Been having a bit of fun with this game. Still really new at it. I will try and reach end game with a character to see what end game is like. DrakosIronOD - Marauder DrakoOD - Templar
  14. Hi! Battletag added.
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