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  1. I've completed 4 man 95 gr and solo'd 90 gr on softcore and carried 3 in an 85. All 3 there. I've also carried 3 people on a 60 gr in hardcore. You can view my profile in game to verify these or at the very least the completion of the solo's and 4 man 95 or higher.
  2. I've met the criteria for both the squads softcore and hardcore
  3. Yo I've been playing Diablo 3 for a while and just recently returned to OD but never see anyone on teamspeak and understand ya'll have a discord or a few of them ya'll gather on instead? Anyways if ya'll would be down to add me on Battle net and maybe send me some discord info that be a great help. Also anyone who can help me further my DH and WW barbs gear looking for ancients and helping me level up gems to 80+ I'm still looking for ancient weapons. Kraken#12162
  4. SO far this is what I got and I will put down subs in seperate section and place people in multiple positions based off what they wanna do. Kouju - ADC - Kalista Ganker/Deathby/Myself - Sup - Morgana, Malphite, Annie Myself possibly DailyPeach? - Jungle - Amumu , Sejuani , Wukong Ganker/Myself - Top - Wukong , Malphite Deathby/Myself - Mid - Orianna , Annie Total team players standing at 4 atm meaning we need another for sure team member or use of subs SUBS::: TrueChill Doodle If we can all meet tomorrow would be great just go ahead and put down available times for sunday. Preferably something in the afternoon area into the evening but ofc we can work with less until all assemble. (using teambuilder) to garantee roles and have randoms fill the slots. I'd like to say around 3-4pm eastern time? possibly we all hop on meat up and join the chat channel I have for this team. Chat Channel in game is called:::: " Phoenix Soldiers " I'll be on around 3pm eastern time until like 11pm ish.
  5. Alright I'll let you know but this is an application on your part for Support correct and willing to play any of the named champs for supporting?
  6. Looking for people who main certain champs in certain roles. Practices will be held on sundays as it's the only day i'm guaranteed to be able to do so (be free on sundays) we will practice and ranked once we have the team together. ROLES AND CHAMPS:::: Kouju - ADC - Kalista ? - Sup - Morgana, Malphite, Annie ? - Jungle - Amumu , Sejuani , Wukong ? - Top - Wukong , Malphite ? - Mid - Orianna , Annie I'll be fine in all these positions besides ADC with any of the named champs so basically looking for 3 people cause I have an adc main buddy who can do Kalista. If you can and enjoy playing these champs in these kinds of roles then please contact me about joining or comment below. Some of the champs are interchangeable to fit w/e it is we're fighting. Looking forward to playing this setup soon if the right players apply. Talk to you soon future team mates. Captain Kraken(OD)
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  8. Was talking in eastern time but as of now I have a more set schedule with all evenings free including weekends so maybe we can get started on sunday afternoon.
  9. also looks like sunday nights work too as well so that's 3 times a week
  10. so far looks like wednesday/thursday evenings for at least 4 of us to be on so just gotta find out if naturesdeath can be there around 7-8pm starts on wednesday thursdays around 7-8pm start.
  11. I will be pm'ing the people I am to jungle for on a ranked team via the overdosed site. I will be putting a link to this thread into it for each member to post their available times/update available times/post days they'd like to practice/ranked. I expect a reply on the overdosed site and on this thread from each member on the team so we can get to practicing team comps etc to take into ranked games. Ty for your time -First Lieutenant Kraken(OD) Also post ideas for a team name and I will take it upon myself to create the team once a name had been decided via this thread amongst ourselves. Post ideas and give opinions on the names submitted. Perhaps something with the word SILVER in it? like Silver surfers, Silver this, Silver that? Team 3 myth helper101 Mid naturesdeath Top doodleOD Support kraken OD Jungle FeedSoStrong ADC With subs Verg, TrisOD, PricelessOD
  12. Overdosed name (if different from forum name): Summoner name: KrakenOD Season 4 rank: Silver 5 Are you looking to be a a core member of a team (who is not a captain), a captain, or a sub? Please explain why. I would enjoy playing ranked 5's with other members because I feel as a jungler/sup main i'm perfectly happy giving my lanes the kills and going back to my jungle to happily farm away til oppurtunity to gank/counter gank/secure an objective comes along. Also I feel and have been told I play with more skill than my rank. Please explain your experience/ability regarding roles: season 5 I played my 10 provisionals and several inhouses as a jungler and a few as support and won 8/10 thus far 6 of which were jungle, 1 mid, 3 support the losses being 2 of my support games due to nobody really being strong enough to fight or positioning themselves into a team fight correctly however I was able to manage to steal 2 dragons as a morgana support in those losses from the other side of the wall and safely get away. Is there any roles, should you be assigned them, that would keep you from playing ranked 5s? If so, which? (example, I would not play jungle for a ranked 5's team) I would play any role but would be most comfortable in any position rather than adc unless my support was on the same page as me with aggression/warding/etc. What are you hoping to get out of playing ranked 5's? Or why do you want to play ranked 5's? I feel like it's something I haven't done very much of but so far have won 3/4 ranked team games in 3's and 5's this season so far and would like to continue to work with a pre-meditated team comp to achieve victory. Lastly and maybe the most important, please give a schedule of expected availability on a weekly schedule. Please take the time to be clear regarding this question as it will be a key component to maintaining play times. Sunday - after 4pm Monday - before 3pm Tuesday - all day Wednesday - All day Thursday - after 4pm Friday - Before 3 pm Saturday - no available time due to sleep/work so basically I have availability every day but saturday to work something out and anytime on a tuesday or wednesday to do w/e.
  13. KrakenOD - silver 5 season 4 , currently silver 5 out of provisionals 8/10 - Jungle/Sup main
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