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  1. Elindil

    HCLL Mfer

    holy drops!... daaaamm. share some :P
  2. welcome to my world haha. i always play solo :P well on this case, i dont own the game, cheer up, lets find another one :D
  3. well is not a bad idea, they have 3, 4 big games... d3, wow, overwatch and hearstone. with this tactic they keep the games alive and with a high population rate. and ofc... $$$$$.
  4. this is not the place to joke or fight. and btw you are an officer. you should know that. talk in private pls. wish you luck in your journey, but BMing is not tolared here, we are a nice community and we respect each other. Close request @Badboi(OD) @Aerineth(OD)
  5. Hey fam! if any1 finds a super cheap key sale or a free giveaway of motorsport manager, let me know! i love that game :D <3

  6. ouch lvl 29 death... and lvl 91 the pain in those r real :P
  7. still the same error. they cant fix it.... its the only game that give me troubles with that haha. they dont even know wht is that error so they blame the users internet-antivirus-etc etc. but in the forums there are plenty of ppl with the same error, asking for a solution but they dont answer. sometimes i wish the game goes to p2p like d3 so they can invest in a good server :(
  8. i like the idea, too bad i cant join. not bcos i dont want to, its bcos the F*** error package pid ##### is killing me sometimes, and i rage quit haha. they still didnt fix the servs problems... and soon it will be released for xbox 1 :O
  9. meh... i have no luck haha :beer:

  10. sounds good but, my english is not that good haha T_T
  11. D2...? what is that? 2016 my no comprehender amigou! lol.
  12. get out of my thread frank! ahaha :P holy... im not included in any single squad... im.... THE COOKIE GHOST!
  13. who have the leadership of the clan in game? is he/she active?
  14. you will... ill make sure of that :P lol jk
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