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  1. My fiance picked the game up for me the other day. Still haven't even in wrapped it because I've been stuck working around the clock but was wondering if anyone else plays!! PSN is ALEXRASOR
  2. Damn Bartender beating me in DPS now. Screw work lol. My weapons need serious upgrade. Only 700 something dps on each.. I'm only 145k with SS
  3. Haha I like both but I'll stick with my water. Tastes the same with half whiskey lol
  4. Going good so far. No set date yet lol
  5. RASOR(OD)


    Welcome man. Glad to have you
  6. Good to see you register on the forums so quickly! Your trial will be over soon enough and it will be official! I'll be in game asap stuck in the oil field again!
  7. Battle tag lol. Welcome man! Glad to have you!
  8. Haha I would sport one too! I'm thinking we need to get some OD merchandise for sale on the site! Whose gonna do it lol Grats Rob!
  9. Thanks Rag! We gotta play together next time we're both on!!
  10. I know this a small and dumb request but I'm a perfectionist! Will a General please and I mean pretty please change my name to caps on the website!! I hate that it is lower case! Requesting RASOR Please and thank you!!!
  11. Welcome add me Rasor#1875 and lets smash some MW3. I average 2:1 3:1 ratio! ALEXRASOR PSN
  12. Sorry for my inactivity in game this last week! Can't wait to get over this crazy work months out here in the oil field! Seen the house a few hours the last two weeks lol. Ready for it to be over! Don't worry you will still see me in the forums!( internet permits) lol out in the middle of no where and T-Mobile blows out of town in Texas lol. Ready to be back in.Oklahoma!! Who wants to plvl my DH when I get back? Eh? Eh? Eh? Any takers lol Much love- Rasor
  13. RASOR(OD)


    Welcome to OD! Add me on D3 Rasor#1875 Look forward to seeing you in game!
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