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  1. I mean.. I'm pretty sure all I have to do is ask @TypeReaL(OD) to jump and he'll ask how much higher he needs to be.
  2. Your rank has been updated! Congratulations on making Officer!
  3. Updated! Congrats on your promotion!
  4. It would seem I may now eat my words. I am beyond speechless with the reveal for BlizzConline 2021.
  5. Pretty sure this was meant for the D2 forum and not Old Tutorials. Moved it to the appropriate forums. I would love to see a remaster, but I won't hold my breath. I'll wait to see it officially announced before I start getting hyped. Regardless.. this does give a bit of hope I suppose.
  6. Thanks for answering my question. You're insightful as ever, and I totally agree with this. You have been the man behind the curtain for so long for Overdosed that it seems almost pointless to try to demote you. Above all else, as others have mentioned, when something happens, you're quick to spring into action when it comes to a bug or an issue with the website. You've cared for OD behind the scenes for so long, I think it's largely why OD is still here today. You're intelligent when it comes to contributions to your discussions, you're not afraid to step in and play the tough gu
  7. I have to say Raged, you're one of the easiest evaluations since I started doing these Evaluation Processes. The amount of work you commit, not just within your division, but in Discord as a whole.. you're seriously unrivaled. You recruit, you post, you talk, you interact, you do it all man. And the climb to 2* is such an easy decision. I never had any questions for you and look forward to what more you'll provide. Keep it up man. +1 to Major General from me.
  8. I only have a short response for you so it'll be a quick, short and sweet, straight to the point post. I'm voting for you to remain at your current rank. I know that the idea of submitting an Evaluation can be an extremely frustrating idea. I even considered voting for your demotion when instead of talking to us or trying to ask questions, your first instinct was, 'Well I see now. You'll see my resignation by the end of day.' basically. I can't stress how important communication is. And it would appear your division members knew more about your situation than the majori
  9. I'll start off with reasonings for you Comp, since you'll take the longest to type up a response. I was initially going to vote to promote you to Commander. I truly believe that you will do a good job as a Commander, just as you've done as a member of the community, regardless of your rank. But I did have some concerns and I was hoping they would alleviate after hearing your response. Let me be Frank Compfreak, I think you're an absolutely amazing individual in this community, but there are a couple of uncertainties that even I can't place my finger on. I shall do my best in my pos
  10. Careful. If you're only going to judge someone's vote by only reading half of it, that's unfair as well. By what I understand by this line, you only gathered the gist and not the entirety of the post. And you even acknowledge that 'some' may be legit. Legitimacy, no matter how hard or unfortunate to hear, should still be heard, and it's up to us to take that and evaluate the individual efficiently. In regards to Terra's vote and reasoning, that's for Triny to defend against. It's always been discouraged for other members to defend the evaluated, especially by us Generals. I can und
  11. What is your opinion of holding too strictly too our primary 'goal' of Overdosed. That 'goal' in part is guided by the rules of Overdosed. When does upholding our rules, decisions, and ideals ultimately undermine when something happens that we need to change. I refer to the growing concern that we focus too much on the 'rules' of overdosed and not what it means to just focus on gaming. In some cases, if we're too strict to 'rules and politics', we are criticized for not being in line with the members of the community and are stagnant in our stiff politics. If you were to make an ad
  12. I'll be up front, this one's a pretty difficult one for me. It's obvious you have many accolades during your time here. And it's no secret you've been one of the most successful Generals (4*) we've had in a long time, rivaling many who've ever held the rank. But I'm not 100% sold on the rank of Commander yet. I have some questions that could hopefully help alleviate any concerns. You've commented about how it's difficult for you to see into the future and how to achieve some goals to reach that vision you possess. You've supplemented this with how you better find yourself simply fi
  13. With Marko Hietala's resignation this morning.. I'm listening to a lot of my favorite Marko songs. 😢 Nightwish will never be the same. High Hopes - Nighwish (Pink Floyd Cover) While Your Lips are Still Red - Nightwish The Voice of My Father - Marko Hietala Symphony of Destruction - Nightwish (Megadeth cover)
  14. When I was notified not even an hour ago, I was shocked. It was a blow I wasn't prepared for. I'm still in a bit of shock. I am so sorry for yours and your family's loss. We as a community grieve alongside you. Sassy wasn't just a member of our community, and she wasn't just a member or leader for Diablo 2 here. Sassy was family. She's easily one of the most trusted and loved members that have ever graced this community. Now there is a huge void left where she was, but we must remember all of our memories, for in our memories she lives. I'll always look back to when she had trouble
  15. I have updated your Rank Geordie. Grats on making it to Warrant Officer! Keep being awesome. 🙂
  16. Definitely too tall to be Badboi xD but pretty close for sure xD
  17. Fuck migraines.. might go crawl into a hole and die soon. T_T 

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      Get well soon, I only got my first two in my life this year. I hate 2020.

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      Omg  you poor thing I know how you feel I suffer from them a lot get well soon mike 💙

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      theres a dab for that

  18. If you can't tell yet.. Nightwish is my favorite band ever. 😛 Nightwish - Elvinjig & Elvenpath Nightwish - Wanderlust https://youtu.be/k2g-I-uNR1s Yuki Kajiura - Fatal Fight (Seems fitting since I'm playing the Xenosaga series again) https://youtu.be/mREYFWENJTg Guess I can't embed Wanderlust or Fatal Fight. Lame Youtube. Might now have a limit how many you can embed in a single post.. how sad. I'll look into this to confirm if it's a setting we can change on our side.
  19. If you clearly clarified that you're 18+, then I don't personally care. @Badboi(OD) @Terra Feel free to say otherwise. If you're going to stream non family friendly, then you need to clarify. That said, if you're an ass, and bm in your stream, then we need to talk. Swear all you want, talk about whatever you want, but don't be an ass and disrespectful or anything else that explicitly violates our policies. While it's 'Streaming for OD', it's still 'Your Stream'. That said, if you're going to represent us, try to present us as a whole in a good light, or again, we'll talk.
  20. Titan should be fixed now and the footer has been removed. Brave doesn't like to be resized.. and as a result, viewing it on mobile with desktop view skews the forums. Need to focus on work now, but I'll take a deeper look at it later. It's footer has also been removed. Let me know if anyone notice any issues with it.
  21. I'll try to find a little time today during work to modify some of the images to prevent the stretching and hide/remove the footer since we're not actually using a footer, but both Brave and Titan look good now with those exceptions. I'll let you guys know when I get this updated/changed so that it doesn't stretch anyone's forums. If anyone else sees anything that's weird or don't think it's working right, please let us know and we'll take a look at it!
  22. I missed this whole thread when Badboi posted it. RIP That is indeed the issue. The forum Themes just need to be updated. However there's a hiccup with updating them. Basically, because of where we got the themes, there's no easy way to update them. With this particular version of the forums, or more specifically, the ACP, they've hidden the 'manually update theme' button. Essentially all updates are being funneled through their Marketplace and while our themes are on the Marketplace, it's not where we bought the themes, so we would have to repurchase them with that option.
  23. RIP Eddie Van Halen 😞 Nightwish - Tribal The great Skeleton Dance of 2020. Embrace it! Nightwish - Greatest Show on Earth (Live - Epilepsy warning: Flashing Strobe Lights)
  24. Welcome! Glad to see you join us. 🙂 In terms of WoW, I'd recommend @HDK(OD) or @Raged(OD) for potential information on our current WoW status. For Runescape, I'd recommend @snicker66(OD) as I think he still plays it from time to time. I hope you have a great time here and I hope to see you around!
  25. Let It Go - Floor Jansen Shallow - Floor Jansen
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