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  1. I won't be playing till at least Saturday (the 25th). I'll be going slow, possibly with necro since it wasn't in the beta. Haven't decided yet.
  2. If you could share who this might be in private, I would be happy to look into it personally (pm me if that's best). BM's not tolerated anywhere, period. Regardless if this was the tipping point of your resignation or not. I would like to convince you to remain with us, but at the same time, we must always take care of ourselves first and foremost. Please reach out to me if there's anything I can do. But if ultimately, if this is what's best for you, then I support your decision. I ultimately wish you the best in life and your future endeavors regardless of what happens here. Be sure to stop in from time to time!
  3. Lightning, I'm sad to see you go. You were always fun to talk to when you stopped into the channel and you always had a unique spark. I'm sad to see you leave again. 😞 That said, your personal mental health are the ultimate concern so it's good to see you taking that into account. I hope you continue to foster a positive environment for your own mental health. That's always extremely important. I hope your path is always fruitful for you. Be sure to stop around sometime to keep up to date on everything and hang out with everyone. Best of luck in your future buddy!
  4. Both have been granted. I'm just late on posting here.
  5. Commander Aerineth(OD) disabled Master Warrant Officer MWO5 MikeU1(OD) for Mikeu1 has resigned on the forums. We\'re sorry to see you go man. We look forward to seeing you return someday! https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/70942-respectfully-resigning/ - Aer - was written into log.
  6. It's in the Rules at the top of the achievements section. I have created a rule that will grant this badge on a user's 9,001st post.
  7. Did you create a rule so that it automatically awards it for future qualifiers?
  8. It's ok Terra. We still love our fluffy Commander. 😛
  9. OMG Terra embracing her Vanity? You mean she hasn't been doing that for the past 5 years? We're totally screwed now...
  10. Oh I see what you meant. I thought you were talking about the reputation under our avatars. Now it makes sense. Nevermind then. xD
  11. Just post meaningful stuff and your peers might award you awesome sauce points. 😛 Odd.. apparently I can't react any way but thumbs up.. I'll have to look into that later.
  12. Here is a list of the badges that are currently in the system. We can create more badges for users to attain, and they're set up to be automatically granted after accomplishing a goal of some kind. For instance, the obvious ones, the year badge is granted after having been on the forums for a year and making a post after the year mark. Others are received such as receiving reactions or giving reactions. There are currently 14 ranks that a member can attain, with each progressively becoming harder and harder to attain (13,000 for the last one for instance). Also: This is incorrect, but it's not really as prevalent anymore. You can see your total reputation by going to your profile. It's also officially been renamed to be called Reputation. It still goes up with people reacting to your posts and works the same way.
  13. Sad to see you go man. Hopefully we'll see you again in the future. Take care of yourself!
  14. I will be pre-ordering it at the end of the month when I get paid. I'm super excited. The Open Beta starts in 'August' sometime, but it still won't have the class I'm interested in so I may just wait for full launch so I can play the Necro. Then again, I do fancy myself an expert Windy Druid. OD-Phantom will return. 😄
  15. You're insinuating that because we have the ability to neg vote someone with so many votes, that we do so maliciously, which is entirely false. JD"s vote for instance where he dropped the -15 on Skooma was adequately backed up with why he felt the way he did. And it's our job as administration to not put someone into a position they may not be ready for yet. Just like prior, it's also our responsibility to be aware of the actions and abilities of the Officers, especially as they're coming up through the ranks. It is our overreaching job to ensure the continuity of the community, and that includes ensuring we are promoting capable, strong, and reliable leaders. We see those who are coming up and are more than willing to throw a few votes towards that person's promotion. Just because people aren't in your division, doesn't mean you can't get votes from outside, especially from the Generals. It's the entire reason we allow for Cross Division Promotions and Voting. Maybe not, but it's still what's going on to at least some degree. Ignoring this fact doesn't just make it go away, and ignoring it doesn't benefit the argument that there's something wrong with the promotion system. There are plenty of members of the community who have 5 or more vote power, it isn't just the Generals.Everyone at or above the Rank of Captain can vote 5 points. And as I said originally they're given that much power in the system because they're deemed fit to judge those going for a similar rank to the member. While not entirely the same thing, an employee at a company doesn't have the same ability, power, or responsibility as the owner or managers. We are overall elected officials, by you, the members of this community. And for the Generals in particular, we are periodically called for an evaluation to effectively judge the contributions to ensure they're still representing the community as they need to be doing. If they're not representing the community appropriately, they're destined to be removed from power, and it's really that simple. I sense a severe distrust in administration with your tone that you're using. We're not here to act maliciously, and we're not here to make people suffer. Those that want to game can do just that, but as you go through the ranks and start to have responsibilities, then people will be held to those expectations. At our core, we're just like every one of you; Gamers at heart. We're here because we enjoy gaming just as much as you all do with your friends. Much of what we do here is voluntary, we're not paid, and some days are better than others. But we do this because we believe that providing this place for everyone to gather and have fun is sustained. That unfortunately means that sometimes we have to make decisions that makes us unpopular. Whether that's in the form of punishments, negging on promotions, side with someone other than majority. But someone has to do it, otherwise, it would be pure chaos.
  16. Promotions aren't participation trophies, especially on tier change promotions. You have to earn the rank, and by default those who already have the rank have more weight in evaluating the members going up for that rank. These are especially important for tier change promotions between Warrant Officer and Officer, Officer and Senior Officer, and Officer to General. If we made it so that you could only -1 then you also have to remove the ability to do anything more than +1, that'd be just lopsided and nobody would ever fail, because you've taken away the system to prevent a promotion that shouldn't be happening according to the person's opinion at the time of voting. Something people should understand as well when it comes to neg voting; It's not that someone dislikes the person, or people are ganging up on a particular individual. It's intended to be a vessel to provide feedback reflective of the opinion and evidence behind the vote. You use negative votes to decide where you need improvements, and you use positive votes to determine what you're doing well. It's not personal when someone neg votes another. It's merely an evaluation of the current rank and potential future rank the member is going to. The fact that the knee jerk reaction of feeling it's personal with the neg votes is the problem in my opinion, not that people are neg voting or how much people are neg voting. Take Skooma's promotion for instance. People rallied around him and vehemently disagreed with those who negged him, to the point that we have yet another of these discussions here on the forums. It's not personal against Skooma that he was negged. The members who voted the way they did just felt he wasn't ready yet, and that's exactly what the promotion system is used for coupled with evidence and recollection of past interactions of the member up for a promotion. Also, as a side note, I've -20'd someone before and they still passed with ~20 votes above and beyond their required vote amounts. So a -20 on a single drop isn't the end of the world. Even with Skooma, there were multiple people totaling up to maybe 30 ish votes in the red.. but he still had enough to overcome it. The problem isn't with the amount being negged, it's just that people are taking it too personal. Just my 2 cents.
  17. A perfect example of a non-game squad is the Gamer's Lounge. It's intended to be a place for like minded people to gather and enjoy gaming. It just so happens that Terra and I both tend to be there a lot. There is no one game we play, that's why it's more of a broad 'Gamer's Lounge' and not geared towards a specific game. I also am very apprehensive about a politics squad. People tend to handle verbal discussions different than text conversations, and a verbal discussion can quickly deteriorate because of inflections in the voice.. whereas text is just that, text. I get the idea is genuine, but I think it also opens the door to too many potential problems.
  18. Not one of ours. We had just joined one of the bigger ones. The PIrate Bay <BOOTY> I believe. I don't know if we're still in the fc as I think they purge inactives. I don't have an active sub at the moment or I'd check.
  19. My poor Zerg Army.. I didn't even see the red dot. xD After a quick scan intuitively I knew it was on the army since I looked at my mineral line first. But they just couldn't move fast enough to get out of the way. 😕
  20. I suspect that I'll be returning to FFXIV upon the release of 6.0. I know Bahafresh will probably be doing the same thing. I really enjoy FFXIV myself, and each expansion just got better. Just wait till you make it to Shadowbringers.. the story is phenomenal. And perhaps my favorite part, is it still embraces the 'Holy Trinity' (Tank, Healer, DPS). Always preferred games that did that. Other games that don't, just got stale to me.
  21. Broodwar Tournament Update! For the ones who are in OD, @TypeReaL(OD) won First Place and I won 3rd. Thanks again @TypeReaL(OD) and @Triny(OD) for all the help!
  22. Good afternoon everyone, For anyone interested in checking out an online gaming convention (We're normally in person.. but with COVID and restrictions, we felt this was best), feel free to pop over to our Discord this weekend. Oz-Con has officially begun and will run till noon Central on Sunday. We have several different kinds of events, such as multiple DnD events, a Broodwar Tournament, Minecraft Hunger Games, a hosted Minecraft survival server (only hosted for this weekend). We also host several different types of panels, such as creating characters for DnD games, meet and greets with our special guest John Swasey. For a complete list of our events, check our schedule here: https://www.oz-con.com. The link can be found on the homepage with the green button. Furthermore, if you're interested in following on Facebook, that link can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/OzCon Attendance is free this year and is being hosted through Discord this year. We are a family friendly convention hosted by my local University (So no NSFW content. We are very strict about this policy as well as treating everyone with respect.) All donations that we may receive go directly to our charity, local to myself and our University called Child Advocacy Center. Any donation provided to this charity enters you into a chance for a door prize. DONATION TO THE CHARITY IS 100% OPTIONAL TO ATTEND OZ-CON. We are aiming to simply have fun this weekend with like minded gamers, cosplayers, and nerds. Please let me know if you have any questions! I hope anyone who does attend has fun and I look forward to seeing anyone!
  23. I have updated your rank. Welcome welcome!
  24. I mean.. I'm pretty sure all I have to do is ask @TypeReaL(OD) to jump and he'll ask how much higher he needs to be.
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