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Status Updates posted by Aerineth(OD)

  1. Fuck migraines.. might go crawl into a hole and die soon. T_T 

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    2. LightningWolves(OD)


      Get well soon, I only got my first two in my life this year. I hate 2020.

    3. Sassy


      Omg  you poor thing I know how you feel I suffer from them a lot get well soon mike 💙

    4. TypeReaL(OD)


      theres a dab for that

  2. This is a status message! @JR(OD)

    1. Ray(OD)


      @JR(OD) And this is Cookie.

    2. JR(OD)



      i want to do this! i cant! i dunno why hahaha i must be dumb...

  3. Today's been... ulgh.. I have 0 patience anymore.. still have 4 and a half hours left... I just wanna kill someone! Rawr! People are so stupid sometimes at work...

    1. Saffron


      The way you deal with that is by keeping your head down and do what they tell you to do.

    2. KorHaL(OD)


      then flame to me on skype with robbie lol

    3. DeathSpirit(OD)


      Never do what they tell you to do! Do what your heart desires. Bring a machete next day to work!

  4. sitting at the airport.. waiting on a delayed flight of 2 hours from Atlanta... stupid thunderstorm.

  5. Today has got to be the worst day I've ever had at work. Problem after problem, bitch and moaning all day, refusing to pay for a room... GAH. Sometimes... honestly... I just want to tell people to go f*** yourself. xD Sad that I can't do that. :(

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    2. Saffron


      Welcome to world where you do your best to have everyone happy at job (colleagues and customers) and they spit on you. Try to learn to ignore it because when people see that you don't care what they do/act then they will lose "fuel" to do it again

    3. WindStorMS(OD)


      some people just dont show their gratatuide, but there should .hope your day is better .

    4. Gravity


      chin up kid

  6. Well... my birthday was largely uneventful. Not much at all happened... not sure if I should be happy about it or disappointed.

  7. Oh for crying out loud... now we're close to the 9+ inches... good lord... just keep tacking it on! Really don't think I'm going to class today... and I'd frankly be shocked if they don't cancel... ulgh. Nasty weather... then tomorrow or Friday it's supposed to be like.. 50 I think... Welcome to Missouri!

  8. Soooo tired... didn't sleep much last night. Had a lot on my mind last night. :( Maybe I can get a nap in this afternoon for an hour or two after classes are done with. 'Twoud be nice afterall.

  9. soo sick. omg i havent felt this bad in years. this caugh is terrible. and the exhaustion. then the fever. gonna be bedridden all day it seems.

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    2. Aerineth(OD)


      And I am back in the fight! Never really was down for the count for more than 24 hours with the flu. I still feel kinda meh, but compared to yesterday, I feel like a million bucks. I'd offer to share, but after going through that? Haha yea it's all mine. :D

    3. Lethe(OD)


      Not even the space clap can keep Aerineth down!

    4. BattlePig(OD)


      hope your well soon bro!!

  10. I love how people think its ok to lie if they're getting away with it. i suppose I'm old fashioned but people will have to deal with the loss of trust that accompanies the decision to lie. Especially about something so stupid. Life sucks sometimes.

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    2. Saffron


      I still think telling truth no matter how horrible it is is best way to preserve friendship

    3. leppenderr


      There are enough words in the English language where an intelligent person has no need to lie.

    4. Aerineth(OD)


      Well I completely agree with you Leppenderr. Lets just say some of my 'family' aren't exactly.... the brightest. Lol. I've grown up my entire life, slowly over time, hating being lied to. The more I'm lied to, the more it pisses me off. It gets to a point where when someone lies to me, even for something so pathetically small, the value of what they say to me means nothing.

  11. Well that's upsetting. 2 games in 24 hours of LoL and I get reported. The first time for Negative Attitude (I only said one thing the entire game, that wasn't negative) and then again today for Verbal abuse and only said one thing the whole game "Coming". Seriously wtf -_-

    1. DeathBy(OD)


      lol they don't like you

    2. Mercinyah(OD)


      Don't worry about it Aer. Haters are going to hate.That's what they do. You should be the troll bird for one game and wall everything champ you see. :D

    3. BattlePig(OD)


      CUZ BAD!!!! and im tellllinn!!!!

  12. Mid-Terms.. almost over... ulgh.. It's like.. 80% of my free time is spent studying.. leaving nothing for anything else..T_T I miss gaming.. And I have to start my 10-15 page research paper this weekend. FML

    1. DeathBy(OD)


      Suck it up cupcake school comes first :P

  13. Soooo tired... guess I shouldn't have stayed up all night.. Thankfully only one class today.. and it starts in 45 minutes. Get it over with and come back home and go back to bed. Yep sounds like a plan to me. :P

    1. MrPecktacular


      If only I were as fortunate. Get a job!

  14. Ulgh.. this essay.. it's so hard to read... guess we'll see how I do a Rhetorical Analysis I'm not even 100% sure on what the hell happened. R.ag's helping a little bit.. but I"m not sure I"ll fully understand it before having to leave for class in a few minutes.

  15. Soooo frustrated. I overslept my first class today... :(

  16. Soooo tired.. Not sure how much longer I can keep expending this much energy every single day. Not quite so indestructable anymore.

    1. Ganker(OD)


      i told u my thoughts bro!! Take it easy man

  17. The end of a rough day that not even alcohol can curb. Ulgh.... Seriously considering some things.

  18. The end of a rough day that not even alcohol can curb. Ulgh.... Seriously considering some things....

    1. Lethe(OD)


      Necro'd due to feeling the same damn way.

  19. Soo mad... I'm 215k away from VR 12. I was at 95% when the server shut down for maintenance.... I mean.. seriously?!

    1. MrPecktacular


      It's because God hates you...

    2. Aerineth(OD)


      Lol, that's ok. I've reached VR 12. Now I can focus on other things, such as the division. That's a load off my mind. xD Now, first things first. Some forum posts!

    3. Aerineth(OD)
    1. Saffron


      I think images are wrong first one is women's second one is mens

    2. NoveaStar


      maybe men are confusing themselves with their obsession.

  20. Gonna be out pretty much all day today. Message me if anyone needs me. Need a day off, so going to use the Field Trip today to do so.

    1. Manofwar(OD)


      Pssh, have a good field trip. Hurry back and farm some WW's

    2. Saffron


      Enjoy your day off

  21. Soo... I think getting out of the house this week for college has really brought me out of my.. down in the dumps attitude. I apologize to those who have seen the attitude, and formally wish to be back into the fray just like I used to! Glad to be back guys!

    1. Saffron


      Everyone has bad days sometimes :-)

  22. Super pissed at the State of Missouri right now. I just spent 150 bucks renewing my tags and paying property tax on an 8 year old car. -_-

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    2. wat(OD)


      KS guy here!

    3. Aerineth(OD)


      Lol, Missouri can cram their 150 up their ass. :P I'm not really a big fan of Missouri to be honest though. It's ok though. I want to move back to Washington so bad.

    4. BattlePig(OD)


      tenn dont have property tax on cars tags are 72.87 period

  23. Lots of computer problems lately. I have a failing hard drive, and either it's coincidence, or when it's really hot (like it is now) the computer won't start and has so many issues. Cursed hard drive. Need to buy the new one. This laptop SUCKS

    1. Hannibal


      sucks what?

    2. Ganker(OD)


      lol ^....i read this and said to myself man that sucks until i saw u say laptop...and then i was like well...sry....i hate laptops lol

    3. Aerineth(OD)


      Well when I typed this I was on my laptop. Lol. It sucks.. something unmentionable. :P That's how terrible it is.

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