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  1. How does this Saturday sound at 5 central?
  2. While I can't speak for the active members on Fearlina, I've been playing on Bloodsail Buccaneer's with some guys from work. (They're not interested in changing servers.) I should have started WoW a long time ago. :/ Although, I did receive a whisper earlier (I'll leave the source anonymous as I don't know if they wish to be made public) that stated they didn't know why we chose Fearlina. They felt the choice of server was poor and could have been better. I don't really know the specifics, but I figured I'd at least share the concern.
  3. When Doves Cry (Cover) - Sam Perry (Thanks @CompFreak(OD) for introducing me to this guy)
  4. I've been dealing with my own personal problems this week that I will not make public and haven't been as available. You do not need me to hold your hand to determine if a bait should be followed through or not. Now, if you would like to continue this discussion, we can move it to another location. But lets just wish him well and everyone can wash their hands of frustrations, irritations, pain, and problems, from all sides. Let's all just move on.
  5. And that's earned you a week suspension from the forums. Blatant BM isn't tolerated by anyone for any reason. Everyone else needs to take a step back. Sassy, you rose to the bait. I know you're going through a very difficult time right now, but you shouldn't have risen up to cause such a scene, regardless of the situation. This is a resignation thread, and that means that the thread will be designed to wish the individual well and see them off, not lash back or strike out against them. This goes for you too Ghostdog. Lashing out or making one final quip on your way out isn't fair either Ghostdog. Resign with the dignity you have, and don't burn every bridge you have on your way out. The only posts following mine here, will be to wish him well in his endeavors. That's it. Any other post to further aggravate this further, will receive further punishments. Leave it as it is. If there's a problem, take it private, not in a public resignation thread. Ghostdog, I wish you well in your endeavors, and I'm sorry things couldn't work out in the end. Lieutenant General PoPs(OD) disabled Chief Warrant Officer CWO4 GhostDog(OD) for Asked to resign...gl to you sir and goodbye on Fri Sep 13th, 2019 at 01:11:03 PM GMT.
  6. I would say that it would be more rude, than the fact that you're an asshole. You sat down with her a few weeks ago to let her know it wasn't working out and that she had a few songs. Then to up and tell her 'no you can't sing with us anymore' would be really unfair. That said, I 100% agree that there should be some kind of arrangement. The other 2 mics, are they both being used? (I'm assuming they are) Could she share with one of the other two? You shouldn't have to give up your ability as a full time member for her. I'd encourage finding another arrangement so that she could remain on those songs you've already agreed to have her on so that it works best for everyone. Maybe have her bounce between those with a mic, so you have to adjust yours less often? that's just my opinion though.
  7. I second that. Badboi, you're never going to forget it. :D Maybe instead of playing it, we could just convince Badboi to give us an encore! Live!
  8. I still cant get and Shemira or Brutus spawns.. its kind of annoying. I roll so much.. you think id have gotten one. Hell ive gotten almost 2 Silvanas to leg +. Once the second reaches Leg, ill revert her and hope for some Shemiras.
  9. We should probably do one game at a time. Otherwise there'll be a lot of overlap talking especially with how loud rocket league can get and cards requiring dialogue.. And as Im assuming its more a community thing, multiple channels would defeat the purpose. That said, its just an observation. Im cool with just hanging out with people.
  10. :/ I have to admit, you have a knack for it Terra. I will actually be busy this day and evening.. I have no idea when I'll be home. A friend of mine is throwing a birthday party for our gaming group. I'll be going to that. I think it's supposed to be an all day thing full of bowling and all that. Should be lots of fun. If there's still stuff going on when I get home, I'll be happy to join for this!
  11. Yea, I haven't reached her limit yet, so I'm still using her, but when I'm capable of getting enough athena's, Athena will be her replacement.. since I really like the assassin vibe she puts off. Honestly, what I really want is a decent healer at legendary so that I can replace the maid. I leveled up the centaur (I forgot his name) and actually gave him more points than my highest dps... making her buff of pawning off her energy to the highest hero useless.. since Belinda's aoe is much more useful than the centaurs one hit shot.. even though it does do a lot of damage.
  12. That moment you are carried through the level by the maid and weakest party member of your 5 man group. She barely succeeded. Note to self.. the china hurts h When thrown at people.
  13. It's a purple-ish cow.. what's not to love! xD
  14. As soon as this song started, I instantly was reminded of this song. Never You - Watchout! There's Ghosts
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