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  1. My poor Zerg Army.. I didn't even see the red dot. xD After a quick scan intuitively I knew it was on the army since I looked at my mineral line first. But they just couldn't move fast enough to get out of the way. 😕
  2. I suspect that I'll be returning to FFXIV upon the release of 6.0. I know Bahafresh will probably be doing the same thing. I really enjoy FFXIV myself, and each expansion just got better. Just wait till you make it to Shadowbringers.. the story is phenomenal. And perhaps my favorite part, is it still embraces the 'Holy Trinity' (Tank, Healer, DPS). Always preferred games that did that. Other games that don't, just got stale to me.
  3. Broodwar Tournament Update! For the ones who are in OD, @TypeReaL(OD) won First Place and I won 3rd. Thanks again @TypeReaL(OD) and @Triny(OD) for all the help!
  4. Good afternoon everyone, For anyone interested in checking out an online gaming convention (We're normally in person.. but with COVID and restrictions, we felt this was best), feel free to pop over to our Discord this weekend. Oz-Con has officially begun and will run till noon Central on Sunday. We have several different kinds of events, such as multiple DnD events, a Broodwar Tournament, Minecraft Hunger Games, a hosted Minecraft survival server (only hosted for this weekend). We also host several different types of panels, such as creating characters for DnD games, me
  5. I have updated your rank. Welcome welcome!
  6. I'm much in the same boat as Terra. I know the least about you as we don't work together outside of meetings. So I'll have to base my vote off of everyone else's comments and opinions. But first, I'd like to extend the invitation (or challenge if you wish to consider it that) to find something that could potentially change the community as a whole. It could be something big or small, and then work with myself or Terra for instance, so that we can see how you manage yourself, and get first hand experience learning about you. I know you've been pretty dominant in the Diablo 2 Divisio
  7. Hi there friend. 🙂 So, Terra really hit the nail on the head. And I don't really have much to add beyond that. They're perfect examples of why you should be promoted. I've worked with you many times over the course of your career here, and despite what some people seem to think in the past, you have a good head on your shoulders. Sure, you have had some pessimism in the past and some passive aggressiveness, but when you look at who Rose is today, compared to who she was when she lead the FFXIV division, your growth has been pretty much exponential. That time of your life was tough,
  8. It has come to my attention that we dont have a OD animal, Canada has the vicious goose , usa the oversized seagull, the aussies have the wedgetail eagle of death


    WHAT is our Animal

  9. I suppose, I'll go to my second easiest decision. And I'll also break, the mold. I don't actually have any questions for you this time. We've worked together a lot since you became a General, so I know a lot of your accomplishments and setbacks already. Though, if I didn't give you any criticism then it doesn't help you grow. And while I know you've already begun to take steps to address this, you're biggest flaw is your commitment level. I know that's a weird thing to see/hear. Usually when we bring up commitment as a concern, it's because there's not enough. However, you're the o
  10. I suppose I'll start with the easiest evaluation for me. I think doing anything with your rank would simply be a disservice to both you and OD. I'll vote for you to remain at your current rank. In the past, you've often been criticized as, well to be frank, 'Queen Bitch of the Universe' in some people's eyes. And I've seen you change your approach to many situations over the past many years. You've become so much more approachable, especially after I took my hiatus, that when I returned I could see people were willingly coming to you. This perception of who you are has become one t
  11. I SWEAR TO GOD if you used that wish for immorality I am going to murder .... you bastard 

  12. I mean.. I'm pretty sure all I have to do is ask @TypeReaL(OD) to jump and he'll ask how much higher he needs to be.
  13. Your rank has been updated! Congratulations on making Officer!
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