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  1. The hurricane is upon me can I think of you if Im scared ? or if im not scared ... 🙂

  2. These issues should be taken directly to @R.agnarok(OD) that we can address them if there are security flaws. While I'm all for discussion on moving forward, I think exposing any potential security risks shouldn't be made public unless it's been patched. Fee free to send either myself or R.ag (or both, whichever) a message regarding these so we can address them. I also encourage anyone believing they found a security risk, to bring it to a General or Commander so that we can get it confirmed and addressed. The rest of the topics I'm fine with bringing to the meeting. I look forward to this meeting.
  3. I have done a mass update to forum ranks (over 200 to be exact) fixing ranks and putting those who are no longer in the community to a Forum Member group. If I made any mistakes and put the wrong person in the wrong group, please let me know. Otherwise, the ranks 'should' be up to date and all members should be in the appropriate member group. EDIT: I didn't add credit where it's due. Thanks @MikeU1(OD) for the help in this!
  4. Dealing with Type is like eating a chocolate chip cookie , that you found out was an edible made with mushrooms dipped in lsd

    -Aer 2020

  5. Am I still best girl though? Sassy, I saw this post yesterday morning, and I've been in a bit of a state of shock. I couldn't quite find the words to post on your thread and still am unsure if I can do it justice. You've contributed far more to the Diablo 2 Community than I can ever recall in my time here. You single handedly recruited more members to the community than anyone and I highly doubt that record will be toppled anytime soon.. if ever. You have earned recognition far beyond anything I could ever give and you have my eternal respect. They say boots are made from walking.. (Or was that a song? I forget anymore) but with you hanging yours up.. I suppose it's time to find a new pair. Wherever you fall in life, know that you will always be welcome here, and any organization or environment that gains you, will be forever indebted to one of the most amazing individuals I've yet to meet here in this community. You have me on Facebook.. and if you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out! If I'm available I'll be right there. 🙂 Always remember you have a home here! I shall leave @Badboi(OD) to disable you as that is your final request.
  6. Updated! Grats on Officer!
  7. Updated your rank. Congratulations on making it to Officer! I look forward to working with you!
  8. Always enjoy watching these matches. It's cool when you watch some of the pro's play, but getting to watch people you've actually talked to is so much more enjoyable! Keep it up guys!
  9. Ferrari Or Lamborghini go


  10. I probably won't as I intend to commit 110% to Final Fantasy.. but I do think you have a pretty good chance. I've seen people playing it a lot in my steam list or on Discord.
  11. Anyglad in Discord is playing PSO2 as well. You might send him a message and try to see if he's interested in joining the group.
  12. Definitely adjust the sound issue and you're golden. Looks good guys! Thanks for the great casting there Type!
  13. I guess I assumed it was just a bot that only you had control of. Thanks for the clarification on this! It's good to know!
  14. @CompFreak(OD) has a bot to handle our recording for the meetings. Might check with him to see about having this meeting recorded.
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