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  1. That would be incorrect. The only group that Ray is currently in here on the forums is senior Forum Members. And there is no power assigned to that role, it's just a title. None of the officers boards+ are visible to him.
  2. Mine is perhaps very boring. Very empty. But I like a clean desktop. If I put anything on it, I try not to let it stay there very long. I've been debating changing it for a while now actually.
  3. What questions do you feel are unanswered? Now's a good chance to get some from d2 division leaders.
  4. While this is tagged overwatch, battle.net is still battle.net
  5. Given what they set up for themselves this season, it wasn't horrible. But there were so many problems with the plot this season that the whole season was just.. bad with pepper flakes of decent scenes.
  6. Sorry for my delay.. unfortunately for me, this thread was posted on a day that I'm not really available. I'm rarely around on Thursday and Friday to really commit a lot of time due to real life. I still check everything and respond to anyone who's messaged me, but I'm not available for gaming or a lot of these long winded responses on those two days. Further, today was Commencement at the University that I work at, and I needed to attend it, so it's been a long day as a result. Activity has always changed within D2, and varied with different methods used. In my time in OD, the three things that had the biggest effect on D2 activity, were Runs, Events, and Interactions. D2 has been the focus point of the community for a long time as it's housed more than 50% of the entire clan for a great long while. Many of the other divisions, while internally strong, have been very small. 30 people on average at most. None of them have had many things going for it. There are many factors that play into this, but some of it falls within our Website. It was built to provide information for the old style clans, and works amazingly well with Battle.net. Unfortunately, it's not quite as friendly to other division, such as MMO's who house much of that same information internally, such as guilds/clans. Many people can stick with just the centralized, and the website didn't provide them anything beyond an annoyance of logging into another location. There have been instances where people have pushed for change, but it could have negatively affected Diablo 2. It's difficult to enact them when we must consider the majority which was D2. But unfortunately, it makes it just as difficult to move forward into the future. That has been a complaint by many in the past about 'if it's not D2, then it's nearly impossible to see a change'. Quite frankly, until we had enough interested in putting in the work it's been needed to develop a new website, really tackle social media (especially with the new team we have right now), and get our foot in the door for Streaming with Tris's innovations, we had some complications with taking that step, because unless you see any one of these projects to completion, they would pose a risk to the community, and our job is to evaluate, as Terra mentioned, the need, cost, and risk. Quite frankly, it would be poor leadership if we enacted something that would pose a risk, no matter how significant to the community. Sure it could pan out, but we as managers of the community are not going to 'risk' the livelihood of a 20 year old gaming community we all love. That's why, without enough people to man these prospects, it's difficult to support them because projects have a tendency to have a lot of steam in the beginning and just fizzle out towards the end. These are projects on a scale that we cannot allow to just fizzle out and be forgotten. If we are going to do something like this, we need to do it right the first time. This is much the reason for me. I'm almost always in Teamspeak in my channel. Available for anyone who needs me. But the reality is, I could go weeks, and nobody will send me any kind of message. But, I am there if someone does need me. While I may not move from my channel, I do look at Teamspeak every single day, as well as any pm's I may receive, which frankly are far are few in between. What matters though, is that I am available for people. All they have to do is reach out to me. I just don't game on Thursday's or Friday's because I use those two days of the week to attend to real life affairs, and spend time with my mother. There was something else I wanted to comment on but I can't remember what it was by the time I got to the end of my post.. I apologize. If I remember it later, I'll add it on a future post.
  7. I have no idea why this post was edited unless there was a clear rule violation, such as nudity, which i doubt mind you. Perhaps @Triny(OD) could explain her edit for us? Ill respond to the rest after work.
  8. I've enjoyed Malukah for a long time, and really enjoy this version of Jenny of Oldstones. This is the song Podrick sung at the end of episode 2 before The Long Night
  9. I'll answer some of these but I only have enough time for a couple before I have to get ready for work. The only passworded channels in Teamspeak are Donator Channels, Meeting Channels, and Offices. Offices are used to discuss things about the division, a private space for people to speak with members for investigation purposes, or as a place for the division leaders of a division to discuss something in private. That's the only purpose for an Office, and as such, it's locked to grant that privacy. Meeting channels are only used during Admin and General meetings. These meetings are only open to Division Leaders and Officer+. General meetings, such as when we do evaluation meetings, are only eligible for Brigadier General+. These meetings are some of the places we discuss issues in the community and make changes to how the Community is run. Given they're only used once a month and for only specific ranks or members at the time they are used, it has a password on them. But the one you're probably more likely referring to, Donator channels. When a member donates, they're provided with a donator channel as a privilege (not a right) as a thank you from the Community. This donator channel has been provided to them as a channel to do with what they will, as long as they don't break rules of the community. Over time, they've developed into popular hangout locations, specifically in the D2 division, and I can't deny there's been cliques form because of it. There's always been different way's that cliques have formed in this community, but this is one of the most recent ways they form, and perhaps the hardest one to discourage. Being that they're donator channels though, that's why they can have passwords as not all do or will in the future. Demotions are a form of punishment for the member, and as such, punishment is reserved for at the minimum Officer rank. That said, in the case of Brigadier Generals and higher, if members feel a General is incompetent and not upholding their duties, they can request an evaluation through one of the other generals and provide a reason for why they feel the member is not fulfilling their duties. These can be submitted to any other General or a Commander. They will then be nominated for an evaluation for which they must submit or be demoted by default. Perhaps I'm not aware of this instance? Or I'm misunderstanding your question. Could you elaborate further? I'm unsure how to answer this question. Anyone can comment on a resignation post and provide well wishes to the member resigning, so I'm not sure what you mean by 'not the poster'. Disablement is and should be a last resort for any punishment. And there should never be a punishment of any kind before speaking with the individual who is about to be punished. There are always two sides of a story, failure to not get that information leads to uninformed decisions. Bottom line, there should never be a punishment dished out that is not first explained to the member. Everyone deserves their chance to defend themselves from an accusation. Do you have specific situations where this has or is happening? Some people leave for different reasons, some to pursue things in their life, some because they wish to do something different, and some leave because they're unhappy about a circumstance. There are multiple reasons why someone wishes to leave. The latter usually has a lot of emotions tied to a resignation, some are spiteful and resentful. But one thing is true, generally speaking, there's a lot of passion here in Overdosed Gaming. And passion can create a lot of tension when opinions don't match up with those around you. I can't give you an answer as to why 'someone can't leave quietly' because resignation is far to broad to give a single answer. There are many things that factor into a resignation potentially becoming heated such as the individual, the circumstance, or someone else (or multiple people) in the community. Perhaps another General could have a different approach to this question. I for one think this topic is an excellent idea.. because I think for a while now, there's been some malcontent, especially focused at leadership (Brigadier General and up) here in the community. I've wanted to address this multiple times.. to remind everyone that we're here to ensure the continuity of the community.. a place we all love for different reasons. Not everything is smooth and happy. Not every decision is easy. Not every suggestion for a future is clear enough or a good fit for the community. Our primary focus, especially among the Commanders, is the continuity of Overdosed Gaming. We want as much as everyone else in this community for it to be around for 20 more years or longer. As we branch out, grow, and evolve to things we haven't done in our 20 years of existence, there's bound to be growing pains, disagreements, and hurt feelings. Evolution is critical and essential to the future, make no mistake. But we must also deter paths that are unclear and have too much risk involved. We as Commanders are caretakers of the community, and it's our job to keep us around and moving forward. I apologize for the long winded response, and not addressing your question about transparency as I feel that could be just as long winded, and I didn't have time this morning to attempt to tackle them. Other Generals/Commanders are free to offer their take on any of these question as well. One of the benefits to having different people in leadership, is different opinions and perspectives on every occurrence here in the community.
  10. Generally, we wait 48 hours before disabling someone when they post a resignation. It gives you any last chances to decide you don't wish to resign.
  11. Wrong, that board is for the administration of the division. The only reason its private is because its exclusive to how the division is run and makes its decisions and available to irs division leaders and the Generals/Commanders. The information posted attributes to your effectiveness in a team, which like it or not we do work as a team. What you posted is a private message between the two of you that only concerns the two of you, not a whole division or your ability to help manage a division. It was done to spite her justification of her vote that was supposed to remain private.
  12. If this was a pm conversation you need to have her permission to share it since it supposedly is a private conversation between just the two of you. Now, you've targeted someone directly in numerous posts, and it needs to stop. Just because other people need to be respectful to you and your departure, so do you need to do this with dignity. Stop with the sketchy bait posts about and directed at people. Consider yourself warned on both regards.
  13. Nobodies going to be an asshole in a resignation thread and that's final. I don't care who's resigning. Do it and I'll ban you personally. I'm not really sure where this stemmed from 100%, unless it's revolving around the evaluations a few weeks ago. You were demoted because you didn't represent what a Senior Officer should have, and that punishment would have been the same if you did the same thing with anyone else. It had nothing to do with 'defending' someone and everything to do with defending morality and the rules of this community. You can't just accuse someone of something that isn't true and not expect a repercussion for it. Everyone wants accountability for the actions of leaders, but accountability applies to everyone, and a Senior Officer is a leader. So lets keep to the facts in regards to that and not try to justify immorality with lies or even half truths. At the end of the day though, I am sad to see that you're resigning. I had hoped that you would take the criticisms in the evaluation to heart, and use them to grow and evolve into a better leader, because you have the potential. Even after it all, you could still have a future here. If resignation is truly your wish, then we cannot fault you for it. I do hope that your future remains bright and all your future endeavors come to fruition. I am sorry to see you choosing to leave. :(
  14. Dontchya know? It's because you don't know how to tune your tv properly.. xD But yea.. I knew some would die.. but really didn't want one of my favs to die.
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