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  1. My favorite would have to be Deckard Cain because he is there to help you throughout the story line and other then Diablo he is probably the most renown character in the game. He seems like he could be a bit of a bad ass, he looks like he is 100 and just wanders off to tristram alone gets captured and put up in a cage for who knows how long. He also likes to hold a grudge and charge a 100 gold for his services unless you go back and rescue ass. Like rettig said "stay awhile and listen" has to be one of the most iconic lines for Diablo 2 and he would be someone you would want to sit down and listen to because he would have some crazy stories.
  2. Welcome to ODD2 if you need help with anything feel free to hit me up! hope to game with you again soon!
  3. I started a druid on hardcore might need a grush sometime whenever i hit 40, I'm level 32 right now.
  4. Thanks for posting everyone! I sent the revised list to Purple so it will be updated shortly.
  5. I made a sorc so far I'm level 5! Do you guys play classic or Hardcore?
  6. Sounds good I will make one of those 3. Do we have less of one so we all don’t have the same toon? Leaning more towards a sore or barb though I think.
  7. I'm thinking about making a classic character but i'm not sure what I should pick since I haven't played classic in years. What characters are fairly decent in classic and what type of builds?
  8. Rocket(OD)

    OD Bumpers

    I have a couple bumpers around if anyone is looking for some in SCL just let me know!
  9. My main realm use to be Hardcore was all I played pretty well once I get back into the game for a bit I might switch back to game with you guys! Have to stay SCL for now though playing very carlessley.
  10. Character name: OD-Apocalypse Rank: 88 Realm: SCL
  11. Great walkthrough! It would be fun to do a walk through all together someday and just use what we all find in game.
  12. Hey Brady Welcome to OD! If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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