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  1. I thought it was back I was in the channel the other day.
  2. Is our normal channel back up and running now I seen it open yesterday or are we will using op clanod?
  3. Happy birthday Kyle 🙂 

  4. Welcome to ODD2 if you need help with anything feel free to hit me up! hope to game with you again soon!
  5. I started a druid on hardcore might need a grush sometime whenever i hit 40, I'm level 32 right now.
  6. Thanks for posting everyone! I sent the revised list to Purple so it will be updated shortly.
  7. I made a sorc so far I'm level 5! Do you guys play classic or Hardcore?
  8. Sounds good I will make one of those 3. Do we have less of one so we all don’t have the same toon? Leaning more towards a sore or barb though I think.
  9. I'm thinking about making a classic character but i'm not sure what I should pick since I haven't played classic in years. What characters are fairly decent in classic and what type of builds?
  10. I have a couple bumpers around if anyone is looking for some in SCL just let me know!
  11. My main realm use to be Hardcore was all I played pretty well once I get back into the game for a bit I might switch back to game with you guys! Have to stay SCL for now though playing very carlessley.
  12. Looking for a sig to hand out to the winner of the Diablo 2 Season 24 Ladder race for each realm. Once the ladder season is over we would just have to add whoever wins name. I just want to get it done now so I can advertise it. Primary Text - Leave this Blank for now • Secondary Text - OD D2 SCL Ladder - Season 24 Champ • Style - Whatever you think looks best don't really know enough to pick a style • Pictures - Anything Diablo 2 related I would like to keep it a bt on the smaller side though. If you have any other questions or if I missed something let me know! Thanks, Rocket
  13. Character name: OD-Apocalypse Rank: 88 Realm: SCL
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