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  1. I still think it's good to focus on one faction/server. You're right that people like different styles of gameplay, and that's okay - I think we will have better success at this becoming a long term division if we focus the energy put into classic into one specific guild. When ODWoW first came out back in vanilla, I'm pretty sure we tried the 2 server/faction thing and then it eventually consolidated into Kel Thuzad Horde because of the issues of being spread out, and then eventually ODWoW wasn't a thing anymore. By focusing energies on one guild, with a little bit of consistency, then you could actually get a solid group going together. I'd be down to play some classic Alliance since all my retail toons are Horde, but still casually because I have limited time as well.
  2. I'll do some TBC very casually though. My 2 cents - I think we should really focus on just one server and faction. I worry that if we spread too thin it will be difficult to recruit and maintain good retention.
  3. Ooooh I'll be hitting you up now that I just saw this reply. We are really close in rank.
  4. If there is a spot still open, I would love to participate in this. I grew up in OD, (and Badboi I'm using a dif name right now but you and I played a lot together YEARS ago) I remember when the voting system and trial members system was first implemented, etc - and I've been wanting to contribute ideas towards the whole "modernizing OD" project. I feel that a LOT of the procedures, systems, etc are still the same today that they were 10 and 15 years ago, and they made total sense at the time, but I feel that there are definitely some updates that could be made. For example, IA requests were to help people not DSL out if they were on vacation or could not have access to a computer for X amount of time - I think this system needs to be revised. Nowadays there are really very few reasons for DSLing out - I'm the perfect example recently. I haven't been that active in OD games for a bit, but I linked up my Discord and every once in a while I pop in discord to reset my DSL. There are still some situations where IA requests would be useful, as in - getting a surgery or out of country with limited access, but I feel that with current technological capabilities that IA requests are much less needed. Another issue that I'm sure many of you have thought of is with recruiting new members who don't understand the need for logging into a website - the original reason for logging into the website was to measure activity so that our ranks didn't get filled with a bunch of IA accounts. At the time, the website was our main form of "social media" to connect outside of game - otherwise it would be in the USEast or USWest "Clan OD" channels on battle.net. I don't want to get rid of the website, but to create more incentives for people to participate on it together. I'm sure there are ways to effectively get people on to the website that doesn't feel like pulling teeth. We just need to brainstorm ways to update the system. I've got some other ideas on medals / ranking system, etc and I could go on forever because it's fun to brainstorm ideas, but I'll save those for another time in case the rules committee isn't the right place to discuss those. If you already have people selected for this, totally fine - I'll be happy to simply DM more detailed thoughts on the above as well as other things that come to mind to the appropriate person.
  5. I'm pretty close, champ 3 and I tend to sit between 1380 - 1450 MMR (GC is 1505, I gain/lose about 10 MMR per game) - so the closest I got was literally 6 games away! Almost there!
  6. There's a term we use in finance that you may have heard of called "diversification" - simply not putting all your eggs in one basket. I generally do not recommend individual stocks for everyday investors like you and I, because individual stocks are expensive if you want to get diversification. For individual investors, mutual funds and index funds will give much more diversification, because a fund is basically a collection of 50 - 200 different individual stocks put into a mutual fund. Then you buy shares of the fund, and your dollars are evenly split between each company inside the fund, thus spreading your risk. The alternative is to buy a ton of shares of tons of different individual companies which is expensive to do since you can't buy a partial share of an individual stock, and there's no management of the portfolio in this scenario, unless you're in a platform that is usually reserved for very high net worth investors. In short, without knowing your situation, if you're wanting to take advantage of the current market, you might consider taking a look at different growth-oriented mutual funds, or something like a vanguard S&P500 index fund. Market's been down about 25% or so, so when it recovers, you should see some decent returns. Depending on what state you live in, if you're serious about getting started investing and want some help, I may be able to do this for you - so if you're curious just shoot me a DM and we can chat and I'll be able to let you know if it would make sense for us to chat. Otherwise, thank you for helping keep our stores stocked and stay healthy and let me know if you got follow up questions!
  7. Hello all, financial advisor here. Just wanted to provide some insight in hopes of helping anyone here avoid making big (and unfortunately COMMON) mistakes with their 401(k)s or other investments. I know many of you may be too young for this to be applicable, but I also know that there are many of us here who are adults working full time jobs and so I hope this info is relevant. In short, DON'T HIT THE SELL BUTTON. Just don't do it. That's the worst financial decision that one could make with their 401(k) right now. If you already hit the sell button, HIT THE BUY BUTTON. Markets on discount right now and are likely cheaper than when you hit the sell button, so you can still turn that bad decision into a profitable one. Dropped 10% today. Ride this out. The reason that a lot of people lost money in 2008 is because they didn't have someone like me to tell them not to sell, and they got scared, and made a decision based on that fear to sell, and it cost those individuals a gross amount of money. Remember, buy low, sell high. If there are questions and this info is actually applicable to people here and you would like me to elaborate on this, please let me know and I'll go into much more detail explaining this. Until then, I won't bore you with explanations and graphs.
  8. I ended up going Softcore so I can play with you guys, running a Zmonk named "Zeedeeps" - been a blast so far!
  9. Panda(OD) Onesubstance#1171 Disclaimer...I will likely be playing Hardcore, so if theres an HC group that would be ideal for me. If not, no worries.
  10. T.TV/onesubstance Brand new to streaming - no set schedule, will be super random unless I get more serious with it. When I stream it will probably be Rocket League - currently champ 1 / champ 2 trying to push to champ 3 by end of this season and then GC for first time next season.
  11. Hello all, I need a few simple banners and will have other very small graphic design projects for my business that will need to be done and I thought someone here might be interested in making a few extra bucks, as it does not require high levels of professional experience to be able to do the job. I host educational events and have web pages for them and need things like basic banners done for the event that i could do myself but it would be more efficient to pay someone else to do that because it takes me a long time. Lmk if interested or hit me up in discord and we can chat.
  12. Id be down if this is a hardcore grp this season, s20 looks interesting, looking forward to it.
  13. Oh also, if we get a server going that lasts for several months, that would be super cool to see what we build and see it progress over time. But if you're paying for hosting let us know what the costs are and I'm sure I can chip in.
  14. Definitely interested! LOVE MINECRAFT. How do you feel about running one of the FTB modpacks? Revelation is a good kitchen sink one, lots of mods, lots of options there. But open to whatever the rest wants to do.
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