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  1. Hello all of my fellow Starcraft players. The last few months with you guys have been absolutely awesome. You guys are really cool and always have positive vibes in the chat channel. There were always people willing to play practice games and at all hours there would be someone spamming to get a peepmode going Over the last few weeks I have been extremely inactive with OD, mainly because I've been playing the Heart of the Swarm beta. I don't feel compelled to contribute anymore, and I'm not sure why. Recruiting feels like a hassle for me, and all I really want to do on SC2 is mass ladder, not play peepmodes, clanwars, etc; I'm going to step back from a clan type community for a while and focus on practicing and becoming the best player I can be, I hope you all understand. I will hang out in the chat room with y'all in Heart of the Swarm, and I will finish my squad wars matches for this week. It's been awesome guys, thanks for making the last few months great <3 PS: If you guys have the Heart of the Swarm beta, feel free to realid me @ thealltomata@hotmail.com
  2. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Hey fellow OD Protoss users, I compiled a replay pack (mainly PvZ and PvT) from my ladder from the past week or two. If anyone is struggling in PvZ or PvT, check these out! Oh, I am also starting to stream daily. The link is in my sig if you want to follow me, I'm planning on streaming all my ladder (where these replays are from). GL&HF Download Instructions 1) Click the link provided above and hit "download" 2) Download and install WINRAR from that link 3) Open the file using WINRAR, and extract the replays to any destination 4) Drag the replays in to your replays folder 5) Enjoy!
  3. Welcome! If you need anything, message me in game. GL HF! <3
  4. Hey guys! I'm Fever(OD) from the Starcraft II division. I've recently started to play a lot of DotA 2, and would love to play with you guys sometime! I'm Alltomata in game on Steam. When I'm on I'll be hanging out in the Clan OD chat channel. Hope to see you guys there! http://steamcommunity.com/id/alltomata/
  5. Hey guys! I'm Fever(OD) and I put together a replay pack for you guys! If you're struggling with any Pv* matchups, give my replay pack a look. Click Here to Download! Includes: 6 PvZ replays showcasing fast 3rd base, and 4 gate pressure builds. 3 PvT replays showcasing fast high templar play to hold off early aggression medivac aggression, as well as robo / colossus play 5 PvP replays showcasing pheonix, robo, and blink styles *Instructions on downloading* 1) Click the link provided above and hit "download" 2) Download and install WINRAR from that link 3) Open the file using WINRAR, and extract the replays to any destination 4) Drag the replays in to your replays folder 5) Enjoy! I hope you enjoy the replays! Hope to see you guys in game and on the ladder Stream Twitter
  6. Wow holy shit Tris, awesome. Glad to hear about this, will definitely be participating
  7. A few replays showcase phoenixes in PvP, as well as blink.
  8. Thanks TwoDrunk! Wow, thanks Mercinyah! I hope you enjoy them!
  9. Click For Download Hey guys! I'm Fever and I'm a mid masters protoss player. I put together this collection of 11 replays from my ladder sessions in the past few days, and from before I went on vacation. They include every matchup, and they aim to help lower level players with builds / mechanics. The replay pack showcases pressure builds succeeding and failing, as well as macro games. I encourage people of all levels to check it out! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all on SC2! -Fever
  10. Thanks Tris! I'm excited to be able to be a part of the community and everyone is extremely nice. I hope to be participating in more 1v1 obs peepmodes soon!
  11. Hey guys, I'm Fever! Hi there! I'm Cooper, and I go by the handle "Fever" on Starcraft II. I've been playing competitively for a few months now, and am in masters league with protoss! I've been a gamer all of my life, starting gaming on the N64. Starcraft II is my first RTS, and upon learning about the competitive scene, is the first game I've been seriously competitive about. I was a very casual Halo player for years, and I really enjoy the Half Life series, Team Fortress 2, Portal, Counter Strike: Source, and The Elder Scrolls series. I'm extremely dedicated to taking my SC2 career far, and I think OD will really help! My Twitter! My Twitch.tv Livestream! Thanks for checking out my introduction and I'm looking forward to meeting and talking to you all! -Cooper "Fever"
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