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  1. The day they make bionic wrist enhancements ill be buying them Hell yeah comp we did have some good times and I cant say I wont miss this but my depression is really getting unmanageable at this point in my life and I have to try something new If I dont I feel I might slip in my main quest of sobriety. You can game everyday and accomplish everything it has to offer but when you realize your 30 and have been alone going 6 -7 years. I gotta at least try to get back out in the world after being sheltered for the last 2 while I gained sober level max. I have a hole in my heart and gaming cant fix it no matter how hard I try to force it. Ill still be here and there I wont be completely ghosting haha Im like a cockroach forever unkillable
  2. TypeReaL(OD)


    Well, How do I start this Since 02 ive been kicking around doing my thing ive been here thru the good and the bad, Made Mistakes and helped remedy some. But Mainly Ive been an asshole πŸ˜„ and at this point in my life Im just here filling an empty officer position, I rarely ever play pc anymore and if I do its starcraft or WoT Ive been bitten by the console bug mainly due to the ease of just being able to turn it on and go without worrying if it will run on my aging potato. I spent a long time of my life in this clan I basically grew up here so yeah this will always hold a special place in my heart but life is short I have things I wanna do and if that means stepping away for awhile it means stepping away, if you do ever get a console look me up and im always there gaming. to the d3 division I expect to see it alive and well when I pop back from time to time Ive already gotten Julie to disable me so yeah Im gonna go get high as fuck and keep on keeping on. also keep an eye out there might be a return of eLegy^( real OG OD know this name) if I can track down the right people πŸ˜‰ stay tuned and keep it sleezy folks also 911 was an inside job googe it, toothpaste is making frogs gay and last but not least save a tree eat a beaver Stay black and dont let the honkey cracker take you down
  3. more a bunch of betas living vicariously thru their own delusions of grandeur far too long has the upper management doubled down on the work of the officer the warrant officer and the enlisted.
  4. I can explain it As I a business owner I sees it, Two employees one job One employee works hard gets stuff done on time but can be a bit rough around the edges and in reality an individual with their own way of doing things and then you have the other employee who shows up everyday doesnt pout does what is needed to get by and at the end of the day clocks out does not have their own ideas but never has any bad interactions with the other employees. its more of a You are super qualified for the job but we dont like your individuality so we are going to go with the other canidate that is less qualified but more apt to fall in line and not cause problems. Now I can tell you this 99.9% of Owners/ Managers will agree with its easier to go with the one who wont cause problems over the dreamer, its very easy to see.
  5. you slimy bitch what am I ? ALSO Im gonna warn anyone thinking of being an asshole right now I will fuck you up big time
  6. welcome to the kingdom of lunacy Ill be your guide do you want the red pill or the blue pill
  7. is your Province on fire yet I wanna wear my Kelowna May the forest be with you shirt πŸ˜„

    1. Terra


      Do we still have forests? I'd have thought they all burned up by now.

  8. well everyone abandoned rose last time, If people can put their big boy pants on and fight thru the luls of divisions and make it thrive I cant see why another kick at the can is not do able
  9. Just gonna leave this here
  10. I am a National Fucking Treasure ....you are welcome Canada

  11. you are god damn right it is hahahahah !
  12. @Prozacck(OD) gave me a banging recipe for roo gonna try that tonight
  13. goblin hunting itself has a ton of extra rewards
  14. friend has a farm the beavers like to dam up the irrigation well the solution is a 12 guage @JR(OD)
  15. after hitting a nasty nasty jumping no scope on bo4 last night ( I rarely snipe) It got me thinking I bet we got some crazy trick shotters in the clan so lets have a challenge , I will award a tournament medal to the winner. And also I can splice the videos together into a collage of trick shots for @MelodicRose(OD) and the social media page. Open to any fps game console or PC Rules and stuff 1. Cannot be a custom game with friends( you can be in a party) But you have to be in a public match setting 2. Have some fun with it 3. NO shit talking as im gonna make a video out of it 4. can be a sidearm as well
  16. once I get the psn community rolling, I can purchase a xbox and work on that community πŸ˜„
  17. already got the psn community set up just need to start recruiting on my side
  18. Fuck it we are going global ! im starting the console side of OD add that Kait
  19. SO I bought this new young Rooster the other day for the farm the first day the bastard fucked all 150 of the chickens and then again the next day, Then he started fucking the geese , the cats god damn anything that was around. Then a week later I found him half dead laying on his side vultures circling above I said well serves you right you horny fucker. He opened one eye and said shhhh theyre almost here

  20. Β 

    if your gonna do it , do it to this song and try not to look in the mirror itll make it harder

    1. Ray(OD)


      Holy shit this is perfect

  21. gimme the dirt on Roos are they as greasy as the chlamydia rodentΒ 

  22. TypeReaL(OD)

    On game

    Oh really tell me more , Maybe ill make a comeback tour I havent had carpal tunnel in a few weeks see how you have been taking care of d3 in my absence πŸ˜›
  23. TypeReaL(OD)

    On game

    I was there last night telling all the bots about my humongous .... ego yeah ego
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