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  1. So this isn't a bloody fight to the death sadface I've had a huge murder boner lately when you wanna spill blood you know where to find and
  2. #1 solo Dh ,wiz oh wait I need a pc
  3. Clarence better be well fed or I'm beating the hell out of you when I come back!

  4. Problem is an always has been blizzard doesn't care for d3 they have no monetization in place there for it falls bottom priority, where if in d2 they do a ban wave they make thousands on new keys from the online shops and botters. The content stales out after you get the journey then realize korean bots are over crowding the leaderboards I faced this issue , I found you just had to get out and try goblin hunting or do gr races fastest to do a specific tier on Break the norm hell I remember testing a dh that sat top 30 just a tweaked ue ms then try hybrids break the mold
  5. When I passed the division on I had a few rules in place before someone fucked it up and had to get a new clan tag , is the mascot the same ? Do you still use the war cry we had , most of all does it still feel like home ? Cow I'm expecting answers oh and also you are sitting in my seat keep it warm daddy's coming home soon
  6. @CompFreak(OD) slide in my dms hunny I need some pc advice 

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    2. CompFreak(OD)


      depends... which platform? AMD or Intel? Also a factor, is what size PC is this for, mini ITX build, Server Rack, or full/mid Tower ATX build?

    3. TypeReaL(OD)


      Brand new build my old pc caffed out Haha figure the sooner I build a pc the sooner you can re enable me

    4. TypeReaL(OD)


      Sc2 extreme settings capable only requirement

  7. Do you really believe in your own hype that much Bitch I am the hype !

  8. Same , I upgraded to an s10plus and was like well i got 9 gigs of data a month to burn LOL
  9. throw me your go code , When im not working I play daily im saving all my strawhat pikachus to trade to ppl that missed out
  10. Been doing a lot of investing , If I invest 25 grand into the clan does that mean I own you all ?

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    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      ive been making counterfeit shirts for years, you want one with your favorite naked celebrity slide in those dms 😄

    3. Terra


      As you know, TypeReal, one of the goals of OD is to provide a learning environment for its members. (Or former member, in this case, I guess) As such I'm happy to go over with you the practices of smart investing, starting with how investing in a venture that doesn't make money isn't. And if there is time afterwards we can also talk about how it isn't actually possible for a shirt to be counterfeit. Learning is fun isn't it?

    4. TypeReaL(OD)


      Just let me eat some more mushrooms, I do my best thinking on mushrooms

  11. me to moderator I mean why the fuck does snow white get that if I dont ..... that lady was a bitch
  12. by cheating yeah breaking the rules is great
  13. Pretty Relevant when your praising someone for out and out circumventing the actual game play mechanics by paying real world money for an advantage over those who may not have the availability to do it on their own.
  14. Congratulations !, You wasted hard earned money that could be used to help the world but instead is squandered on meaningless items in a game that are attainable if you play the game . Pay to win is technically non legitimately playing the game, so theres that as well. then you also gotta count that as well im not allowed to aimbot or wallhack in a supported game why should 3rd party purchases be any different. you are infact paying money for an advantage over the natural player but you know my coffee is empty and Ive enlightened enough for this day just remember paying does not make you better
  15. Make me a Beautiful mexican dinner I took eight grade spanish so Donde esta la biblioteca which translates to I dont bargain pumpkin fucker

  16. the only thing that really I wonder is did they ever fix the mess I made of the officers bathroom, KABLAMMOOO 60$ worth of taco bell and a day later poor place chernobyl seems safer these days 

  17. not really ive never used a superchip ive always just used hp tuners
  18. Id like to try it out with it cuz it varies from game to game , when you open some it will say wireless connection detected for best results switch to a wired and I know haha I cracked buddys ps4 pro open to fix his fan , and replace all the thermal paste
  19. your a mad man , LOL my ps4 tells me it will lag on games if its not hard wired
  20. TypeReaL(OD)

    D-Day 75

    he was so fucking drunk when they recorded this I do believe it was the day the female MP said he was drunk and his reply was I may be drunk but tomorrow I shall be sober and youll still be ugly
  21. Your all Welcome ...........
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