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  1. by cheating yeah breaking the rules is great
  2. Pretty Relevant when your praising someone for out and out circumventing the actual game play mechanics by paying real world money for an advantage over those who may not have the availability to do it on their own.
  3. Congratulations !, You wasted hard earned money that could be used to help the world but instead is squandered on meaningless items in a game that are attainable if you play the game . Pay to win is technically non legitimately playing the game, so theres that as well. then you also gotta count that as well im not allowed to aimbot or wallhack in a supported game why should 3rd party purchases be any different. you are infact paying money for an advantage over the natural player but you know my coffee is empty and Ive enlightened enough for this day just remember paying does not make you better
  4. Make me a Beautiful mexican dinner I took eight grade spanish so Donde esta la biblioteca which translates to I dont bargain pumpkin fucker

  5. the only thing that really I wonder is did they ever fix the mess I made of the officers bathroom, KABLAMMOOO 60$ worth of taco bell and a day later poor place chernobyl seems safer these days 

  6. not really ive never used a superchip ive always just used hp tuners
  7. Id like to try it out with it cuz it varies from game to game , when you open some it will say wireless connection detected for best results switch to a wired and I know haha I cracked buddys ps4 pro open to fix his fan , and replace all the thermal paste
  8. your a mad man , LOL my ps4 tells me it will lag on games if its not hard wired
  9. TypeReaL(OD)

    D-Day 75

    he was so fucking drunk when they recorded this I do believe it was the day the female MP said he was drunk and his reply was I may be drunk but tomorrow I shall be sober and youll still be ugly
  10. Your all Welcome ...........
  11. pft we will take him here in Canada over justin my daddy was pm so i got to be too trudeau fucking clown
  12. you have some god damn explaining to do why cant I post the picture here but @MelodicRose(OD) and also @PJPotter(OD) confirmed it and im so utterly confused WHY did a picture featuring your previous avatar take me to a smutty sex game about manga is there something your not telling us

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    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      my phone takes too high quality pics for the image size of the forum LMFAO , okay while I was doing some nefarious pirate things I saw an add that had a previous avatar you used and it said I wouldnt last 5 minutes playing this game so I clicked and it brought me to a Hentai game

    3. MelodicRose(OD)



    4. Terra


      I see. Thanks for letting me know, it is certainly very disturbing to know that my imagery is being used to promote their scandalous work when they haven't even paid me the royalties I'm owed yet!

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