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  1. Well here we are its time to vote
  2. Alright I got plenty of entries I'll create the poll before work tomorrow
  3. I nuked him it was marvelous
  4. It has come to my attention we currently do not have animal that we call the symbol of OD ( theres a demi lovato joke here but I should avoid it well guess you blew that type good job way to make your family proud ). So, that brings me to where we are at Im holding a contest whoever comes up with the best animal as picked by the clan will win something or other Since @Terra said im not allowed to send drugs as prizes anymore( I know right ?) So put your animal down below then in a weeks time Ill host a poll and you belligerent fools can decide on the outcome
  5. It has come to my attention that we dont have a OD animal, Canada has the vicious goose , usa the oversized seagull, the aussies have the wedgetail eagle of death


    WHAT is our Animal

  6. first it was sunny, then windy, then it rained and now its snowing.... what did you do to the weather

  7. Sign up below Patch notes: eason 23 will begin on April 2, at 5PM (PDT/CEST/KST) shortly after our next Diablo III update. Read on to learn more about the Follower system revamp, leaderboard changes, and Legendary item changes coming in Patch 2.7.0. We are expecting this update to be released on March 30. Table of Contents Season Theme Season Cosmetic Rewards Season Journey Rewards Season Conquests Haedrig's Gifts Patch Notes Seasons Items Bug Fixes New Season Theme
  8. Fighting this demon gets tiring I tell you

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    2. LightningWolves(OD)


      Stay strong Scott.

    3. TypeReaL(OD)


      Ty my friends 💓

    4. LightningWolves(OD)


      Remember we are rooting for you Scott.


  9. did I just take a heart attack couldve been the willie nelson i guess or it coudlve been the wine

  10. you think if we jazzed @PureSkoomaOD up on meth and sent him into battle against a chimp he would win? these are things I cant sleep thinking over

  11. Soo anyone wanna smoke some crack and fight my neighbours Horse? 

  12. I was told there was a cash prize when will I be getting it
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. NAIL gather the dragon balls and wish for a new tv for the officers lounge

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    2. Redvaine(OD)


      You mean you and Krillen?

    3. TypeReaL(OD)


      ask @LightningWolves(OD) I used my imperfect cell voice to serenade aer with mr sandman


    4. Redvaine(OD)


      woahhh lmao!

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