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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/news/11958882/sex-addict-suing-twitch-hot-female-gamers-chaffing/amp/ If you get to the bit about the pc fire you're in for a laugh Btw im a recovering alcoholic for those who don't know imagine if i sued budweiser and capn Morgan. I have 0 sympathy for someone who won't get help so enjoy until terra sees this and tells me its not allowed to which I will reply isnt it aerineths week to watch me
  2. I told you if you left the seat down again that was it we are fighting I pissed all over it looking like a fool

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MelodicRose(OD)


      What the fuck did I just read.

    3. Aerineth(OD)


      It's TypeReal.. you never know what he's gonna say next. 😛

    4. TypeReaL(OD)


      The falklands belong to britian ! no one else

  3. Hariiiiii get on d3


  4. Pm me if you want in rainbow xmog and portrait
  5. Don't make me go UE multishot up in this bitch hahaha 🤣
  6. I'm running hydra wizard to start fight me
  7. just trying to see if I can gather enough interest then after that ill pick a date
  8. title basically says it 1v1 knife only NO riot shield fight like men. shipment depending on how many we get we can do bracket style elimination with draws for each round @Badboi(OD) i expect to see you there ;D
  9. dont tell @Sassy but d3 has the coolest leader going 😄

  10. shouldve duiscord pmed me i was waiting for the ding didnt have forums up
  11. just send me a message tonight i may be grinding sc2 ladder
  12. will you attend MMOrehab ? second question : shiskaberry right ? both are meaningless to my vote as you have always been there to help me and I cant see why you wouldnt progress further we just gotta make you a little cut throat and mean like me 😄
  13. considering there's a plant in the yard named Julie I think we both know you got my support welsh or not
  14. im off tmrw all day and not consuming any stimulating drugs tonight ! im good anytime tmrw
  15. How do you contend to deal with Type hes basically you're kryptonite, Of all the adversaries this may be the toughest one yet I mean can you defeat madness with reality is that truly a viable option? secondly can we get a pony to live stream the OD pony 3rdly Do I have to wear pants
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