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  1. I don't wish you happy trails, you were a judgemental prick that couldn't take not having his own way. You personally attacked one of my friends with bullshit and lies and now you try to get one last hoorah... no fuck you, you are a waste of oxygen. I hope every bit of negativity you tried to spread comes back 10 fold
  2. Fuck it if it impedes your progress cut it off big time ,being nice only gets you so far you need to be ruthless at times to get what you want
  3. I hope there's going to be plenty of crack and Asian people...... I need those things
  4. First off get comfy and find something calming in the music department I have a machine that has ocean ,thunder ,a small brook ,summer night and just rain now the first thing is focus your breathing. Sitting or laying close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose hold it for 1-3 seconds and slowly exhale (try your mouth a few times too I find it can help ) , as you are inhaling concentrate on how it feels you may notice a tingle in your toes this is a good thing, you will find with each breath your mind comes to ease the main thing is to focus on your breathing and try to let your mind just be thinking about breathing nothing else you can hear the background but still feel that breathing feet to head
  5. You need a spiritual awakening, I have never gone through that type of loss but I've lost myself. Clearing your mind with meditation is a great way to start as for therapy. Before you can interact with others you must first find your self no matter what it takes nothing can undo what has happened but as you find yourself the path gets easier I can teach you ways to manipulate your mind and body so that you are at peace
  6. TypeReaL(OD)


    You don't fit it in picture , trying to bring about change while being a standout is pretty much a death sentence, I've watched it over the years if you want to succeed you gotta do it their way no questions asked there's a huge number of people who definitely missed out because they went against the grain
  7. So this isn't a bloody fight to the death sadface I've had a huge murder boner lately when you wanna spill blood you know where to find and
  8. #1 solo Dh ,wiz oh wait I need a pc
  9. Clarence better be well fed or I'm beating the hell out of you when I come back!

  10. Problem is an always has been blizzard doesn't care for d3 they have no monetization in place there for it falls bottom priority, where if in d2 they do a ban wave they make thousands on new keys from the online shops and botters. The content stales out after you get the journey then realize korean bots are over crowding the leaderboards I faced this issue , I found you just had to get out and try goblin hunting or do gr races fastest to do a specific tier on Break the norm hell I remember testing a dh that sat top 30 just a tweaked ue ms then try hybrids break the mold
  11. When I passed the division on I had a few rules in place before someone fucked it up and had to get a new clan tag , is the mascot the same ? Do you still use the war cry we had , most of all does it still feel like home ? Cow I'm expecting answers oh and also you are sitting in my seat keep it warm daddy's coming home soon
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