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  1. its pretty awesome ive been busy with shit latley but gonna get back into er on my day off

    1. Raged(OD)



    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      Super Kami Guru approves

  3. First off whats your Type contingency plan for when I go crazy second off Better you than me good luck brother thirdly if you assume this power How can I abuse it aside from that you did well in d3 leadership I mean youll never be @TypeReaL(OD) but even tho you crushed it, Im looking forward to coaxing you into a 1v1 and murdering the new gen in his game 😄
  4. The hurricane is upon me can I think of you if Im scared ? or if im not scared ... 🙂

  5. FOR thousands of years I laid dormant who has awoken me ... looks around oh its you pigeons what do you want ?

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    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      And im not sick anymore in fact pretty sure I got a zen kai boost like no joke I could fight @Terra in her mecha godzilla form and not break a sweat

    3. Terra


      The only thing I can think about after reading this is the notion that you can be dormant.

    4. TypeReaL(OD)
  6. you missed it I cornered @Aerineth(OD) like I promised

  7. you know in all my time here @Terra HAS NEVER baked me cookies not once

    1. Terra


      No. She hasn't.

  8. Type Came Type Saw Type Conquered thats all the history needs 😄
  9. OH NO its bad enough I gotta stay sober sunday for the admin meeting
  10. Lets lay this out for everyone Activision owns Blizzard Activision only cares about profits diablo2 is no longer a cash cow unless they can monetize it to make even more money they wont care They let diablo pretty much die after 3 I wish you all luck but activision doesn't care , they only care about launching the new call of duty right now and sadly this will fall on deaf ears Even call of duty youtubers cannot get things changed and theyre paid acitivison shills
  11. with a lot more realism and lacking sjw motives
  12. if I told you it involves me yelling Murder at the top of my lungs and charging head first into battle ?
  13. for those wondering it is a extreme realism ww2 50v50 available on steam, currently been playing a few hours a night and the experience is quite awesome. you begin in a 6 man squad with multiple roles from rifleman, anti tank, machine gunner. different squad types are available for tanks and also a recon squads for snipers and scout units. Now Keep in mind im pretty prevalent in the standard age fps top %on the mw/bo4/ww2 leaderboards and this game had me rethinking what I thought fps could be the tactical element makes for very tense moments where one wrong step you are dead a very heavy fog of war keeps you constantly on edge and it was pretty unforgiving. Instead of running and gunning like most fps I was finding myself taking cover and using tactical thinking with my squad the in game voice is spot on btw. If anyone wants to play its like 30$ canadian so cheaper for you covid infested yanks can I say that is it politically correct do I care find out tmrw same bat time same bat channel 😄 on steam and brings the utter feeling of being as close to under constant threat of death as possible below is a video for your viewing pleasure
  14. You think if @Terra pushed me off say the cn tower 553 m id hit terminal velocity before I hit the ground and crushed @Aerineth(OD)

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    2. Terra


      It is a pleasant thought to think about, at least.

    3. TypeReaL(OD)


      it takes 12 seconds approx to hit terminal velocity or 450 m falling I could total do both

    4. Terra


      Great. I'll meet you there.

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