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  1. i have gotten 4 total. 2 in ARAM and 2 in summoners rift. champions i gotten penta with have been Teemo, Lux, and Master Yi. I remember for my first one with Teemo i got 2 kills than my league LAGGED so hard.. at least a good 15 seconds... and when i was able to move again all i saw was PENTAAAKILLL. so i had no idea what happened but it counts. lol
  2. its true, no communication at all.... me and at least some other decent person on our team had to carry the whole game... http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1493423266/219935079 hopefully that works, got my unofficial penta at the end
  3. one thing I have noticed..... if you play in Team Builder Mode... (the one where you can select which lane you want to play in ) you find a lot more noobs than going into Random team select. not sure about higher levels, but in low ones they pretty much all suck.
  4. http://lolking.net/news/skin-preview-yasuo Veigers legendary is also up there. but its w.e
  5. Looking for a crew to play with, I have decided to make league my new main game im just looking for a fun team, im not really competitive I just enjoy league, reminds me of old school d2 PvP, all about timing and shit... I usually play high. lolol... my original account name got unbanned so im using the same alias " Truveliko " on NA.. I forgot my other 2 lvl 30 accounts, last time I checked ( like a year ago) I believe I was Silver 4/5 but on my this account im only lvl 11, working myself up to 30 again.. I usually play fill, any role but my comfort zones are usually Support and Jungl
  6. i play hardcore, but either peacekeeper, SWAT, FAL, AN-94. i play with many different perks depending on game mode. but for pubs.. Blindeye/Ghosts, Cold Blooded/Scavenger and engineer KD 1.80. Average SPM between 300 in TDM, and 400-500 in other game modes. old game clips
  7. mayb you should recruit or structure team leaders. ppl who wanna control a division on HOW THEY wanna run it. not controlled by the leaders. just their support like any business, you have a boss and you expect your supervisors or team leaders know how to run their department. if someone wants the responsibility just give it to them.
  8. ill help in this, tho I would need info on what is needed.
  9. I'm.. not even going to comment on this one, hopefully you will catch on yourself. hmmmmm? who's in GFX? than there's no point in having it if no one participates. unless someone re structures it, and gives it a purpose.
  10. I did state based of his squad list that he linked, and by the activity of the forums.... so not sure why you taking offense by this.
  11. What happened to the old rule you guys had that you needed like 20 active players to create a squad/division? I would suggest making these 2 games your top priority. Starcraft 2 - > most active and the one bringing in the most results. Move their Forum section to top of the list. League of Legends - > very popular game and most of us here play it. Tho i think some more organization and events should take place. Games that i have noticed, that i see that are not going anywhere ( based on your Squad list and Forum activity ) Aion Minecraft Battlefield 3 Starcraft: BW Team Fortres
  12. recently started getting more and more into twitch, pretty awesome watching ppl play. seeing games before I buy them or learning techniques that pros use. in any case, wondering if anyone here streams???? Im about to hook up my capture card again and stream on xbox gta5 and cod ill post the information up later, if anyone wants to see me dominate on Black ops 2. Lets get more Streamers into OD!!!!
  13. this guy was cool,played a few League games with him... OD keeps loosing key members.
  14. thats me being nice... but sorry for the offense. i always speak my mind never hold nothing back. and i had no idea SC2 team was that good. ( like no where on the site even promotes them in anyway... just the thread in the forum and since i dont play SC2 i would have never looked in there..) my roomate is diamond in SC2, if i knew i couldve referred him here. but i am here to offer help. you want images i can do images, http://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/705?utm_content=ma_html_fwt_temp_2_4Game&utm_medium=template_banner&utm_campaign=ma_fwt&utm_source=freewebsite
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