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  1. Happy birthday Logan have a good one 

  2. So,, i have just returned to my PC from a long absence. I just logged into my Kudsavage(OD)2 account and there is only one character left. OD-Exodus , My 100% legit gg perfect jav zon. No other accounts of mine are still active and i logged into (OD)2 with Exodus Expired.. she has been alive since 2011.... what has happened to D2. please fill me in my brothas... OD for life!!!
  3. HaPpY HaPpY BiRtHdaY  LoGaN 🙂 

  4. Wellllll thennn, long time no see my fellow OverDosed brethren!! i dissapeared off the face of the earth , went to the ole county jail for some dumb shit i was doin. i was soo worried my chars would poof, that stressed me out more than being in jail four months :P well All my chars renewed All expired Except OD-Savage Just lettin yall know im alive. ill be OD for life so no worries about being DSL'd out :P
  5. I am not one to comment on anything paldin gear related that has nothing to do with MF/Uber. :P good stuff tho Ask Pailess
  6. Kudsavage(OD) Staff Sergeant (OverDosed for life titles are meaningless to me[Kinda]) Elite D2 Pvp Squad//// Mostly holding it down for OD on the NL FPK/GM scene. This season I made a SCL pvp toon to join the new festivities. Currently I have a free Schedule and can be on anytime with an appointment.
  7. Hey so i got this tigershark 770 PWC and wondered if anyone knows alot about a jetski that would be down to help me out.
  8. Haha yeah that one took a while to make
  9. well idk bout treating pure spring water. like i swim down to the hole which is about 28 feet down and just float up being pushed by the 100M gallon current and drink as much water as i possibly can
  10. Hey erryone, so im not exactly sure about the rules on this but im not too worried about it. So as of recent i have been living in the woods of north central florida.. alot of bums around here but that i can get over because i have found the first love of my life.. swimming in the beautiful natrual springs around here.. One of them which also happens to be my favorite is only about 8 minutes down the dirt. Well i have become soo passionate about this subject that i have done something i have no experience at really. I made a Page and a Group on facebook to try and find more like minded people. People who are down to jump into the water while its 50degrees F out. well heres the link to my page. I hope you enjoy. PS. does anyone know how to make high rez .gif files i want to get a .gif of me free diving down as deep as i can go. Group: Anytimers https://www.facebook.com/groups/1116814808416481/ Page: Fla Spring Fanatics https://www.facebook.com/BlueSprings4Life/
  11. Dude I'm telling you. She's max DMg. 2jav20ias/kb stat gloves maras bk/soj. 20/20j-mod 6/40 javs. Perfect hat full plate mail nigma cuz cuz the sexyness.
  12. I got this char to 97 during a ladder season she's using 6/40 jabs and crafted gloves. The damage is higher with 3 jav gloves. It is meaningless at 14k cs
  13. She's been crashing. No blue screen just the fans go full speed then it restarts. Any clues?
  14. Soo I have this trooper that I use. 06 gateway PC with a few
  15. I believe that was for single player
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