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  1. I'm not dying or anything lol. Just going to step down and walk away yeah know. I have not been so active lately and didn't want to go into IA mode and only login like some.. Feel like the right thing to do is step down and let others be able to step up. I will be around here and there but for the most part I have been busying looking for furniture for my apartment that I am getting and working extra hours at work and my side jobs stepped up with more work and spending time with my lady. All my money I have saved up is going to be put into the apartment so I do not know when I will have internet back with no internet means no game time which means I can not do my duties as an officer for the clan. I do not want to go but I feel this is the right thing to do other than going MIA yeah know. I will be around on taterknight(OD) till the end of the season when I get my internet back. But will be switching to my other account Masterknight69. I do not know if I will come back to OD for my schedule is going to get crazier with moving and the life switch and how much I am going to have my hands full with my side jobs and my real job.
  2. Hello Clan OD, I am resigning... Life has turned for the better have someone special I met and I'm moving have no idea when I will have internet back. I will be around on my OD account until the end of the season then will switch to my Main mule account. I have been in-active in game and unable to preform my duties as an officer. I will be more afk now and feel my time with OD has come to an end. Thank you all for giving me another shot as an officer I did what I could again fo HC and the clan in general. I will be around and hanging out here and there but I will not be active enough to do what I need to do so I am stepping down and saying farwell. Aerineth keep in touch I will be around on FB just message me up. Well farwell. The one the only Taterknight(OD) signing out.
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  6. congratz Misnomer and you said you couldn't survive HC pft you just proved yourself wrong. Come to the red side of the force! We have pie/cake/cookies and Fruit punch.
  7. To give advatage to a winner loot should be allowed for ppl who die just to give another reward to the winner
  8. Man looks like we have some fierce competition. This is going to be nuts may the luckiest man win
  9. Welcome back brah. Funny aerineth and I were talking about u nothing good of course but still thought of u lol. Good to see all is well enjoy ut stay back.
  10. Aww snap being called out let's see how this rolls Less QQ More Pew Pew
  11. aww snap son it is on like donkey kong I am going to leave my entry as anonymous or whatever the heck the word is. I'll toss in 50fg to the pot make it more interesting. Looking forward in seeing what you all got. Only problem with everyone in the same area or whatever is the fact of items try not to be to greedy and take all the good stuff ofc your going to win that way. But I guess that's why its called Ironman? Best man standing? With multi ppl in the game 5 or so max xp you really do not get very far so Tristram is going to be about where everyone makes it. Also Aer mercs allowed? We are lvl 9 and get one free from Blood Raven So yeah low lvl I always gear them give them something. Now to be allowed until lvl 9? Or just kill them before the duels? Seems good 1 v 1 no mercs sounds good to me.
  12. Woo woo I approve this message lol
  13. Lol nice man no more D2 aye? He he well glad to have you back aboard long time no see. Have fun in D3 good luck with your endeavours
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