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  1. When is reset again? I have been out of the loop.
  2. Welcome Moe. :) I am temp out of service until I get my desktop back from shipping. I just made a hike back across the country and I'm still waiting my my boxes.
  3. "inspirational quote"

    1. Terra


      "misinterpreted response from society"

  4. Im down for one. Doesn't matter to me.
  5. *E If I played this game... I should probably look before I leap.
  6. I was just poking my nose on the DSL from all the members and found that 21 Officers and up have 0 DSL... Yes, you are reading that correctly!! *Slow claps*
  7. 1- Gengar 2- Blastoise 3- Gardivour 4- Crobat 5- Snorlax Also, I was slightly confused at the title of the topic. I didn't understand what it was asking but then I relised that you meant to say "Favourite". You shifty murica's like to drop your "U's"...
  8. LULU is the bomb. That's a sweet looking inhouse.
  9. Toss me on somewhere. I'm going to spank this year. nolanpopplewell@gmail.com
  10. Cali is super dry. Goodluck Jon with your travels. I am kinda doing the same thing. You will enjoy finding yourself and it is quite a story to tell after.
  11. I had an abandoned hospital near my college rez that I would dip into every once in a while. I have been in there three times and the third time was on shrooms with two of my buddies. That my friends is very scary shit. The elevators still worked. I went up to the heli-pad and smoked up with my feet hanging off the pad. We found documentations of peoples health problems in the basement, along with shitty old mattresses and burn barrels. Just last week, I camped one night in Alaska and found an old empty gold mine with the padlock cut off the door. I went in but didnt go very far. It was a super old style mine with wooden planks holding up the tunnel. I always wanted to hit up an asylum but I never had the balls to do it.
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