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  1. Congrats to Chanter(OD) for winning the event!! A tourny medal has been awarded to you. It was a long grind but we got there. Still some kinks to work out and we can all hope that Raka isn't a dick next time. Going forward. I would like to continue running these for everyone once a month. Next one is still TBD.
  2. We all knew you were going to vote for two and you still asked. 😛 ---------------------------------------------------------- My vote is for 17.
  3. In this time of difficulty, at home and globally, I would like to start a thread for our OD community. We have a number of people here that love helping others and will do it quickly. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has just started it's grip on nations around us. If anyone is in need of assistance, in one form or another, PLEASE contact me via PM. We can try to assist you the best that we can. I'm sure that others will make their names known if they would like to help too. There is a lot of knowledgeable people here on many different aspects of life in our OD community and hopefully we, as a family, can get things sorted out. If anyone has anything to add to this, feel free to chime in.
  4. They paved paradise and put up a runbot parking lot.
  5. Here is what we have so far! PSY(OD) Necro Sabby(OD) Paladin Chanter(OD) Assassin Depending on the numbers, Lotus and I will be joining too. Mercinyah(OD) Barb LotusPod(OD) TBD
  6. Will do! Thanks for the help. Awesome questions. You answered your first question with your last statement. I never have played druid bowling but you can use the whole Blood moor during the 1v1. It should cleared before the fights happen due to leveling. Something like, you can Kill BR, but cannot then talk to Kashya in town? That is the correct answer. Like what has she ever did to benefit you to have you feel the need to talk to her anyway??
  7. Perfect! The stalker will become the stalkie.
  8. Moe, this is a cool idea dude. I would be down for an interview.
  9. LLD lvl 9 PVP Tourny Act1 Hosted by: LotusPod(OD) and Mercinyah(OD) Date: April 3th (Friday), 2020 @ 9pm EST Prizes: 1st place winner gets 100fg, 2nd place gets 40fg. First to hit level 9 gets a HR of their choice. Rules: Players start with fresh toons and get a 20,000 ingame gold from Lotus or I, which can be spend only in the current game. All players then travel together to clear the den. Once den is cleared, travel back to town for all waypoints of act1 and off to the races. You can level ANYWHERE in act 1, grouped or solo. You may only use the gear you find, gamble, or buy from Merchants, no outside gear. When everyone is level 9, you will be given a number and be put into a 1v1 PVP bracket. Only mana pots will be allowed during 1v1s. If you die at any point during the event, you are out but can rejoin to watch the fun go down. In the event that we have more than eight players, we will split the group into even numbers and have the first place winners from each group battle it out. The HR prize will apply to each group of players. Bans: No mercs at any point during the event. No stinky poison Javazons OR cheeky Mind Blast Sins. For Registration, reply with your account name and the type of character. No need to tell the build you are planning. If you have any questions about the event, PLEASE, PM LotusPod(OD) or myself, reply here, or catch us in channel.
  10. When is reset again? I have been out of the loop.
  11. Welcome Moe. :) I am temp out of service until I get my desktop back from shipping. I just made a hike back across the country and I'm still waiting my my boxes.
  12. "inspirational quote"

    1. Terra


      "misinterpreted response from society"

  13. Im down for one. Doesn't matter to me.
  14. I was just poking my nose on the DSL from all the members and found that 21 Officers and up have 0 DSL... Yes, you are reading that correctly!! *Slow claps*
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