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  1. For top laneI recommend watching streamers like Flosd (boxbox) on riven play, Thesickmotion for general top lane tips and basic strats on how to deal with each matchup and when and how you should go aggressive or play it passive. IreliaCarriesU is a good streamer to watch for dynamic builds as his builds on irelia change each game to suit the lane and the whole opposing team. Each of these streamers are well known top laners and i find top lane to be one of the better lanes to learn map awareness with teleport being played by mostly every top lane. The rest is all about your dedication to impr
  2. I sure hope this deck does well... lol i have so many doubts.
  3. So I personally really enjoy arena because its a very flexible style of play and the decks never feel stale to me. The best part in my opinion though would not be playing the decks but rather the deck drafting. Theres really no better feeling when you draft a hilarious deck with some funny combo or even get 3 legendaries in one draft. Basically this is a place for people who like arena to list decks that they thought were hilarious or got really good runs with so other people can use it to laugh at or learn from. so list your dumb, funny, amazing, 12 wins, or even fail decks here so you can s
  4. It would seem so from what I read. A lot of youtubers have said you can as well so i assume you can.
  5. grim patron is so stupid but the combo isnt too reliable since i find theres a bunch of 3 attack minions around. And I agree the mage challenge is by far my favourite in the whole game. absolutely hilarious.
  6. One could say he.. (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) stormed out of that game.
  7. So blackrock's been recently released and im sure everyone here has at least unlocked the first wing if not bought the whole damn thing with money (like me :3) Plenty of pros have done their reviews on the cards but it might be nice to hear other opinions. So toss out your opinions and possible deck building theories because I personally would love to hear (read) it.
  8. I usually like to keep my ally chat up and start the game with a good conversation on how we'll go about laning. I usually find myself in teams that favour teamwork and seem to benefit quite well from the conversation initially. The thing is most people are actually just the same as you, they want to win and they want a team that cooperates so when you show them you're willing they'll respond in kind.
  9. So recently my league has been doing this silly thing where it resets some of my in game settings back to its original state at the start of each game no matter how many times i change it. One of them being "all chat disabled". At first I was annoyed because like many of you here i enjoy the mindless banter that happens in all chat but I've recently found myself to enjoy the game much more. Now that i think about it, most of my bad experiences in league are when i get trashed talked through all chat while I'm losing. such as when you die the enemy who killed you spams "rekt" into all chat. I c
  10. Overdosed name (if different from forum name): GoDzShizit(OD) Summoner name: LazyPwny Season 4 rank: Gold something. maybe 2 maybe 3. Are you looking to be a a core member of a team (who is not a captain), a captain, or a sub? Please explain why. Just put me in as a Sub in case someone is unable to play and you need yourself a relaxed teammate. Please explain your experience/ability regarding roles: I play mid lane quite regularly and am proficient with most other roles. my best trait is never going on tilt. Is there any roles, should you be assigned them, that would keep you f
  11. Give me your account bb. Ill get ya to silver in a flash XD
  12. can do most days but i would prefer if it were held earlier if on weekdays or a sunday
  13. I feel like everyone writing a guide for their one favourite champion would be a good exercise since then we can all go about constructively criticizing or learn from the people who actually put time into a certain champion.
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