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    anything with zombies
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    icp stonesour cagethe ellephant megadeth most counrty music
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    wow iv read so many books i never realy stop to think about my favriots id have to get back to yall on that
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    dont watch much tv til fotball season i have a daughter and a wife they pretty much took it over thats why i have tv down stairs for my xbox

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    Well i like sword fighting and i dont meen like the posers with foam toys out playng lark me and a few freinds make are own swords and train with them other than that reading working and gameing and football (GO SKINS!!)

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  1. happy newyears OD

  2. finaly a day off damn ive been working way to much lately but its more money right

  3. one more day till reset cant wait:)

  4. im off on the 25th and getting paid for it flex time is great see yall on reset day i hope its early

  5. :wallbash: looks good its a nice twist on rank structure keep up the good work
  6. i have a nice buzz been drinking since 4:30

  7. hello daddy and welcome to OD gl to u and dont forget to have fun with it :woot:
  8. has anyone else heard about the new Black spiderman well half black and half hispanic his name is Miles Morales he takes over when spiderman dies in issue 160 not saying its a bad thing it just weird since (The Spider) started in 1960s he has always been a white guy im eager to see how fans react to this but if you want to look into it heres the site http://www.usatoday....pider-man_n.htm :ph34r: :ph34r:
  9. all this arguing over ps or xbox lets see wich company is smarter microsoft or sony hmm last time i checked microsoft makes more money and sony backed out of a deal to merg with nintindo years ago and then changed there minds wether or not this was a good choice or not we will never know but i think they should have stayed with them but as it is now they are talking about a merger agin WHY? because microsoft is smashing them both in profits but dont get me wrong i played the hell outa ps1 and ps2 and i dont realy hate on ps but XBOX is beter now hell my favriot game was ff8 for ps one but times change lol and either way it goes i love reading the post back and forh about wich is better :ph34r: and oh yeah how many ps fans are useing windows rigt now just sayin lol
  10. so m gonna be buying starcraft bw when i get paid this week i aint played in about 3-4 years when i loaned it out and never got it back so i might be a bit rustybut i look forward to playing with yall any tips would be helpful ty
  11. I would have to say 8 was my favriot although 7 was the first one i played even after playing 3 and tactics and X,X2 13 8 had somthing special for me it realy got me hooked on rpg,s and tactic based games the card game on there was great and i still play it but on a larger scale at Trippletriadeadvanced.com they moved on from the ff8 decks and have cards from alot of the ff games and cronotiger i think i can say without adout i wouldnt be playing games like d2 or starcraft if i never played a ff game :thumbsup:
  12. Im tired work aint bad but summer sucks balls

  13. Its easy and fun to see what words people will use (rules) word=parking <last leter G (next word)=gopher and so on ^ - - - - - - - ^ l (O) (O) l l {} l l MMM l ____________
  14. Ok so im not trying to insult any but wow that game sucks or atleast it aint for me should i say lol yall have fun with it ill stick with d2 :pirate:
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