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  1. I didn't know Mcdonalds gave phone breaks.
  2. And even after i specificly told in my resignation " i do not want silentkill or wishmaster to disable me" Apparently he can't read blatant English. Go figure :/ rofl
  3. Nice Grammar.... But If my arguments are petty and "don't mean a fukin bull shit argument" Then why are you making a big deal of it.. sounds like your a hypocrite bud
  4. In 5 days this resignation will stay. bottom line guys.. i told you all i was done.
  5. LOL!!!!! Stolen... IF YA SMELLLL LALALALALA WHAT SCRUGS IS COOKING!. you sir, get Brownie points +1
  6. For OD, this is my final calling home. I am Leaving all my Duties and As well as Diablo 3. If you need Gear Contact me VIA Site or When i come in game tomarrow. I would like to thank Snickers Queas Lokii Mr. Fluffums Badboi Taterknight Skyking Rob Thanks for always sticking by me threw thick and thin.. Im just calling it quits for good guys. I came back here with an intention to lead back in December The dream was a true genuine hope for awhile. That was until some people in high power got in my way that and people coming back to OD Apparently People like to be big and bold by m
  7. LOL, yea i guess you are old..
  8. Damn, 300 Days, Its unbelivable i have been in here last here that long, Lot of people i have to thank for getting here. Snickers Queas Lokii R.agnarok. Badboi. Fluffums. Taterknight i may have forgoten some names but these are the characters i have gotten here with over the way. im sure everyone is going to be mad im making a post of 300 days, but id just like to thank everyone for letting me get here. Hopefully it will continue to 365 then 400. Can't Wait guys.
  9. Really going to miss ya bud, I miss our little fireside roasts in the channel and i infact have been wondering where you were . Love ya bud, Good luck in the future. P.S. I gotta alot of respect for a man who can take a joke, and im glad ya did. Thanks for understanding my washed up comedy LOL.
  10. Chances are you earned the 7 day medal.. you just have to tell someone.. ill get someone to get on it.. No one really has been paying to much attention to medals lately for some odd reason *Cough Cough*
  11. Sorry to hear.. Best of luck in your future endevors.
  12. Yes the Above picture is a slightly short lived Tornado.. its rain wrapped which is why it looks so large.. it was declared an EF-0 but it was something rare that happens here.
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