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  1. i play overwatch on xbox WAI0 is gamertag
  2. Happy birthday joe  have great day :) 

  3. welcome gary! hope you enjoy the clan!
  4. Ah! Aerineth! I am amazing, life has never been better! And Raged I play D2
  5. My path to self discovery has lead me to rediscovery of Clan OD! I'm not new, but I may as well be! Brain(OD) is back in action. Unfortunately, many old members have disappeared! I miss being a part of a community such as this, and hopefully I can make an impact for yet another round of being OVERDOSED! Only this time I really am dosed
  6. thanks for edit. Goodluck in OD man you are a good player with GM attitude ready to overdose!
  7. welcome to OD bro! hope we have a good time! remember to be GM and keep a low dsl
  8. Welcome recruit! Fallout 3 is amazing! I sincerely hope you have a great time in the future of Overdosed
  9. Official OD member finally

  10. Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum.
  11. BBQ(OD)


    theres a LOT of people in this clan, so message me BBQ(OD) im sc ladder of D2, lookin forward to meet new people. :turned:
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