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  1. I dont know if any other play, with so little people playing and it not being a official OD game I am involved with PVM outpost, it's a PVM guild that does raids and bosses together. Their ranking system is based on the type of drops you get from bossing or raids to climb their rank system. you have to apply on their discord to enroll, Just need to meet their requirements to prove you can actually boss
  2. I play, didnt see your post
  3. Saw on FB Tristan! Congrats sir!
  4. I'd pay you ($) for items I work too much right now to level and such but I want to build a toon
  5. @Drewg(OD) @MooMoo(OD) @DBZ(OD) @Purplez(OD) @Rich(OD)@MineNotYour(OD) Im down for what ever solution we came up with and like to get approved and passed. but all I'd like to view and add to this discussion is the following: Is someone is on your account, its like your car, you are liable for it and will be held accountable for it. I really like the idea and dont mind the idea of sharing accounts, but note. it has your name, your brand, your capital, your investment, your time inside of that account. If you give Person 'X' your account info and Person 'X' gives your account info to person 'Y' without you knowing and person 'Y' steals all your capital and ruins your brand\image\reputation of your name you are 100% held accountable for the repercussions of that as you gave out your account information
  6. I'm working in consulting Soni haven't gotten to play video games much over the last 4 weeks. Feel free to give him access to things pops
  7. My questions are as follows Do you have the missing tolkien for my tolkie ring network? Can you use a different color for your posts such as purple?
  8. I thought 94 was halfway point
  9. I would also go into command line and type ipconfig /all and see if windows can even pick up that your eth adaper is there or not It's possible that like Badboi said that it had a short and is now broken. You could purchase a USB to RJ45 and use that for a Hardline connection to your Router. Like comp said run though the troubleshooting steps to determine if it's router port...cable...hardware on PC... Or software issue in PC Best of luck and I'd be more than willing to do a phone call with you at 830 central time if your still having issues Best Q
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