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  1. I would also go into command line and type ipconfig /all and see if windows can even pick up that your eth adaper is there or not It's possible that like Badboi said that it had a short and is now broken. You could purchase a USB to RJ45 and use that for a Hardline connection to your Router. Like comp said run though the troubleshooting steps to determine if it's router port...cable...hardware on PC... Or software issue in PC Best of luck and I'd be more than willing to do a phone call with you at 830 central time if your still having issues Best Q
  2. I'd check with @DBZ(OD) Id think he would have this name
  3. Nice shirt For a second I thought you found a articcat
  4. Saturday would be better for me as I start my intership on that monday after
  5. I forgot to touch on this. I feel that would be an about of power as that post is totally providing valid points that should be looked into by more than just you and me Good thing a opinion is just that... An opinion. But posting false information is definitely not a positive thing. Perhaps the person who demoted you could post on here explaining why for clarification
  6. @GhostDog(OD) Thanks for the reply Ghostdog, "Mr snicker66 :" On a aside I prefer Quintin if you want to be more formal 😁 ----- "The whole internet need not see it BUT I believe if something involves a person that person should be able to see it. How can one defend against an accuser when they do not know who it is, and who made it, a crazy comment on a vote MIGHT be true or it may just be hateful venom. Likewise an overly glowing vote might just be for friendship's sake) If there is NO COMMENT on the vote that vote should be disallowed. What if the person who made it is a declared non friend (I soften the word here in the interest of pleasing certain people). A secret accusation should not surprise the person when they log on and a punishment should not be applied until the person has been asked to explain (this is common in court unless a person pleads guilty.) Shoot first and ask questions later?" You bring up a valid point, perhaps we could look into a system like the warn system on the forums where a 'ticket' so to speak is made and can be tracked, I personally have not been on the receiving end of a warn on the forums but I know all people with access to the warn system can see the open warning report. perhaps their is a solution out there that we can make for when a Ban or prolonged kick is made that the defendant (kicked person) and the prosecutor (the whole admin team as the general or officer or whoever has the power to kick or ban on a platform should all have access to this 'new' panel) ----- I'm replying to both paragraphs here as they are related "Also what ranks can disable on their own initiative ? I have noticed instability in some of the "powers that be" and feel this ability should be ONLY in the hands of commanders, a general is too low and too biased in my opinion. If a general is upset due to their life outside of OD (we are all human and outside events effect judgement, some are IRRATIONAL) I believe they easily can misuse their power. This is known as "hate transference" in psychology. For this reason only commanders should be able to disable (golden rule, he who has the gold <pays the bills> makes the rules.). Theoretically the commanders want to delegate but realistically I have yet to see a general over ruled (granted I do not know everything, those closed forums again.) I have also noticed that division heads tend to stick together, preferring peace over justice, realistically there is no appeal. I am astonished my disablement was reversed (too bad townkill is IA and cannot defend, amazing he disabled me when he was NOT a d2 division head without asking POPS or DBZ) but I was demoted I am sure as a compromise. A general from a different division, without asking me about anything, disabled me. That general definitely had too much power. Justice should have no compromise, collusion or no collusion, obstruction or no obstruction. The power to disable instantly at general rank is too low.." ----- I myself as a 1-star general have access to disable or demote up-to the rank of Major. Now as a rule of thumb demotions and disablements should always have more than one generals approval in my opinion as I have learned from my work experience you want to "CYA" or Cover Your A** so you know you are not making a rash decision. Moreover I feel that me being a 1-star or a 5-star it is important that we are all held to the same standard as we try to all be on the same page with each-other. A commander is just as likely to be persuaded due to outside influence in life as any general could be. To touch on your comment on pays the "bills makes the rules" myself as a general have the right to prepose a solution that might cost capital. only r.ag is the one paying the bill as he acts as the treasurer. perhaps i'm not explaining it well... but point is that their is only one person who pays the bills currently but that is different than delegating and enforcing rules. about @Townkill(OD) @DBZ(OD) & @PoPs(OD) Like terra said earlier we would need his input on the situation. perhaps @Terra or @PoPs(OD) or @DBZ(OD) could look into that I personally do not now any information on the topic sorry ghostdog.. perhaps there should be a better system that could be looked into! ---- "On a lighter note, I hereby make a bid to reinstate Ray at his old rank, his demotion caused too much grief and drama. FREEZE his rank for six months and let him reapply and be revaluated *if he wants to, he seems very stubborn and does not take advice. He is young and second chances should be extended to the young (full disclosure, I cannot stand ray's manners or personality but believe in justice tempered by mercy for everyone. I do not beleive in holding grudges to the end of time <as has been done to me but it is irrelevant for me now > How is this procedure done and who decides a offer of reinstatement? Is there an official procedure or is it done by fiat ?" As it is not my division its not my final call but I do not have an issue with that.. he would have my support in that but... one general can not make that decision so can other admins weigh in on this? @Ray(OD) didn't you join another community however? would you be willing to leave that other community to re-join OD if this were to happen? ---- Regards and eagerly awaiting response GD PS Ms Terra would you consider this post an abuse ?
  7. @v3n0m(OD) glad to see aer got your question answered for you. but yes like he said their is a list of expenses that we have each year that are paid out of that fund for the continuance of the community @CompFreak(OD)I dont think that would go over well at all comp, unless we came up with a 'new' point system for tracking their activity overall to see how often they do things overall (such as game time, teamspeak time, forum postings, voting and how often, creating new divisions, how often then engage social media, what contributions they have) That would require a large amount of resources to build a database that could collect and create a nice little table to see how active they were in recent days. In a Cost Benefit Analysis the cost for setup of a system like that would be high for sure @GhostDog(OD) - I feel that is a system was implemented for hidden comments on votes it would allow for members to freely positive vote or negative vote without a comment and could allow errors in the system. Their would need to be some sort of system to error check the vote to cross check for valid vote or not.. Or a human who had the rank and time to cross check every vote that is ever casted to ensure that it is lawful It's a good idea do not get me wrong.. but I worry that people might find a way to take advantage or it, so we would need to code it in a way that did not allow for people to just freely negative vote or positive vote @v3n0m(OD) sounds like... in relation to your last post... we could use some sort of database that collected all information on a member to gauge their activity level and contributions to the community like what i said in previous section of my post (see above) @Ray(OD) - I could of sworn this was talked about in a previous post in this topic, but IMO appealing to the new generation of people on the internet is something that is vital to the continuance of the community and IMO improving the look and feel of the community and reaching out to the general public is important just like any company for publicity. The use of Social media and Twitch is vital for the future of OD along with having a easy to understand infrastructure, rank system, and website is also important. All of which are things that are under development currently. @GhostDog(OD) - Hey ghost throwback to a post from 48 hours ago, but I wanted to touch on it again. As I discussed in my earlier post I feel their is a delicate balance between what a non-member and 'higher-up' should see. Just like a real company they do not want to show the general public information on who is banned from a store and for what reason. After reading the post I am not sure if you are aware that their is a TS3 & Discord Ban topic that is in the officers restricted forum that has been kept up-to-date on all kicks and bans from the platforms since 2015. I feel it is good to let members know that we keep track of this information but for security of data and personal information it is behind a locked section of the forum so the open internet can not view it. Could you provide a reason (as I like the discussion) as to why we would want to publicly disclose to the whole internet this historical data versus keeping it behind the closed section where Officers+ can see it versus the whole internet as any non-member can view the open forums. Moreover as I said before: "I like to believe that their is a delicate balance between private discussion and public discussion just like with IT I feel that having a end-users input on a project is important but at the same time their is a degree of access that should be handled. If we did a website update we would not want the web-team to have to publicly disclose the plans and HTML on the forums as that could be a security loophole along with a security hole for letting other communities have the opportunity to our unique coding for the website." I basically said that in this post, Just wanted to touch on it. I'm sure such a solution is possible but their sure would be a large overhead for it
  8. that signature is top notch I was scared by this song by my IT dept.. So I must spread the scaring
  9. why post a photo but not provide a clickable link to the facebook page so that we promote the page? I'd need to manually type it in to get to the facebook page. ease of use is important for publicity 😛
  10. classic ladder sorc 81

  11. level 81 sorc frozen orb fire wall classic. crusher. I need a banner.

  12. @Ray(OD) 1: As I was nearing the time of my resignation, I noticed the significant decrease in activity on Teamspeak and in D2. What steps will you take to restore this activity? Like trends in the markets their is always fluctuation in the graphs up and down, with school releasing for summer people will have increased time to game, and with D2 the ladder reset will provide a influx of activity on the game 2: How much time does a general/commander spend gaming on average? That depends on the person, I myself get on average 4 to 5 hours a week to play video games when I am not working on my four jobs, doing school work, cleaning my house, or balancing time with my girlfriend... I always have my phone on my and respond to emails and you can always email me @ snicker66@overdosed.net or PM me on the forums 3: The community area of OD isn't being taken seriously as much as it should be anymore. Other than this thread, how will you go about prioritizing the community? Could there be a disconnect between development of the community versus activity of the community, are you referring to development of new things in the community or maintaining a level of activity in the community. 4: Are there any systems or processes in OD that are currently in revision? As other people have said 'yes' 5: Why are generals afk on ts for most of everyday? If someone requires the assistance of a general, who should they seek? I myself am not home between 7 AM and 9:30 PM Six days a week between school and work I'd like to say again that if I'm ever needed I always have my phone on my and respond to emails and you can always email me @ snicker66@overdosed.net or PM me on the forums See the below image for my spring schedule... It doesn't include my weekend IT consulting work and Friday Night\Saturday Morning Gymnastics. But as stated above I always have my phone on my and respond to emails and you can always email me @ snicker66@overdosed.net or PM me on the forums 6: Is OD working on any projects that will get the clan on the map? How much time and effort is being dedicated to said projects? As other people have said 'yes' Are the leaders of OD open to challenges and opposing ideas? It appears to me that opposition is now met with feigning confusion and silence. I'm always open to new ideas and discussions @Ray(OD) Will there be an emphasis on transparency from now on? I've seen some generals have certainly abused their powers. Bias has also certainly seemed taken hold even among the leaders. Accountability should be applied to all, regardless of rank. I like to believe that their is a delicate balance between private discussion and public discussion just like with IT I feel that having a end-users input on a project is important but at the same time their is a degree of access that should be handled. If we did a website update we would not want the web-team to have to publicly disclose the plans and HTML on the forums as that could be a security loophole along with a security hole for letting other communities have the opportunity to our unique coding for the website. Hope this helps, look forward to your response - Q in the spirit of this topic, would you have any prepositions for a new forum of community with the admins of the community? I'm always available by email or a post on the forums or a message on the forums. should we get a WhatsApp going for IMing the admins on their phones? (serious idea) Just like any workplace having a good communication between the admin staff and the working staff is paramount for the success of any company and I personally do not see OD any differently than a business *Good communication is what makes the global economy successful in today's economy*
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