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  1. classic ladder sorc 81

  2. level 81 sorc frozen orb fire wall classic. crusher. I need a banner.

  3. @Ray(OD) 1: As I was nearing the time of my resignation, I noticed the significant decrease in activity on Teamspeak and in D2. What steps will you take to restore this activity? Like trends in the markets their is always fluctuation in the graphs up and down, with school releasing for summer people will have increased time to game, and with D2 the ladder reset will provide a influx of activity on the game 2: How much time does a general/commander spend gaming on average? That depends on the person, I myself get on average 4 to 5 hours a week to play video games when I am not working on my four jobs, doing school work, cleaning my house, or balancing time with my girlfriend... I always have my phone on my and respond to emails and you can always email me @ snicker66@overdosed.net or PM me on the forums 3: The community area of OD isn't being taken seriously as much as it should be anymore. Other than this thread, how will you go about prioritizing the community? Could there be a disconnect between development of the community versus activity of the community, are you referring to development of new things in the community or maintaining a level of activity in the community. 4: Are there any systems or processes in OD that are currently in revision? As other people have said 'yes' 5: Why are generals afk on ts for most of everyday? If someone requires the assistance of a general, who should they seek? I myself am not home between 7 AM and 9:30 PM Six days a week between school and work I'd like to say again that if I'm ever needed I always have my phone on my and respond to emails and you can always email me @ snicker66@overdosed.net or PM me on the forums See the below image for my spring schedule... It doesn't include my weekend IT consulting work and Friday Night\Saturday Morning Gymnastics. But as stated above I always have my phone on my and respond to emails and you can always email me @ snicker66@overdosed.net or PM me on the forums 6: Is OD working on any projects that will get the clan on the map? How much time and effort is being dedicated to said projects? As other people have said 'yes' Are the leaders of OD open to challenges and opposing ideas? It appears to me that opposition is now met with feigning confusion and silence. I'm always open to new ideas and discussions @Ray(OD) Will there be an emphasis on transparency from now on? I've seen some generals have certainly abused their powers. Bias has also certainly seemed taken hold even among the leaders. Accountability should be applied to all, regardless of rank. I like to believe that their is a delicate balance between private discussion and public discussion just like with IT I feel that having a end-users input on a project is important but at the same time their is a degree of access that should be handled. If we did a website update we would not want the web-team to have to publicly disclose the plans and HTML on the forums as that could be a security loophole along with a security hole for letting other communities have the opportunity to our unique coding for the website. Hope this helps, look forward to your response - Q in the spirit of this topic, would you have any prepositions for a new forum of community with the admins of the community? I'm always available by email or a post on the forums or a message on the forums. should we get a WhatsApp going for IMing the admins on their phones? (serious idea) Just like any workplace having a good communication between the admin staff and the working staff is paramount for the success of any company and I personally do not see OD any differently than a business *Good communication is what makes the global economy successful in today's economy*
  4. I know I'm coming in late to this conversation, however I'd like to throw out this comment. As I'm in the process of getting into my internship for the summer at an IT company they have asked me to sign a non-compete agreement and a non-disclose agreement. I feel that the decision to edit that post was justified as it is promoting a direct competition to the community and promoting another community (company in this analogy of the non-compete agreement) The community should not be used to promote another persons gaming community where as it should be used to promote our own community. Same with putting a C sharp program that was written for one company onto job sites would probably be a clear violation of a non-disclosure agreement with a company. Hope that this example is understandable to as why that post was edited to remove the content of a promoting a direct competition to the community @GhostDog(OD) ---- As my Final exams are done for the semester here in Wisconsin I'll be reviewing and available in the coming weeks until I start my 80 hour work weeks in the summer working across three jobs. 40 hours IT consulting, 20 hours coaching gymnastics and 20 hours bar-tending.
  5. snicker66(OD)

    SuNSeT IOU

    Dang right goose
  6. Can I mark this resolved
  7. I found it a little funny 😂 @Ray(OD). Let me know if you ever need anything
  8. Don't leave me RayRay! you reach out to me if you ever need anything
  9. I look forward to seeing you host the meeting I'll see you there in two weeks at this present time I think I'll be able to make it, I request that we finish by 8 PM as Game of Thrones is life
  10. I do not have a list of all games that Ive played but I should make one haha Currently I play: Overwatch Runescape (OS) D2 Division 2 I need more time to get to play other games
  11. I am playing Divison 2 and currently leveling. Id be down for this
  12. Aww man I just switched to drinking BANG vs. Monster.... Dont make me go back!
  13. you wouldnt believe how many times i've done that one or explain to a person how to get their computer name so I can do a remote session with them (my work has a remote client on every device we just need to know their PC name to remote in with them)
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