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  1. KamiKazi

    Let's game?

    Just getting more into PC gaming, Casual Gamer. I am not 'Pro' at all Currently playing .. - League of Legends (bronze) , lvl 120 - Path of Exile - 89 summoner, 70 hrs in - Destiny 2 - Free on Steam - Just started. - Elder Scrolls Online - Just started. - Chill Game. Always looking to add new games to Library, Thinking of getting back into WOW after 5 years vacay. Im down for anything with RPG elements these days. LMK
  2. Since you guys are still the only clan alive from my old days , I'll like to return and play with yall. Just started Elder Scrolls Online today. been playing Path of Exile for a month now. and League of Legends. I enjoy playing numerous games and recently been liking the RPG genre more. thinking about playing Destiny 2 soon as well! let me know if any of you play these games so i can join you.
  3. greetings from 2001? damn i feel old. D2 pvp division. Hope all of yall are safe.
  4. Hello guys, I am not new to OD, I'm ex Member from like the 1995 era. Old Vet who comes and goes with the gaming seasons. FkN(OD), didnt really stay long tho, i think i got to WO2 and left the clan scene. now im back as KamiKazi... i play mostly League. I Also just got into a side business printing custom posters. https://www.facebook.com/KamiKaziPosters/ I can a various of Prints, Building my library right now.. Let me know if you need anything!
  5. this was my old clans name, but i would like to use my own. Since its linked with my facebook... i want KamiKazi or something in those lines... please and thank you
  6. recently purchased a fancy printer ( $7000 ) prints a various of things, from posters to banners and vinyl decals for laptops and cars.... and im starting out this little side business and wondering if you guys would be interested in uping your gaming area. I am starting with league of legend posters, but if you guys have anything in mind i can print it, as long as you send me a HD version of the image. https://www.facebook.com/KamiKaziPosters/
  7. rofl. I can't remember either... I think it was Dark Knights or something stupid. Just wondering because both Clan DF and Clan DevL used the DF- tag. Interesting Devils Forces...the good old days.. the last clan i was a part of. but your probably talking about Demonic Fighters known as xDF. Led by Spade and Tarheel. DF and xDF went to war. Tho i originally started with xDF ... at that time tho xDF was superior to DF in Diablo2.. until i joined Devil me aka DF-Trucho and DF-AznBrotha101 and DF-Napthali Dominated D2, sad to say owned NWA, LS, AH and OD back in the early days... but if you remember clans such as LS { Lost Souls } leader was the first level 99 barb in season 3 V1.08 best season at that. that was my first clan.. than i joined xDF and after they moved onto WOW thats when i joined DF.. met some cool ppl there that i still talk too.
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