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  1. It is good to see you back with us again. For a while there I was starting to worry that we'd lost you for good.

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    2. SuNSeT


      The beast was just hibernating


      Hari will always be around. Was fun running together again...don't think we've done that in 4 years minimum

    3. Onee(OD)


      If you still play d2 I will run the new ladder with you (if its not too late) and we can grind some baals like the good old days

    4. Hari(OD)


      @Onee(OD) we can do that im free this evening around 7pm est 

      lmk your acc i will add mine is Hari(OD) hit me up on TS D3 section

  2. Just gonna move this topic out of the anime board, as that seems like kind of a strange place for it to be.
  3. I tried to watch it, but the personality of the main character grated on me so much that I couldn't stick with it. I'm sure the anime itself is probably pretty good, but that kind of blind and pointlessly jovial personality are the type I just can't stand. I require my anime protagonists to have an IQ above at least 30 before I find them tolerable. I liked the Yuno guy, though. If the anime just ditched the immature Asta guy and made it all about Yuno then I'd probably watch it.
  4. Is that the location where the monkey's will steal your stuff and won't give it back until you trade them food for it? I heard there was a location where the local monkeys figured that out, and it looks a lot like that location.
  5. Welcome to the Clan. It's good to hear SC2 is getting some players.
  6. Terra


    I didn't even know our website sent a message when a promotion failed. Coming up 5 years in, still learning new things about this Clan.
  7. Using the social media to post about upcoming games, or newly released games, would be good material to use, and might help promote the creation of more Divisions by helping members find games that interest them. You guys should consider that.
  8. You don't actually believe that, do you? The reason you don't share your problems is because you're so full of heart and goodness that you'd rather drown in depression before burdening others. Championing the cause of others are the moments that most inspire you, you want to be the person that rises people up, and you are afraid of doing anything that you think might bring them down. But here's the truth. People who keep all of their problems to themselves are bad friends. I know that comes as a shocker to everyone who silently believes that being able to shoulder everything themselves is the epitome of inner strength, but a healthy friendship is about reciprocation. A friendship where only one person gives help is one-sided and hollow, people need the opportunity to be a good friend in turn, they need a chance to show that they can be depended on. It is that reciprocation that the truly strong ties are formed. Your friends need you to be willing to rely on them for help, and whether you realize it or not you need their help. All people need moments where they can talk to someone and share their thoughts during distressing times, if only to help them organize those thoughts better. But people such as yourself, with your whirling cyclone of confusing thoughts and emotions inside, need it most of all. It's the only thing that will help you anchor yourself and get a sense of stability again. It's aggravating because it's a little embarrassing, but having a good listener that you can bounce your thoughts and feelings off of will spare you many nights of anxiety. Besides, you and I both know that figuring out the first step to solving your own problems has never been your strong suit. You should definitely rely on an outside perspective, at least to help you get started.
  9. Compfreak I feel you are undeniably an important part of this community, and provide both a unique personality and valuable set of skills and work ethic that round out the General team quite well. In fact your work ethic can be considered your strongest asset, I think you are among the hardest workers in the community. You've made some mistakes in the past, some of them positively absurd, but looking back on them you're actually really good at acknowledging and taking responsibility for your mistakes too, far better and more gracefully than most others. You are always looking to improve yourself, and you're never afraid to question others even though some of your questions are just.... ugh... You have a tendency to overthink problems and underthink solutions to them. You'll imagine the ways in which scenarios can go bad and want to create elaborate plans to account for them, without really establishing a basis for your concerns. Other times you'll propose extensive tracking methods involving posts, spreadsheets, website changes, or policy alterations for resolutions that actually required relatively simple resolutions. I feel like if we accepted every solution you've proposed up to this point then our Clan would be such a web of bureaucracy that just thinking about it makes me want to stick another copy of the earlier image back into this sentence. As if that wasn't enough, your arguments can be difficult to follow as you sometimes tack on more or wildly different suggestions and points onto your arguments as the discussion progresses, making it feel like a runaway train constantly trying to veer off its own tracks. All of which has infamously made me want to pull my own hair out trying to argue with you over things, and I'll even admit that in my frustration I've even sent some scathing responses to you on occasion, and a small part of me is actually impressed that you've weathered them as well as you have. (Just the occasional passive-aggressive remark here and there) The most recent example I can give is our argument in the Inactive Requests topic in the Rules Committee board. (https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68437-inactive-requests/#comments) Which does a pretty good job of encompassing everything I mentioned above. A simple problem, requiring only a simple solution, that you created an overly elaborate solution for and vehemently defended with an ever-shifting argument that was difficult to follow, resulting in my predictably frustrated backlash. And to drive home my point I will also mention that we implemented the simple solution presented and as far as I'm aware there has never been an issue with it, so I'd like to re-emphasize the point that simple solutions are more than enough sometimes! Despite all that, you and I actually share a lot of similar values. Both willing to do what it takes to support the community, even at our own personal expense sometimes. Both earnest in looking for ways to improve the Clan and help the people in it. Both unafraid to question or oppose views. Both similarly aggrieved by the lack of activity General topics often receive. And I actually really like the fact that you volunteered to post for an eval and are trying to shoot for higher position of your own volition. Ambition is important, we should always strive to reach greater heights. For most of the month I was actually pretty certain I was going to vote against you, but after reviewing your performance in the Clan I think your merits are actually starting to win me over despite some lingering concerns I have about your judgement at times. I think your spirit and work ethic are actually something the Clan is going to need a lot of in the era we are moving into. I will vote to support your promotion to 4-Star General, something you can consider to be an achievement all on its own, whether you win or lose the eval, as mine would have been one of your harder votes to win.
  10. This And this Is what I wanted you to say. Don't try to justify your mistakes or play them off with statements about how they led to good or necessary things. Just take responsibility for your actions. I don't care that it happened because you forgot about the meeting, and I don't care if you think the topic you brought up was super important that needed to be discussed. I care about whether you understand and acknowledge your mistakes, and have learned from them. Just show me that next time. Volunteering for evaluations is fun, isn't it? So let's move past that and focus on you overall. As always you remain a passionate person who feels very strongly about certain matters. This is a good thing, being passionate is important. But you need to learn to look at situations objectively as well. You can't resolve a situation you don't understand. It isn't enough to just tell people something is wrong and hope something is done. Analyze the problem, find out what things may have caused it, what sustains the problem. Derive both the risks and the possible solutions based on that information, not from your passion itself. Don't bring up any problem until you have a solution in mind for it that can be pursued, or at least a first step to serve as a starting point. Maybe the solution you present won't be the one we go with, but it will still serve as establishing a direction and a course of action that can be built upon. Your strategy up to this point has been to come across something you don't like, express your distress over it, and wait for something to happen. That's fine for people who want to depend on leaders to figure out the solutions. That's not enough for you. Own a problem, lead the way through it, pave the way to the resolution like the captain of a ship. Even more so if it is something you are personally passionate about. Aside from that your activity is something worth considering as well, and I'm glad some people mentioned it. You aren't at a point where I'd say you aren't meeting minimum expectations, but your activity *has* been on a steady decline for a long time now, which means Sunset's question of determining what that crossing point into outliving the role is one that should be taken seriously. If you can keep yourself above it, then great. But you are not very far above it as you are now, half the topics that come up in the General's board you struggle to find enough time to write a proper response to, and with some of them you have even failed that struggle. You need to start considering whether this pattern of increased inactivity is going to continue as your life continues to lead you in other directions, or whether you can find a way to bounce back from it. At this point I will vote for you to keep your rank, you can still serve as a capable Commander in most respects. If you show up intoxicated to a meeting again though, my vote on your next eval may be different.
  11. The question of whether the discussion taking place is significant doesn't really make up for inebriation during it. Rather the opposite actually, the state of our mind becomes an even more important consideration the greater an impact that a discussion can have on the Clan, wouldn't you agree? You often drink during evenings, which is fine in and of itself, but you've long-since recognized the risk of making decisions while intoxicated and there have been many occasions where you've refused to perform console-related actions or admin-related changes during evenings where you know you've drank too much to handle such decisions effectively. In the last General's meeting you tacked on an extra 30 minutes or more to the meeting that, despite the significance of the topic being discussed, largely didn't amount to anything because the majority of it was nothing more than us sitting there listening to you pour out your personal emotional despondency over the state of the Clan rather than actually discussing anything productive about it. So the question I have to ask is why? If you already know that you shouldn't make admin-related decisions while inebriated, have actively refused to make admin-related decisions while inebriated before because of the risks, then why did you choose to attend a Generals meeting (An eval nomination meeting no less) and bring up a topic of discussion (whose importance is so great you can't seem to emphasize it enough to us), knowing that you weren't in an appropriate state of mind to make proper judgements? Do you consider it better to attend a meeting inebriated than to miss a meeting?
  12. If you listen to the logs of the last General's Meeting we had it becomes rather obvious that you weren't in a clear state of mind, even admitting at one point that you'd had a few drinks. When listening to the recording of the conversation now, and reflecting upon it afterward, what is your personal evaluation of your own performance during that meeting?
  13. Some of those answers are a little on the vague side, but it is about what I was expecting just the same. There are things about you that I wish were more pro-active, particularly when it comes to communication, all of which I've outlined in previous evals, but none of which really merit a change in rank particularly as you do step up to the plate during times when your involvement is most needed. At this point I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I'll have to love you just the way you are. So keep your Commander rank and we'll talk about it again next year.
  14. How many days are you planning to wait before you start answering some questions? Generals need to cast their votes within two days, and I've never really had to think about how to consider voting on someone who ignored their own eval before. I'd rather not have to consider it either.
  15. You've made a habit of volunteering to post an eval annually to hear people's feedback on your performance. What has changed in your performance since your last eval based on that feedback? Since the eval before that? What examples can you give where you have made an effort to change your habits because of what was said in a past eval? And if you have chosen not to change anything then why did you feel the change was unnecessary? Nonsense! You recruited the best OD member ever!
  16. Whether you pass or fail your evaluation your lack of participation in previous Admin discussions is still a missed opportunity to demonstrate what you *could* have brought to the table. I don't need to represent anyone or anything in order to recognize that. And it was your own choice, not ours, to refrain from providing your input. And the reason you are giving me for that is that there was no point in adding your input because someone else had already made the points you would have made, and you didn't see the need to beat a dead horse. It is a reason I hear quite often from people who are similarly criticized for their lack of involvement, but it is a completely flawed belief. Multiple people reaching the same conclusion is never a wasted effort, neither is it beating a dead horse. It is a reaffirmation that the conclusion or idea that the first person came to is considered sound by more than one person, and that definitely has value. If Aerineth presents an idea then the people who trust his judgement and his logic might agree with the idea, but others might still have reservations. If Snickers then chimes in and agrees with the idea, then the people who trust the judgement of Aerineth AND the people who trust the judgement of Snickers might now feel better about the idea because both of them feel it is the best course of action. Furthermore the vast majority of decisions made in the Clan are based on a consensus vote, which should be a relatively simple process except for the fact that when people don't provide their input then it's difficult to establish what the clear consensus is. You've been in the Clan for years, you know very well at this point that decisions are made in this way, which in itself makes the need for adding your input, even if its just to agree with someone else, obviously apparent. But let's look at this really optimistically. Let's assume that your reason for not adding any input is because in every single one of those topics I listed, and every single topic besides them that you didn't participate in, was because someone else already spoke all of your thoughts and views already and you had nothing else to add. Even if that is actually the case, I would still vote to remove you from General rank. We run this Clan as a team effort, and our strength in being a group is that each of us provides input based on our differing perspectives. If you can't provide any thoughts or views of your own, and instead can only reciprocate the thoughts and views of others, then you aren't capable of contributing anything. You add nothing to the team. And I don't actually believe that. I think you are more than capable of adding something unique to each conversation if you chose to, your very responses in this evaluation are proof enough of that. And this whole "someone else already said what I wanted to say" is just a way of trying to excuse your lack of involvement. I'll leave this as my last post in the eval, I won't press the matter further. But I'll leave you with the last question, after reading the input in your eval so far and considering what has been said, do you still believe you are a victim of circumstance, or would you agree at this point that you should have done better?
  17. The protocol is that we are limited to 2 question posts, 1 statement post. That doesn't mean we are required to post questions, or even necessarily start with questions. I made my statement post from the beginning because I wasn't intending to ask any questions. But I am curious about some of your answers to my post, so I think I will ask a few questions after all. That still wouldn't be great, but it actually would be better than saying nothing at all because at least it would show us, or at least make it seem like, you were paying attention and keeping up to date which is marginally better than it seeming like you weren't around at all. But if you don't have any value to add to such a vast majority of topics on the General's board then that still kind of puts into question what the value of having you as a General is, doesn't it? Here's a list of General Board topics that you absolutely should have added some input on, and had plenty of time to do so, but didn't. https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/67892-resolvedxonod/ https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68014-days-since-login-dsl/ https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68256-the-plan/ https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68425-generals-meeting-32419-8pm-central/ https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68577-neg-voting-for-voting/ https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68179-2-questions-1-statement/#comments https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68578-rank-promotion-points/#comments https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/69291-removing-automatic-demotions-upon-reinstatements/#comments https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/69333-general’s-meeting-1062019-at-8pm-cst/ As you can see there are quite a few of them. And yet I still only selected the *most* significant topics of discussion, which make up a relatively small amount of the overall topics on the General's board. So if you want to try and defend your position then the question you have to answer is: why did you not weigh in on any of these topics? The console is the console. Listening and offering advice is consoling people, not being a "console". But sure, we'll chalk that up to a miscommunication then. It may be true that your Division is small and the circle of people you associate with isn't vast, however even if that top line from the "Things you've done" is changed, console-related activities still comprise two of the five points on that list, they make up a pretty sizable margin of the things you've listed as your contributions to the Clan since your last eval. So if they are such a large part of what you offer the Clan as a General then the number of times you've done them becomes an important factor. And sure, associating with people and helping them out is great, and definitely a good quality for a General. But the two questions I would ask are first, is it enough to justify General rank by itself? And second, if you are going to claim that these behind-the-scenes talks are the real value you bring to the General ranks then why are they barely a footnote in your evaluation post? Ironically, if you debated points in General and Admin discussions with the degree of effort and professionalism that you just put into arguing your point against me here, that would have been exceptional. I'm impressed by the attempt, and it goes to show that you DO have the potential for it. And yeah, it does make for a missed opportunity, but we're not the ones who missed it.
  18. Snickers, I feel there is a level of accountability that needs to be held here that is going to make my post somewhat sour, and for that I apologize ahead of time. A large part of your evaluation is just an outline of your current real world commitments, but knowing what University you attend, and what courses you are taking, aren't really relevant to being a General unless you had a plan on how you were going to apply those particular skill-sets to benefit the Clan. And as of so far you haven't shown any inclination of doing that. It certainly shows you to be a very busy person, but the question of whether you'd be capable of juggling your real world commitments and the needs of the Clan was something that was brought up in your previous eval, and during that eval you assured us that you'd be able to do so. In fact your involvement with the Clan and Administration was particularly emphasized in your last evaluation as one of the main concerns, and was cited by you as being one of your goals going forward in the Clan. You mentioned it twice in your future goals, actually. Since that evaluation, however, you've participated in only a fraction of the topics brought up in the General's Board, some of the ones you missed being pretty significant, and your absence during Admin and General meetings has been fairly noticeable, which is what has prompted us to request this evaluation. You've performed a total of 5 console actions (aside from some promotion voting) since becoming a General over a year ago, making the whole "acted as a console for the members when needed" part of the things you've done valid in a pretty loose sense of the word. There are other things that could be mentioned that stand out as a concern, but to be honest nitpicking your performance further wouldn't serve much purpose. To put the situation plainly, you were elevated to General rank last year because people wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt that you'd be able to balance your life commitments and your Clan involvement, and I've no doubt you were earnest in giving it a try. But the reality is you aren't able to. Your life commitments take up too much of your time and you are not able to commit yourself to the Clan well enough to reach your goals or to properly support what is needed of a General rank. This has left you with nothing to show for this eval other than offering us the same assurances and promises that you made last time. And that isn't enough for me. Strictly speaking it wasn't even enough for me the first time, but I respect that people wanted to believe and give you that chance. And you had that chance, and now here we are. At this point I can't imagine how we could possibly justify giving you another chance, how can you expect us to accept the same proclamations and assurances for a second year when they didn't pan out for the first one? This isn't to say that you won't eventually be able to find the time, or figure out the best way to apply your skills to help the Clan, and gradually fulfill those future goals that you are aiming for. In which case there would be good reason to give you the rank back. But at this point we should not be letting you retain the rank on the baseless belief that you'll try to be involved this time. From now on you should demonstrate the involvement first, and then receive the position it warrants. As such I vote to drop you from General ranks for this eval.
  19. It would be hard to say, the transition for most people would have been in the middle of the night or very early hours in the morning. Presumably before most of their clan activity would have taken place, and they would need to have just happened to decide to send in nominations on that same day. But it did happen to me after all, so it is certainly a possibility that it could have happened to others.
  20. The nominations I sent in were apparently erased by the website when we transitioned to the new server. So that happened, sorry about that.
  21. Terra


    This is the first Introduction topic R.agnarok has posted on in five and a half years. Welcome to the Clan, you are now the chosen one. Great things are expected.
  22. We'll see. Maybe for OD's birthday in December.
  23. Boring amount of attention given to this Eval. Clearly you need to become a General that stirs up drama and controversy so that your evals will be more entertaining.
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