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  1. It's good to see you are back with us again.
  2. Terra

    R I p my baby :(

    I'm sorry for your loss as well. No parent should ever have to witness the passing of their own child, and yet tragedy does happen regardless of our wants. She will live on in your hearts and survive by her children, and though we did not know her ourselves both she and you will be in our thoughts.
  3. It is admirable that you are willing to stand strong for what you believe is necessary, and although I'm just an observer you've convinced me of the validity of your points. The reputation of our Clan is undeniably very important, and if there are opportunities to make it better then they are definitely worth pursuing. However, one of the only things more important than our reputation is the safety and security of our members. The primary argument against the change is that it opens up the opportunity of thievery and impersonation, and considering that the D2 Division's history is positively checkered with incidents involving both of these, as Dabomb alluded to, they are pretty reasonable concerns to have. Feeling strongly about change is good, but just wanting a change isn't enough on its own. The key is in figuring out how to make the change in a way that works. After all, there is little point in resolving one problem if you just create another in turn. The "how" is important, and this is where you are struggling a bit. As of so far your answer to the problem of thievery and impersonation is "That'll only happen if you're dumb, it'll never happen to me because I 100% trust the people I let on my accounts". I think it's safe to say there are a few flaws with that approach, which Aerineth has been trying to point out to you (and I think is very much in context) but you've instead interpreted his actions as just being a stubborn nay-sayer. If your plan for dealing with the bad things is to bank on them never happening, then I don't think reality is going to treat you very nicely. Trusting someone implicitly doesn't mean you aren't going to be betrayed, rather it is the one requirement to being betrayed. If we allow our members to open up their accounts to others then sooner or later someone they trust is going to abuse it. Not because we are dumb, but because we are a community of good people and it is in our nature to believe the best in people, and try to connect with others. Most of the time that works out well. Once every so often it does not. And sometimes people can seem great all the way up to a point where something sets them off, and it turns out they weren't the person you thought they were. You only have to look at what happened with Ray to see an example of that. So you have to assume that something will go wrong eventually, and therefore any change that takes place needs to take that into account. This is where you need to be a bit flexible, you can maintain your end goal but you need to be willing to change your approach to reach it. Fortunately this topic has sparked a lot of ideas, and a lot of different ways to progress towards what you want while, if not entirely eliminating, then at least minimizing the risk of abuse. So although you could continue flipping off Aerineth, if change really is your goal then I think you should consider his realistic concerns and focus on the ideas being presented to see if you can build upon them, and find a solution that achieves what you want while also safeguarding our members and the community at the same time.
  4. The things we do for our treasured visitors that stop by once every couple years.
  5. All right. Time for the evaluation part of evaluations. MooMoo I don't have much in the way of personal experiences with you in which to draw from but I have heard about you on occasion from others, and you are generally spoken of pretty highly. Your evaluation here has been pretty insightful in illustrating the kind of person you are and the kind of leader you would be. You've made it a point to emphasize in your evaluation that you're here for the lower-ranked members, you'll be a General that stands up for the little guys. If the example you gave to me earlier in this topic is any indication then that's probably true. I actually like what you did with the neg votes on Ghostdog's promotion. You saw something you felt wasn't right and took steps to change it. That takes integrity, and it resonates a bit with me as I've often been pretty persistent about changing things I felt weren't right either in the past. It can be a powerful quality for making a difference, as long as you are smart and careful about how you apply it. You seem to have a pretty clear goal in mind as well in terms of how you plan to help out going forward, and I am reassured to know that D3 will be receiving the attention of someone with your dedication. There are some things I think you could still improve on, which have also been mentioned in this eval. Compfreak pointed out that your participation in forum topics is a bit on the light side. Forum activity doesn't make a General but it does make up a big part of what a General does. Reading what is written is always an important part, but we don't create solutions, changes, or develop a process just by reading what other people write. You said that you will post when you need to, but if your goal is to make the Clan better then you aren't going to achieve it by just doing things when you need to. You didn't NEED to defend Ghostdog in his promotion but you may have made things better because you did. It is worth considering the same approach on the forum. Although a lot of decisions are finalized in meetings, the forum itself is the primary platform in which change and resolutions are worked out. If you want to be a part of that process then you should try to make the time and effort to be more involved in the discussions that take place on it. You aren't wrong when you say your current level of participation is about on par with what some Generals do already. I'm not going to hold you to a different level of expectation but if I'm going to be honest I'd be more thrilled to have a new General that *was* more pro-active about being involved in forum topics, rather than just more of the same. So I hope you consider it. The other thing is what MelodicRose first pointed out, your aversion to using a microphone. As someone who has never had a good history with voice chat I can certainly relate to wanting to avoid it. In answer to Rose's question about it, you've said that you've still managed to get from A to B just fine without it, but at this point I'm sure you can see from reading your evaluation that it may have been having a bigger effect than you first thought. At least a couple people have voiced it as a possible inconvenience, and at least a couple Generals thereafter have voiced it as a future concern. But let me put another perspective on it. Using a mic isn't just about the convenience for others, it's about establishing a presence. People who type can be heard (seen?) and understood well enough, but intuitively they are relegated to the background. If you want people to take your authority as a General seriously, then you can't be seen as the person in the background. And that doesn't mean speaking up only when there is a problem, establishing a presence means you need to be a voice and a personality that people are familiar with and have learned to respect as a representation of the community. Typing your messages in-game or in a channel while everyone else is talking over you doesn't convey that anywhere close to as well as being an active voice in a conversation. You might think it does, but it doesn't. It's possible you might be able to fulfill your responsibilities as a General despite not regularly using voice chat, but you won't be nearly as successful as a General and you definitely won't be considered for higher General ranks unless you have that established presence as a pillar and an authority. So I'd definitely recommend stepping outside your comfort zone and getting in the habit of talking through voice chat all the time. To wrap this up, most of your drawbacks are personal quarks, which although they have the potential of creating problems or complications in the wrong circumstances, as of so far they haven't yet. When compared to your very solid good points and your plans, your positive aspects shine through quite a bit more, and what I have learned of you up to this point leads me to believe that you'll consider the concerns expressed to you in your evaluation seriously and make a genuine effort in improving yourself. So I will support your promotion to General rank.
  6. There is nothing wrong with asking him why he changed his mind. I'm not criticizing him, but I am a bit confused, as I'm sure a few people are. We are getting some mixed signals, and I'm hoping he can clear up the misunderstanding. That's not only fair under the current circumstances but it is precisely the role of a leading figure in OD to take steps towards bringing clarity to discorded situations. I'm not sure how your opinion of me came to be so low that you assume every question and statement I pose is with the intent to create drama, but you've made this conclusion a few times now and it's a little inconvenient. There are many examples of my methods and general approach to situations throughout the forum during the past several years, none of which depict an intent for drama, so I'd appreciate it if you refrained from characterizing me in such a fashion again.
  7. Wait. So you posted a topic called your eval, declared it your 4th eval, are taking questions like it was an eval and enforcing eval rules in it but this... isn't.. an eval..? It was my understanding that you had expressed an interest in advancing to the General ranks again, I believe we had some people ask you before nominations took place and they said you were keen on it. Why the sudden change of heart?
  8. I might be a little late for gaming tonight. Probably about an hour or so later than usual. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. For the sake of clarity let's assume none of us are familiar with this legendary Ghostdog saga. Explain this situation in detail, what was happening exactly and what did you feel needed to be done to make things right?
  10. I read over your list of things you've done and I see one of the things you've mentioned is "Defending members when deemed necessary". That's a rather interesting thing to add, and an interesting way of phrasing it too. Why don't you tell us more about some of the situations in which you've had to defend a member, and what "deemed necessary" means exactly in situations like these?
  11. Music may be culturally different for each region, but watching men get beat by women is universally funny across all cultures. 😉
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  13. I have pinned this topic after adding an explanation/disclaimer to my first post, so that members can continue to use it anytime they want to ask about something in the future.
  14. I think Photobucket has repossessed your forum signature. I guess they've decided their ad stamps are more pretty.

    1. Triny(OD)


      I saw that, Sammy is making me a new one 🙂 that actually has my OD name on it, and not just one of my jsp sigs 😮 

  15. Hey Rob, I was out of town for a while so I didn't catch your introduction until just now. It's good to have you back, it is always reassuring to have familiar faces back in the community. I hope you find a game you like and hang around.
  16. I'll be unavailable for contact during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, aside from checking the forum very intermittently.

    1. Purplez(OD)


      Have fun and drink a Margarita for me!

  17. We get nostalgic visitors from time to time. Enough of them that if OD ever did kick the bucket we could make it into a museum instead.
  18. Terra

    Space Engine

    This came out pretty recently on Steam. For people who are a fan of space and astronomy it's pretty revolutionary.
  19. Love me a little gore.
  20. Read your PM's on the forum here please.

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      Have done 

  21. Yeah, lording my success over others always makes me feel better too.
  22. One of these days, Purplez, I'm going to sit down with you and we're going to have a talk about the virtues of having a little evil inside.
  23. Make sure he pays the tariff for exporting Presidents.
  24. Ghostdog I find myself needing to say at this point that I'm getting a little aggravated with this habit of yours of crying "conspiracy theory" every time something you don't like happens. Perhaps its time you considered the possibility that maybe the world isn't actually banding together to sabotage you, and that you might just be going about things the wrong way. Don't make any more scenes in this topic. If you have an issue with something then bring it up privately with someone in authority.
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