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  1. There is nothing wrong with asking him why he changed his mind. I'm not criticizing him, but I am a bit confused, as I'm sure a few people are. We are getting some mixed signals, and I'm hoping he can clear up the misunderstanding. That's not only fair under the current circumstances but it is precisely the role of a leading figure in OD to take steps towards bringing clarity to discorded situations. I'm not sure how your opinion of me came to be so low that you assume every question and statement I pose is with the intent to create drama, but you've made this conclusion a few times now and it's a little inconvenient. There are many examples of my methods and general approach to situations throughout the forum during the past several years, none of which depict an intent for drama, so I'd appreciate it if you refrained from characterizing me in such a fashion again.
  2. Wait. So you posted a topic called your eval, declared it your 4th eval, are taking questions like it was an eval and enforcing eval rules in it but this... isn't.. an eval..? It was my understanding that you had expressed an interest in advancing to the General ranks again, I believe we had some people ask you before nominations took place and they said you were keen on it. Why the sudden change of heart?
  3. I might be a little late for gaming tonight. Probably about an hour or so later than usual. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. For the sake of clarity let's assume none of us are familiar with this legendary Ghostdog saga. Explain this situation in detail, what was happening exactly and what did you feel needed to be done to make things right?
  5. I read over your list of things you've done and I see one of the things you've mentioned is "Defending members when deemed necessary". That's a rather interesting thing to add, and an interesting way of phrasing it too. Why don't you tell us more about some of the situations in which you've had to defend a member, and what "deemed necessary" means exactly in situations like these?
  6. Music may be culturally different for each region, but watching men get beat by women is universally funny across all cultures. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. Sure. Could be a game. Not sure how closely you want it to match the realism though. Going up the ranks could get a bit grindy, the DLC takes several years to get released, most of the end-game content involves completing the same repetitive quests for Clan members (not even very thought-out quests really, just lame 2-minute filler quests), team battles happen only once a month and no one ever knows how to play their class, the factions are obviously unbalanced with most players all playing in a single faction, and there's no good way for guilds to recruit new players. Not pay2win tho so... still pretty good game.
  8. I have pinned this topic after adding an explanation/disclaimer to my first post, so that members can continue to use it anytime they want to ask about something in the future.
  9. I think Photobucket has repossessed your forum signature. I guess they've decided their ad stamps are more pretty.

    1. Triny(OD)


      I saw that, Sammy is making me a new one ๐Ÿ™‚ย that actually has my OD name on it, and not just one of my jsp sigs ๐Ÿ˜ฎย 

  10. Hey Rob, I was out of town for a while so I didn't catch your introduction until just now. It's good to have you back, it is always reassuring to have familiar faces back in the community. I hope you find a game you like and hang around.
  11. I'll be unavailable for contact during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, aside from checking the forum very intermittently.

    1. Purplez(OD)


      Have fun and drink a Margarita for me!

  12. We get nostalgic visitors from time to time. Enough of them that if OD ever did kick the bucket we could make it into a museum instead.
  13. Terra

    Space Engine

    This came out pretty recently on Steam. For people who are a fan of space and astronomy it's pretty revolutionary.
  14. Love me a little gore.
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