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  2. Well when it comes to communication I won't deny that there is always room for improvement. I don't think anyone was intentionally trying to bulldoze over you with the social media ventures, and I certainly made an effort to make it clear that your input in any decision-making part of it was of prime importance, so I'm sorry to hear that you felt like you were being pushed into things a bit but I hope at the very least that you are pleased with the direction Social Media in the Clan is taking now. Communication can be a tricky thing, I know it is the number one challenge my company often faces when it comes to designing updates and making changes to the game we're developing. It is easy for people wrapped up in the momentum of an idea or a problem to forget to mention it to those who weren't there at the time, and it is easy for those who weren't there at the time to miss something that happened. And I know I've mentioned it before, but it's also easy for people to assume that something which is obvious to them must be obvious to everyone, high ranks and low ranks alike. But the reality is that's rarely the case. I try to make an effort to improve communication when I see opportunities to do so. After all, that is what led to the creation of this topic. The best thing I can recommend to you is that if you feel there is something that someone should know about, or should have known about, then simply fill them in. However you feel about the fact that they didn't know, the moment you do let them know then that particular problem of communication is fixed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for your communication difficulties with Generals, again it is difficult to judge what is appropriate and what isn't without knowing any of the circumstances, and I don't really want to air a dramatic problem openly in this topic so dealing with it in private would be preferred. But at the very least perhaps I can provide a broad response aimed at situations overall. Ideally we would prefer if all members felt comfortable talking to any General, and all Generals would help any member, that would make for a perfect world. But things don't really end up that way, sometimes there are understandable reasons for why some members aren't comfortable talking to a General, and though they are often held to a more mature expectation, there ARE legitimate reasons sometimes for why a General may not want to interact with a particular member. Generals are not employees, they are hard-working volunteers doing their best to better the Clan, and if they feel a member is disrespecting them, harassing them, or if they believe interacting with a particular member will lead to problems or re-open old wounds then they may choose not to interact with that member, preferring to let another General help them instead. Once again I will reiterate that I do not know the circumstances of your conversation with the General you are frustrated with, or what their exact reasons are. I'm only saying that there are situations in which this can happen. Similarly I do not know if the other Generals you have spoken to had reasons for not acting the way you wished, or if they made mistakes. I can't tell you there won't be times where a General doesn't want to get involved, and I can't tell you that the Generals who do get involved won't occasionally make an error. What I CAN tell you about this particular situation is that I haven't had a chance to look into it myself yet, which means you also still have options you can try.
  3. Hey. I gave a reply to your post right after you made it. Is there something you feel was still unanswered?
  4. Sounds like that basically covers the first step of restoring activity, if it seems like anything is lacking after the reset then we can look into taking extra steps as needed, but at the moment I don't think there is any cause for concern.
  5. I can understandably imagine how having less gaming activity right now would make some of our active gamers feel a bit antsy, but that's part of a regular cycle. Good games make for long-lasting Divisions, and we've had a few pretty good ones the years before, but as those games and Divisions run their course they eventually wind down and gaming activity drops until fresh new games that excite people are released that in turn inspire new Divisions. We're in a between state at the moment where there hasn't really been any new games that have served as good foundations for strong Divisions, or at least not any that has interested people enough to try and make a Division out of it yet. But another will inevitably come, they always do, and once it does gaming activity will be on the rise again. In the meantime we'll do what we can to promote activity and prosperity in the Divisions we have, as best as we are able. We won't ignore the state of things, and we'll always do our best to improve and support Clan prosperity, but a drop in gaming activity isn't a herald for the end-times. It is a natural cycle of the Clan, one that it has gone through many times before and will go through again in many times to come.
  6. Has it? I play games almost every night. People are playing Apex Legends plenty, Badboi among them once and a while. Some people still play BDO, D3 is not only active but they hold events, plenty of people are playing PoE as you mentioned. Activity in the D2 Division has waned a bit the last while, which for anyone who was used to the vibrant activity it had before I can understand how that would seem like the Clan overall is in a rut, but that's not really the case and it certainly isn't an indication that community isn't being taken seriously. In terms of the highs and lows of OD throughout history we're still distinctly above average.
  7. Obviously the gaming time can vary quite a bit for each General and Commander, but even the most ardent Administrator among us is still pretty passionate about gaming. Each of us will have to speak for ourselves, but for my part my most common gaming times are between 5pm - 11pm Pacific time. But I've also been known to come on to game in early afternoons if someone asks me to, and I've been known to stay up as late as 4 or 5 in the morning if a game has done a particularly good job of enrapturing my attention. =P Well actually it took a couple people mentioning some concerning misgivings about leadership, it just so happens those misgivings came out during resignations, which is a bit unfortunate. Hopefully this topic can help clear up some of the disconnect between truth and fiction. Well there isn't a solution that can be summed up very simply for an issue like that. I can tell you that I've recently had a talk with @PoPs(OD) about the state of things in the D2 Division and he's told me that he'll be coming back to full activity soon and he'll be able to give the D2 Division the attention that it needs. I'm sure he'll be able to elaborate more on it. Based on what the D2 Division Leaders have planned we'll see if we can get some flow of activity coming in again. Why do you feel the community area isn't being taken seriously? Yes. We are collecting information to determine whether there is a need to make changes to promotion requirements, and we are reviewing some ideas on eval changes. There isn't any definitive details to share yet, though, as its still being discussed. Well a lot of Generals leave their accounts on TS specifically so that they can still be reached in the event something important happens. I can definitely confirm this is the case for me, and people actually use it pretty frequently to send me messages even when I'm in the AFK channel. If I don't respond right away, then I usually respond as soon as I get back. And I know other Generals use it for this reason as well. Even if some of the Generals who are afk aren't able to respond right away, having our accounts on TS at least gives people an option to try and contact each of us if we are needed, and still serves as a convenient way to leave us a message that we can read later. Well Sunset had an ambitious plan for that in mind, but it is currently on hold until he gets back from Alaska. Aside from that we are definitely making a strong push in our Social Media department right now to give OD more visibility in streaming and Social Media platforms, which would certainly put us on the map more. We are open to challenges and opposing ideas, but the important thing people have to keep in mind is that just because you feel very strongly that something should be different, feeling alone isn't enough to justify change. When any idea or change is presented that idea is weighed carefully based on three factors. A need, the cost, and the risks. Need is a measurement of how much benefit the idea would provide for OD. Cost is the time, effort, and expenses needed to implement it. And risk is about the kind of alternative effects the change could create in the Clan and if there are any potential problems they could create. Fundamentally this comes down to comparing the need vs the cost and the risks, where a greater need justifies more cost and risk. However not everyone always feels the same way about the needs and the risks, and if there happens to be a particularly distinct divide then it usually just comes down to a vote. If someone wants to present a different idea, change, or challenge an idea that has been proposed, then they need to provide evidence and solid reasoning to support the Need while being clear and informative about the cost and risks, and why they would be worth it. The reality is people aren't always very good at that, or even attempt to do it at all. A lot of people present their ideas or their position based simply on the fact that they don't like something, without really providing a basis for why it was bad, and when their view isn't taken seriously they can't help but feel like the opposition just didn't want to listen to them. It is worth noting, also, that the people we select as Generals and high-level Officers are typically people who have specifically demonstrated that they can present their thoughts and ideas in the clear and methodical manner I described, which is why it seems like leaders tend to hold more sway. So yes, we're open to challenges and opposing ideas, but they have to be presented clearly and logically, not based just on feelings or personal views. ------------------------------------------------------------------- I mentioned this to Ghostdog before, but there isn't a time limit so there's no need to make a long list of questions all at once. Let's try to keep questions to three or four at a time, and it will make the conversation much easier to follow.
  8. I said it was an awful thing to imagine, I didn't say you were awful. It was not an attack on you personally. No, that statement doesn't. Being free from harassment is not the same as being free from consequence. Officers and Generals are still held accountable for the things they say and do, even in private boards. Ghostdog I can't help but feel you are misusing this topic. The purpose of this topic was to allow members to ask leadership questions so that they had an opportunity to become informed about our reasons, activities, or the systems we use in the Clan and why we use them. It is to help bring us all closer to a mutual understanding, so that we can all be on the same page and no one has the wrong idea. But you aren't using this topic to become informed and promote understanding, you don't actually seem to have any interest in our answers at all which, if I'm going to be honest, makes me feel a bit silly for spending so much time taking your questions seriously and trying to answer them earnestly. You have decided that the Clan is a certain way. You've decided that our private boards are used for talking behind people's back. You've decided that leadership acts in a tyrannical fashion. You've decided that the Clan would be better off the way you think it should be. And thus far you are unwilling to consider anything that doesn't support what you've already decided to be true. Rather than use this topic to try and reach a mutual understanding with people, you've tried to use it to impose your personal beliefs onto the rest of the community, and then called it foolish when it didn't work. You have wrote paragraphs and paragraphs about how wrong you think it is that a person can't defend themselves before their accuser. Everything you talk about is centered around giving a person the opportunity to protect themselves from false claims and accusations, and how all the private boards, behind-the-scenes talk, or agendas of leadership are all just a way for people to avoid accountability and get away with saying whatever they want about others. But that is exactly what you are doing. You are saying whatever you want about us, and have no interest in hearing our reasons, explanations, or considering anything we have to say in our own defense. You have unequivocally decided we are guilty as sin of all these things you've said and won't even give us a fair opportunity to prove otherwise. You, yourself, have become the greatest perpetrator of the crime you so zealously condemn others of.
  9. Tyranny by its very definition is an oppressive regime. An oppressive regime doesn't make topics encouraging people to share their questions and concerns, and offering to explain their actions and reasons. Ray being denied Generalship had nothing to do with his popularity, but for certain troubling habits he had that I feel have become exceedingly self-apparent since he failed that eval. The function of Phase 1 evaluations is specifically to ensure a person doesn't earn General ranks from popularity alone. It is the point in which a person is judged by their merits and their ability to handle positions of responsibility. There are many reasons we have given for the private boards. - In Ray's topic I talked about the way not all people handle information responsibly - Rag mentioned how the majority of people were concerned about events being held against them long after they were fair - Rag talked about the risk of publicly exposing innocent members - I talked about the necessity of Officers and Generals being able to make decisions without worrying about being harassed or persecuted for their reasons These are all very sound, very understandable reasons for why we keep certain boards private. You pressed us to give more and more answers to this question, but in the end you disregarded every answer we gave and have simply decided that the reason is because people want to speak without consequence and harbor malicious thoughts in private. If you aren't going to consider the answers we provided then why ask us to answer at all? Believing that private boards are a place to backstab and talk without consequence is a pretty awful thing to imagine. Why would you think that is true?
  10. I feel like we have provided a variety of reasons for why the boards are private, I can't imagine we could possibly answer that question with any more thoroughness. Even if you are still not convinced that it is better, I hope you can at least feel better knowing that we do have reasons for it, and that we do earnestly believe it is for the best and not something we simply did on a whim. Are there some other questions from your list that you would like to hear an answer for?
  11. If a General doesn't respond about a problem then I would first say to try another General. I know I always make an effort to reply. If you feel a particular General is ignoring you deliberately then fill me in on the details in private and we'll figure it out. It's difficult for me to judge without knowing the particulars of a circumstance, but we have a big roster of very different types of Generals and I'm sure at least a few of us would be happy to help with any particular issues you come across. Good communication goes both ways though. You've often criticized Generals for not paying attention to particular problems rather than simply filling them in, and you have often implied that there are problems you and some people have had with some Generals without being very open about what they are. It is something I've asked you to elaborate on more than once, including quite recently with a genuine interest in improving myself and making things better, but up to this point you've preferred instead to avoid addressing it. Now I'm not saying this to blame you for the bad communication, there is a responsibility on both sides to be open. All I'm saying is that improving communication needs to be a mutual goal, if you want people to communicate with you then you have to be willing to communicate with them in turn. And for my part I can say that if you're willing to do that with me then I am perfectly willing to talk with you about whatever you want and look into anything you would like me to check on your behalf.
  12. It's not just about caving to public opinion. If a person becomes frustrated enough with the way they are being treated or the complaints people throw at them they might give up on resisting a subject even when they still truly believe they were making the right decision. Reality doesn't always conform to the ideals we envision, it is easy for someone on the outside to point and say "If they truly believe in their decision then they will endure anything to stand firm to their beliefs no matter what", and that seems like a great thing to think until someday that same person finds themselves in a position of leadership too and realizes that we all have a limit to how much we can put up with no matter how strongly we believe in something. We all want to make the best decisions for the Clan and the people in it, but none of us want to be condemned to hate and harassment for doing so. And believing that someone's unwillingness to do so means they lack strength and support in their decisions is unfair. You treat everything very severely, Ghostdog. You drop words like tyranny and indictments, but these are not accurate descriptions of our community. There is no tyranny here, just people with different ideas on what is best for the Clan, some of which are in a position to affect those ideas. There are no indictments, people expressing concerns about others is not an infraction of law, it is just the inevitable part of large groups of people trying to co-exist together. Disagreements and misunderstandings happen a lot, unfortunately, but they aren't a sign of corruption or tyranny, just a sign that people are people, and hopefully with proper communication we can clear most of those up. Also, I'm not sure what impression you have of our private boards but they don't have topics of people being accused. 99% of all accusations are handled privately by the leader it was reported to, and only among the members it is relevant to. The only time a persons name appears in a private board for open discussion is when that person has done something significant enough that all administrators need to be aware of it and keeping an eye out for it. The number of times this has happened in the last four years is so small that you could count them on the fingers of your hands. I'm sorry to say that whoever told you our private boards were full of accusations and people talking behind the backs of others was very mistaken. The overwhelming majority of topics in private boards is just about Clan changes and Clan matters. You might actually be disappointed at how boring it really is, considering you seem to have a penchant for the dramatic. =P
  13. I won't say there aren't cases where a person has made false claims or accusations against someone because they are targeting that person specifically for some reason, but there are also people who have made claims and accusations that were perfectly legitimate and were from honest concern, and yet the accused have taken it personally and acted like that person is targeting them specifically when they are not. And in my experience the latter is actually a lot more common, it is difficult for most people to be accused of something and not take it personally. If we start sharing the names of people who reported someone to the accused, the only thing that will end up happening is people will stop reporting things altogether, and then any chance at all of resolving the problems are gone completely. If we want people to come forward about concerns they have involving others then their anonymity must be protected. In this case it falls to the leadership to handle these reports responsibly and determine which claims have merit and which don't, and identify which members have legitimate concerns and which are targeting others. And this is why we select leaders we are confident have enough experience with people and disputes to be able to investigate matters like that properly. I can definitely understand the desire to want to be able to defend yourself in front of your accusers, and the frustration of not being able to. The reality is we all have to deal with that, because the truth is people will rarely go to the person they have an issue with and work it out with them personally. (And sometimes there is a good reason for that too)
  14. I believe it is also important that those who are responsible for making decisions in the Clan have the freedom to discuss those changes, and share their views, without having to worry about the way the rest of the Clan will treat them for it. If there is a particular change that some members feel strongly about, then there is a risk of members pressuring Officers or Generals to make certain decisions, or blame those people for making decisions they didn't like. Even as things are right now, it isn't particularly unusual for individual members to express animosity towards leaders who did things they don't agree with. And I think making private boards transparent, especially the Generals board, could really compound this problem further. Changes to the Clan and our systems need to be weighed carefully, and considered thoroughly. Outside influence would only serve to hamper that process, and leaders who can't make decisions without being persecuted for them will inevitably stop making decisions altogether. Anyone who has written an evaluation will tell you that being judged before the Clan as a whole is often a stressful experience, and it isn't something we should put people through more often than is necessary.
  15. In addition to that, we provide platforms like the forum, teamspeak, discord, channels and custom bots, paid for them out of our own pockets and spend time out of our own schedules to create and maintain them, for the benefit of OD. Not for the benefit of other communities. Other Clans should be taking it upon themselves to put together their own resources and platforms to fulfill their needs, not taking advantage of ours. The things we create for OD are for OD.
  16. A post can be edited by a Moderator or Administrator if the post contains something inappropriate or against the rules. In this case, based on the comment left at the bottom, it looks like he was using his post to try and recruit OD members over to his new Clan, and we don't allow other Clans to use our platforms (forum, teamspeak, etc) to recruit for their communities, so Triny edited that part out. That is the conclusion I'm getting from it, but I'll let @Triny(OD) speak for herself on it. The standard protocol is to give a person the chance to explain and defend their actions before rendering judgement, and in the majority of cases this protocol is followed. However there is an exception if there is reasonable grounds to believe that the person in question poses an existing risk to the community or to people in it, and under those circumstances it is permissible to remove them first in order to safeguard the community. The person that disabled you, Townkill, felt at the time that you were trying to rile people up into creating a big confrontation in the community, and believed this posed a risk to the community. So he disabled you ahead of time. After reviewing his reasons, however, we did not feel there was sufficient grounds to justify that disablement, and your disablement was ultimately overturned. As for the instant disablement of others, it depends on their circumstances too. If you want to ask about the disablement of a specific person then I'll answer it as best I can. You can have everything answered, but it doesn't all have to be at once, does it? =P I'd rather make sure I have answered your first questions thoroughly, and give you the opportunity to follow-up on them to your satisfaction, (or others) rather than trying to answer everything at once. It's easier for other people to follow along this way if they had similar concerns as well and are interested in the answers.
  17. Well I can't say I'm surprised to see you taking advantage of this, Ghostdog. You've always had a keen interest in the workings of the Clan. However we're not really on a time limit so to keep things a bit clearer and easier to read/reply to, rather than posting all your questions at once why don't you pick three you want replies to first and we can get to the others after. This way we can work through them at a comfortable pace. Of the questions you still had, which ones would you like to start with?
  18. Terra


    If you are certain you want to step away then I can respect that, although I'll still hold out a little hope that someone manages to convince you to reconsider. You've certainly been one of our more.. interesting members, and while you occasionally have a tendency to get a little riled up in the heat of the moment, you also added a lot of spirit to the Clan and things will definitely be a bit more dull without you around. If you disappear then I'm definitely gonna miss your ludicrous sense of humor.
  19. So, there's been a bit of an indication lately that some people have had some questions about the Clan, or the activities of people helping to run the Clan, and for a short while some of these questions surfaced a bit in some of the more passionate circumstances lately. Unfortunately the topics they were brought up in were a bit too embroiled in tension that it made productive discussion a little difficult. But I still want people to have that opportunity to ask us things if there is genuinely some stuff they want to know, and I'd rather people didn't feel like they had to wait until their resignation topics before finally asking about them. As the administrators of the community we do actually try to be open about our actions and our reasons, and I want people to feel like they can come to us and ask us anything if there are things they want to know. And I think that kind of open communication is also very important so that things don't lead to awful misunderstandings or misconceptions, which I think has led to some of the recent misgivings that have been expressed. So this topic is your chance to clear the air. Anyone and everyone, doesn't matter your rank. If you want to know what kind of changes have taken place in the Clan the last while, you can ask. If you want to know what kinds of things I've been doing lately, you can ask. I'll answer all questions as best I can, and I've no doubt all of our other Generals will add in the answers they can provide as well for any questions they can relate to. And as long as the questions are asked honestly and with appropriate civility then no one will ever be reprimanded for asking a question, in fact I would applaud anyone who took the initiative to ask and learn about the things they have doubts about. Hopefully this topic can provide that chance, and can continue to be available for people to ask whatever they want, whenever they want.
  20. I can't say I understand what sparked your animosity towards leadership but I'm sorry to see you go just the same. It seemed like you made a strong impact in the community and I'm certain we will be the lesser for your absence. Perhaps someday we'll be able to recapture your interest again.
  21. What do you suppose the odds are that Jon and Daenerys end up killing each other, rulership gets passed to the hand of the Queen, and Tyrion ends up becoming the King of Westeross?
  22. We make an active effort to announce or log any changes we make that affect people on the whole in visible locations, usually with the reasons for those changes explained in detail. In addition all of our Generals are typically very open to answering questions or concerns as they are brought to them. If there is a particular situation you are referring to that you feel people were not informed about then we can talk about it.
  23. As this is an honest question, I will provide an honest answer. The answer is that not everyone handles information effectively or responsibly. A person who is inexperienced with Clan or management may not fully understand the effects of certain changes or choices. In addition to that, there is a tendency for many people to jump to conclusions, to take debates personally, or to misinterpret words or intentions, particularly from those who are unfamiliar with the Clan, certain people, or understanding what is involved in running a gaming community. As our Clan progresses it will always face challenges, problems, and a need for change, and these challenges and changes need to be handled efficiently and productively. The more expansive and complex the problem, the greater the experience, judgement, and level of understanding required to put together an effective resolution. We have private boards for each scale and type of problem pertaining to the Clan. For example the Division Administration board pertains specifically to problems and changes that affect Divisions. The people with access to this board are the type of people who have taken an active role in helping to manage Divisions (or did at some point in the past), such as Division Leaders, Officers, and Generals. It is because these people have some experience and familiarity with what is involved in running a Division that they can better weigh the kind of effects and consequences certain changes might have to Divisions, whereas a member who is not familiar with the process of running a Division might want a particular change, even with the best of intentions, without understanding the adverse effects of those decisions. Similarly the Officer's board deals with changes and problems that affect the Clan overall, and is limited to Officers and up as the process of earning Officer rank ensures that these people have a strong familiarity with the Clan and have been involved in helping out in the Clan to some extent, giving them the experience and knowledge they need to weigh the effects of changes better. The principle is the same for Divisions who use private clubs or boards to manage their Division, they limit access to those they know have a familiarity with their Division and what is involved in running it. All decisions, big and small, need to be made from an informed position, and the people involved in making the decision need to have access to information relevant to that decision so that they can make the most informed decision that they can. As the significance of a decision increases in the impact it would have on the community, the availability of information needs to be greater as well. Generals and Commanders are responsible for making the changes and decisions that are the most significant to the Clan overall, and therefore they have access to view nearly all aspects of the Clan so that they can best understand how their decisions will impact each aspect. Obviously this amounts to a high level of power and responsibility in the Clan, which is why the screening process for selecting who becomes a General is so extensive. The short summary is this: Information and decisions are limited to those who have demonstrated that they have the experience and understanding needed to use and make them effectively. The more significant the information and decisions are to the community, the more extensive the screening process is for being in a position that is involved with them, and the more expansive information is made available to them across the Clan to help ensure those decisions are made from an informed perspective. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean mistakes won't happen. There might very well be capable people in lower ranks, and sometimes even a General will jump to conclusions. For the former, hopefully their skills will be recognized and they will eventually be elevated to a position where their experience can be put to most use. For the latter, hopefully their General peers will catch it and correct it. There is no system that ensures perfection, but the process we have in our Clan ensures that the people involved in specific decisions and the information related to them are those with the experience, judgement, maturity, and teamwork to most likely make the best decisions for the community.
  24. Four and a half years ago, during a discussion on whether sharing logs was considered a legal violation, (yeah, this conversation actually happened at one point) the expectation of privacy for private messages of all kinds was discussed in detail. The conclusion was that private conversations over the internet were regarded the same as phonecall conversations or letters in real life, it was on the basis of the trust between the people involved in the conversation. Once an individual passed on information to another, the recipient was free to decide what they wished to do with that information. Choosing to break confidence with that person would have obvious repercussions towards their relationship with that person but there were no consequences in terms of rule or law. In other words, there's no rule against sharing what you heard in a private conversation any more than there is a rule against sharing a secret that someone told you to keep secret. It's a violation of trust but not a violation of rules. The onus is on the people involved in a private conversation to only share information with people they trust to keep their confidence in good faith if it is information they don't want shared with others. The exception is information from private or hidden boards. Sharing information from private boards outside of people qualified to see it is a violation of rules, even if done through private messages, unless a Commander has given permission to share something specific. This was discussed a very long time ago, so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people had forgotten since then.
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