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  1. People are saying the Jujutsu Kaisen anime is really good, maybe someone who has watched some of it can feature a bit of it in the board here.
  2. I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite topic on the citadel.
  3. Terra

    Clan Changelog

    As of the Admin Meeting of February 26 the new rank expectations and their format have been revealed, and were added to the Guide to Everything by Badboi. As of the General's Meeting of February 26 evaluations can now take place on any month, instead of their seasonal 3-month period, and instead those writing evals will have a 3-month cooldown period before they can write another. (6 months for Commanders) Previous log New log
  4. You have been updated, good sir. Although in the future you can just make a post in this topic for your request: https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/67905-request-a-forum-rank-change/?&page=3#comments We're pretty good at watching it, I promise.
  5. Probably be in the evening between 7pm - 10pm CST. Will know a more exact time on the day of.
  6. Conan Castle project - Created a castle in the north lands of Conan Exiles to serve as an esteemed base for our Conan ventures. Took approximately three and a half weeks to complete with help from a few others. (Special thanks to Aerineth, Remsen, JD, and Altros for help with gathering resources) Structure is a mixed design of arena style, turanian style, and stormglass style. View from the front Elevated view from the front View of the Main Hall View of one of the crafting wings View from atop one
  7. I can see now why they have been shutting things down on the original battle.net, their intent was to migrate their fanbase to the new one all along. Bad news for people who liked botting though, Blizzard made sure the modern battle.net was far better at tracking and catching cheaters and 3rd party programs. I expect the remastered version will be a much more pure gaming environment. Either way, it sounds like the years of D2 prosperity will continue after all.
  8. Somehow, some way, I knew that joke was gonna make its way here.
  9. Terra

    Clan Changelog

    As of the January 24, 2021 General's Meeting a slight alteration has been made to phase 1 voting where in cases of a demotion if half the Generals vote to keep them at rank and half vote to demote then the final verdict is that the candidate gets to keep their rank, whereas before if it was half-and-half then the candidate would have lost their rank. Any scenario in which over half the Generals vote to demote, even if it is just by one, will still apply the demotion. (A similar expectation is set to the 70% requirement to demote Commanders. It needs to be at least 70.1% in favor of demotion)
  10. I have to admit to being highly disappointed with your decision to be highly disappointed with my decision to demote Triny, Purplez. But as you have graciously requested that I elaborate on a few points, I will courteously oblige. I did not vote for Triny's demotion because she has taken IA status, nor was that the "gist" of my post. I voted for Triny's demotion because I can't depend on her, and that was a conclusion I came to based on all the reasons I listed, not just one of them. It is true, however, that the number and length of the IA statuses she has taken was one of those f
  11. Overlord Season 4, good. I do love watching people get squished.
  12. Aerineth is saying he'd like to know what the political solution to people hating politics is. And he'd really like you to tell us because we sure don't fuckin know.
  13. Compfreak, I have a confession to make. I think you may actually be starting to grow on me. Some might call that a greater achievement than reaching 4-Star rank so feel free to edit some of your previous responses as needed. Comedic entry aside, this is actually a new experience for me. It is the first time I have ever had to evaluate someone for the rank of Commander. And you have every right to be proud, it's a big deal if people think you are worthy of the Commander rank, in OD that is the ultimate form of trust. People are willing to entrust the Clan in its entirety to your car
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