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  1. Yes. And if you read Aerineth's post you'd see just how much work he put into making sure he was right. All the people he talked to, all the admins he consulted, and all the information he went to painstaking trouble to collect, before making his decision alongside D2 Division leaders and then even taking time out to recount all of it in a public post so everyone can understand what happened. Rather than being bitter about him making a decision we don't like, maybe we should appreciate the fact that we have someone who will sink so much of his own time and energy into trying to do right by the Clan. I guarantee you'll be grateful for it if there ever comes a day when *you* are wrongfully accused of something. It's a lot of effort to determine someone's innocence. If the rest of us put half that much effort in before deciding someone's guilt, maybe we'd come to understand a little better how easily we can be wrong.
  2. Sounds great. Feelings.cpp #include <iostream> using namespace std; int love = 0; class feelings { public: feelings * happy; return love; } Ready to become less like a robot, just tell me what the code is!
  3. Thank you, Aerineth. And you are very correct, while I have my strengths there are many things that you are able to do far better than I ever will. Our differences make us a capable Commander team, and we are equal in every respect. Except for all the games I kick your ass in.
  4. Terra

    Clan Changelog

    I created an adaptation of my explanation regarding reinstatement to serve as a reference for the Clan, and added a section to the Guide to Everything (Clan Section - Additional Rules - 5.2 Reinstatement) with a link to that topic so that people can look up what the Clan's common practice for reinstatement currently is these days.
  5. The following is an explanation on reinstatement guidelines that I gave during an evaluation, that has been adapted to serve as a generic explanation for the Clan going forward. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are the rules regarding re-enabling someone The answer, actually, is not many. The General's Board has a guideline on what rank to typically reinstate someone at. Enlisted - Return at same rank W.O. 1/2 - Return at Sergeant Major W.O. 3/4/5 - Return at W.O. 1 Officer / Sr. Officer - Return at W.O. 5 Former Generals who rejoin are typically given one demotion automatically upon rejoining plus an additional demotion for every 6 months they were gone. However these guidelines are not meant to be absolute, and in fact the written guide in the General's board specifically states that it is not a rule and is instead intended to be used as a reference for those who aren't certain what rank to reinstate someone at. There is really only one rule practiced for reinstatement: If a member was dishonorably disabled for their actions, then they can't be re-enabled without the consent of the person who originally disabled them. Outside of that, the Clan's official stance on reinstatement is that it is entirely at the discretion of the person who is re-enabling them. Although if the person being reinstated was a high profile individual that left on dramatic terms, then it is *expected* that you will consult with the other admins before re-enabling them even if you were the one who originally disabled them. That isn't an official rule but you'd piss off a lot of people if you didn't do it, so prudence demands it anyway. Now I know what you are probably thinking; WHY is something like reinstatement so unregulated and left up to individual discretion? Seems like the kind of thing you would want rules for right? Well surprisingly you actually don't, and there are two reasons for that. The first, and bigger reason, is because the circumstances in which people are disabled can be very very different. On the surface it doesn't appear to make sense that if two members were disabled at MWO5 rank that one should be let in at WO1 and the other gets to return at MWO5. Doesn't seem very fair. In reality though what isn't fair is treating all disablements like they are the same. An MWO5 who was disabled because they wanted to go join their friend's Clan and only came back a year later when they realized their friend was an idiot isn't the same as an MWO5 who was disabled because they were in a really bad place and they needed to fix some serious life problems, but are able to rejoin 6 months later once things are under control. Disablements aren't like demotions, which are universally handed out for something bad. Disablements can be good or bad, necessary or whimsical. One person could just be bored, while another is going to rehab. Another person could quit because they had a fight with a General, while another might leave because they have to go take care of their parents. The driving point is that the circumstances in which people are disabled are not the same, and therefore they can't be treated the same upon being reinstated. They have to be judged on a case-by-case basis. (Although those reinstating can still be held accountable for bad judgement or blatant favoritism) The second reason isn't as much of an influence as the first, but it does have some influence. And that is the circumstances of the Clan at the time a person is reinstated. An example of this is if a former Commander comes back to the Clan during a time when only one active Commander is available, it may serve the Clan better to reinstate them back at Commander rank again from the start so that the Clan has two active Commanders available dividing the tasks of Commander work between them. This isn't a common practice, but ultimately the needs of the Clan will always come first and this can affect the rank of people reinstated at times.
  6. I can't say it has been too often where you've come up in the conversations I've had with others, but the times that you have people have spoken quite highly of you. I haven't had the opportunity to interact with you much myself, so I'm leaning a lot more on your evaluation here than with the others, which is also why you are the last I'm replying to. Your evaluation itself is pretty stellar, actually. You have a good, informative opening post, you've answered the questions given to you clearly and intelligently, and the examples you have provided of your experiences have been very informative, and really serve to illustrate what kind of leader you are. I don't have any critiques to give out at this time, I'm sure I'll have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses after we've had an opportunity to work together more, and I look forward to doing just that. I'm convinced that you are perfectly capable of handling the General rank, and I will support your promotion.
  7. These snippet remarks being made towards anyone who so much as suggests there are things Sassy or PoPs could be doing better is starting to get pretty old pretty fast here. This is an evaluation, not a twitter feed, if you disagree or don't understand the reasons behind some of the assessments given then come talk to us directly. That way we can better explain our perspective, and in turn if you are aware of some things that we may not have known then you can share it with us, and we can all understand and appreciate where the other is coming from a little better. That would be productive. That would be helpful. What is not helpful is posting rude comments towards others just because you don't like how they evaluated your favorite leader. That is petty and juvenile, and reflects poorly on your Division and the Division Leaders you are trying to advocate. Come talk to us like proper adults.
  8. Well thank you very much. This is quite the delicate topic to drop in an eval, you're really going to push my diplomatic skills to their limits here. I can't say I'm familiar with the guidelines that Tris, SK, and DJ.Ignition worked on back in 2009, but I'm pretty familiar with what has been talked about in the General and Officer boards recently. Here is what I believe; I believe that all Generals and all Officers love OD and want to see the Clan do well. I believe the very fact that they put in the effort to reach the ranks that they are at is proof that they care enough about this community that they have been willing to invest time and effort into it. But I think that as the times, circumstances, and divisions changed the manner in which some Officers used to help the Clan no longer became available, and they were never able to find a new approach that they liked. I believe the Clan as a whole loses out when this happens, because we genuinely depend on our Officers for a lot of things. The supervision of divisions certainly, as has historically always been the case. But it also extended beyond just Division stuff as well when we decided to expand Admin Meetings to include Officers, Clan decisions to include the Officer's board, powers to include voice chat management, and a few other things that didn't exist in OD's earlier years but do exist now. What I want to do is explore further into what options Officers, and perhaps members in general, have available to them when it comes to helping OD, and which of those options they would most enjoy. I think if we were to find something they like then it would benefit the Clan, which can now depend on them for support and be better off for their help, as well as benefit the Officer, who can continue to pursue the same goals and ambitions that originally led them to that rank to begin with. Now, to answer each of your questions in turn. It's not a question of necessity but rather of whether we could be doing better. It isn't necessary to improve the Clan, but I think we should. It isn't necessary to help individual members, but I think we should. As I previously told Scudbarb, the history of OD is a long process of improving and refining our methods, to make things better for OD and for our members in it. Any changes that take place should be weighed carefully, and discussed thoroughly, but are worth considering nonetheless. Apathy in the ranks reached a point where the impact it was having became noticeable. Once it became apparent that it was an area we could, and perhaps should, improve in, it was only natural to explore ideas on how it could be improved. If I were capable of making such determinations myself in a single eval post then we would have no need for a General's Board or the Commanders and Generals who use it. Ideally I would prefer a scenario in which all Officers were happy and retained their ranks, but the conclusion of what is best for the Clan is not an answer I can give on my own. We haven't even decided on any single way to go about it, let alone whether there is a better way. But I am dead set on figuring out the best way to go about it.
  9. Sassy yours is a difficult eval for me to judge, often always have been. If I'm going to be straight with you, you've never really fit my vision of what a 3-Star is. I know you are a hard worker, when a clear goal is set and the direction is apparent you push full forward towards achieving what needs to be done. However I've yet to see a very good example of you being able to determine what it is that needs to be done without the help of others. You are fine when it comes to simple and straightforward matters like whether to yea or nay the banning of someone that seems to be botting, or whether to thumbs-up or thumbs-down a rule change. But when it comes to more complicated matters it generally seems like you wait for others to provide ideas or solutions, even as you are ready to give 110% towards achieving those solutions. I think a lot of the reason behind why I pushed for you to be more involved in administrative affairs is so that I would have a better opportunity to see more of your problem-solving skills, but although you have certainly made some noticeable improvements in adding your input into discussions, for the most part you stick to the theme that I described above. As a result I can't help but be uncertain as to where your problem-solving abilities are at. Being able to read a situation, recognize what needs to be done, and follow through with it, are all part of the problem-solving process, and an important quality for anyone aspiring to be a great leader. Your forte tends to be in the last step, and at this time I think you are very reliant on others for the first two. Typically I don't think anyone should become a Lieutenant General who hasn't demonstrated a solid problem-solving process. That being said, the words of your members carry a lot of weight. You've received high praise from a lot of people, from both inside and out of the D2 Division, some of which I hold the opinions of in high regard. Additionally the effort you put into tackling problems when action is required is exemplary, in past troubles and recent ones, and the importance and effect it has had can't be overstated. Therefore even though it goes against what I envision of a 3-Star General, I am going to vote to support your promotion, as you do seem to meet the criteria of what the community believes a 3-star should be, and I have decided to adhere to their judgement this time.
  10. Badboi my only real concern is how difficult it can be to get you to fill me in on some things. This was exemplified in a recent PM conversation we had where I was asking you to fill me in on your reasons for a decision you had made that didn't make sense to me at the time. You continuously told me that it was necessary, but it took many days and constant prodding from me before you finally told me *why* it was necessary. Fortunately in this particular case it wasn't an urgent matter, but if it had been an urgent problem then the 4 days it took to get that explanation could have been a real issue. It is important for each of us to give clear and informed explanations when it comes to keeping our peers in the loop, which is a necessity if we want to be able to run the Clan adequately as a team. And if our personal availability isn't that high to begin with then it is even *more* important that the first explanation we provide properly paints a clear picture so that our peers aren't stuck waiting two or three days for another answer. That being said I feel pretty confident that you did learn from that PM exchange, and that this is something you are striving to improve on. And being that there aren't any other complaints I have about your performance as a Commander I don't see any reason for your position to change. The Clan is well served having you as a Commander still.
  11. My plan for the OD side of gaming is to watch the existing plans of our other leaders unfold. Right now I could name several of our Generals and a few Officers who have taken the lead on creating, developing, or improving Divisions, and they are all pretty bright and motivated people. Maybe that will sound like a cop-out to some, but I think it's important to give other people the chance to freely run with their ideas and plans without always trying to get involved myself. People don't need or want me sticking my fingers into everything, and I try to respect that, so aside from any problems that compel me to poke my nose in on their affairs I think it is more appropriate for me to observe and appreciate the efforts that the others are currently pouring into OD Gaming. There might be ways I can help or make things easier for them along the way but at the moment it seems like they have things well in hand. The Admin side of things is a different story, I'm still heavily invested in that and, for the most part, my goals remain the same as before and revolve around the modernization of OD. The pandemic has ended up delaying some of the website work I was hoping to see get started, but I'll be problem-solving some way through that. It is also my hope to add some of my own guides to the Academy that is still under construction once I have a good amount of time to commit to it, and I'm hoping that will rekindle some interest in others towards adding a few guides of their own. There's been a lot of big discussions taking place in the Clan lately, from the new images, the new donation rewards, recently publicizing OD's bills, and other things that I feel like deserved my attention to help support those that worked hard on them and ensure that any decision we make concerning the future of the clan is considered carefully. All of these can easily fall under the category of modernizing OD, though the credit for their process goes towards others far more than myself. Still, I wanted to make sure I kept my attention on them before going back to focusing on website and academy stuff. I've allocated the entire year towards achieving the modernization of OD, so there is still a good time frame available for getting things done, and I'm entirely committed to seeing the goal reached by the end of the year. I've no doubt there will be other problems, changes, or alterations that I'll feel compelled to address or act upon along the way, but in terms of plans I'm trying to stay focused on what is needed for the modernization.
  12. It's hard for me to speculate on the reasons behind the reinstatement ranks chosen by other Commanders 4 years ago, they might be able to answer better than I could. What I can tell you is that the guideline for reinstatement ranks that is currently in the General's board was written in 2017, so it would not have been available for reference at the time even if Badboi were to use it. But something I would like to emphasize is that OD has not operated the same way year by year. Things change a lot over the span of years, and while the nostalgic might miss the way things were in the past and lament about how over-complicated things are today, on the whole I personally feel like we've improved and refined our methods a lot over time. It used to be members were promoted by one person, until we changed it to many. Used to be recruits were full members from the start, until we created trial memberships. Used to be Generals were promoted by currying favor, then we created evaluations. We've expanded Admin Meetings, created committees, defined Division Leadership. Each step in OD's history we identified things that could be better and we devised ways to make it so. The guideline for reinstatement was a product of that same desire. Back in 2017 I felt that members were reinstated at widely varying ranks between people and Divisions because there wasn't a common point of reference. I pushed for the creation of that guide to try and minimize that variance, to give all members and all Divisions some form of common ground while still giving them the flexibility to handle cases individually. And I think it made things better since then. I don't know if there were other factors behind your reinstatement back in 2016, or if it was just a result of the less unified methods of reinstating members that was commonplace back then. Either way I can't change what happened back then. But I am confident that the improvements we've made since then will help ensure that a similar reinstatement nowadays would probably be handled differently. And despite your setback in ranks you seem to have done a pretty good job of restoring your respectable position in OD once again. I can't imagine anyone questions your commitment now.
  13. I recall hearing and reading up on the ordeal surrounding Freizya's SC2 Division back in 2014, I remember there was a big misunderstanding over Freizya's proposal of having OD join as part of an organization that connected gaming communities together. A lot of members thought he was proposing a merger of OD with another gaming Clan, but while I was reading it became clear to me that the arrangement he was proposing was not a Clan merger like people kept thinking. The misunderstanding seemed to create a rift between OD and a lot of the SC2 Division members at the time, and if the problem you ran into happened at around that time then I can certainly understand how it would have made for a complicated situation. That situation seemed to come to a climax in the first few months of 2014, with a lot of SC2 Division members leaving in March, including Freizya. I ended up joining OD the very month after, in April. I've occasionally wondered if my participation would have prevented the misunderstanding had I joined just a few months earlier. Sadly we'll never know, but maybe that's just as well, for who are we to judge the direction history has taken? In any case, fast-forward to the present and you recently faced a similar situation that was strangely reminiscent of the one you had with Rob in the past, though perhaps a bit smaller in scale. A brief miscommunication that led to you wondering whether your control over the SC2 Division was being pulled away. Only this time you came and talked to me about it, and the miscommunication was cleared up pretty quickly. And I think I made it clear enough that your leadership of the SC2 Division was uncontested, so you don't have to worry about a General or anyone else coming in and inheriting it from you without consent. Happy days. On the matter of your performance evaluation, when looking at your performance the last half-year since you rejoined OD most people would say that your strength lies more on the gaming side of things. You successfully revived a challenging Division to maintain, you are a strong recruiter, and you're a serious SC2 gamer. Conversely you haven't participated too much in Admin discussions or meetings, in fact we had to chase you down for the first few SC2 Division updates that were missed in Admin Meetings. It wouldn't be at all unusual to have another gaming-focused General though, however even though your focus *has* been more gaming than administration, I see a strong potential for being good with Clan administrative affairs as well. Between my interactions with you and your responses here in your evaluation it's clear to me that you are intelligent and patient. And considerate too, which makes me feel like you'd be an easy person to work alongside, and I do very much value people who are easy to work with. I think the Clan could benefit quite a bit by having more of your input in the problems and decisions we routinely discuss. If you can pull together the time to weigh in once and a while I'd like to strongly encourage it. But whether that becomes the case or not your work in the SC2 Division is invaluable. There is a list of people who have tried to revive the Division before you, but hearing you explain your Division and your plans for its future I think I can understand why you have been so much more successful. Perseverance aside, I think you have a much better grasp on what most SC2 players are like, you can dip more heavily into the competitive spectrum of the game than your predecessors, and it seems like you have a good idea on how to progress the Division in stages. Or at least that is the impression I had when I read your response about having a competitive team. That was all a bit long-winded but the long and short of it is I'll support your promotion to Brigadier General. I think you have some promising qualities that will make for a good General.
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