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  1. That was pretty resourceful of you then, consider me impressed.
  2. I've seen a lot of good games fall apart because of cheaters. It is always depressing to see just how many people are so willing to use unfair advantages to compete. There are players that try to cheat in the games my development company has created as well, and as I run the support line for players I get the privilege of conversing with the ones that get caught. Most of them write into support claiming they were innocent and we made a mistake, or their friend or little brother played on their device and they were the ones cheating. Which is retarded, if you're going to cheat then at least have the decency to accept the consequences when you get caught. Some write into our support claiming we don't have the right to tell them how to enjoy the game. Which is also retarded, because yes we do. To me it seems like a pretty pointless thing to do. Winning by cheats obviously doesn't mean you are good at the game, and in many cases it's so obvious that you are cheating that no one is going to think you are anything great either. But I suppose it comes down to the reality that for many people the gratuitous feeling of a victory screen has more meaning than any achievement that can be earned. If you wrap yourself in a bubble of your own world where you can pretend like you are awesome then it is easy to shut out the words of others who tell you you're not. It's representative of being beholden to some of our basest impulses, and the fact that there is a seemingly endless amount of people always trying to do it in almost every game kind of says a lot about the human species. If it's any consolation though, I can tell you for a fact that these people generally do not handle it well when their imaginary world bubble gets popped. Cheaters that get caught and banned from a game by the developers get super mad. Hard to continue your imaginary fantasy when you're being subjugated like the common petty cheat that you are.
  3. You made it yourself?
  4. Don't need to track winners and prizes, just need to get together and play.
  5. It actually looks like the kind of game that could make for a good Clan event. You should consider hosting one to see how it goes, I'd participate to give it a try.
  6. Updating the history would take a lot of time and a lot of research, it's not an easy task to take on. I definitely don't have the time myself right now, I already have a backlog of things I'm already behind in. I don't think many Commanders or Generals would be able to commit the time for it, but it isn't something that necessarily requires a Commander or General to do. Any noteworthy changes to the Clan are going to be public knowledge, and as you've said the evaluations serve as a pretty good source of information for individual accomplishments. If you or anyone else were able to put together something to add onto the history, then I could at least make time to look over what you brought me and add it to the site if it seems thorough.
  7. I don't care much for shooter games but I'd pay money to see what a TypeReaL thinking tactically looks like.
  8. Terra

    Clan Changelog

    Rules governing name changes have been altered to reflect decisions made in July. Old Rules New Rules
  9. So your alternative source for anime is Taiga now? Or were you just showcasing Log Horizon?
  10. Terra


    Resignation accepted. Rank on the website, forum, and discord has been changed.
  11. I have arranged your resignation. Rank has been removed on website, forum, and discord.
  12. Terra


    If I do see you on discord then I think I'll take you up on that. I can understand the frustration of the Clan moving in a direction different from what you think it should, but it is because your perspective was so different that it had so much value, and made it worth hearing even if we didn't always go with it. Without you, there will be no one to represent that point of view at all. But if you feel you've had enough then I can't blame you for heading out. Anyone would get tired of making little progress towards their goals after a while. The amount of time members spend on the forum nowadays is among the lowest in OD's history. During the first 12 years since its creation the activity on the forum dwarfed anything we have right now. We all love gaming, but that doesn't mean we can't do other things at the same time. Some people love talking, discussing, and connecting with others too.
  13. Terra


    I'm starting to think you only join the General ranks to troll us at this point. I can't say I fully understand your reasons for leaving, I know you had very different values and priorities in the Clan from some of us, but I always felt like you fulfilled a very important role because of it. You are certain there is no way to reconcile these differences and work things out?
  14. Can this be my new rank image on the main site please 


    1. Terra


      Only the Bitch part.

  15. If you think this is what's best then I respect your decision. 6 years is a lot of time to dedicate to the Clan, and I count us lucky to have had you as long as we did. You have some big shoes to fill, but perhaps there is someone in the Clan with the potential to fill it, and your departure will mark the debut of the next historical figure to rise in OD. And if we continue to be lucky then maybe their legacy will rival yours someday. As per protocol we'll wait 48 hours before actually disabling you. You know, in case you want to change your mind.
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