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  1. Terra

    Clan Changelog

    Changed the section pertaining to Squad channels on Discord Old rule New Rule
  2. "Depends on the movie" is kind of a given, not many people like all movies. Just assume he's talking about the movies you like and let him know if you'd attend. Me personally, I'm all about the strong, silent heroes in movies with plenty of explicitly intimate moments between characters in which they eventually open up to each other. Like Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th, or the Saw movies. ^_^ So I might attend a few on occasion.
  3. I've finished seasons in Diamond tier in 2v2's with Altros. Champions is still pretty far off, and I find 1v1's to be pretty boring so I don't generally solo queue.
  4. Yeah I believe there are still some.
  5. Costs of OD $120 per year for main webhost. (Allows us to host our website and servers) $360 per year for Cpanels license. (Allows us the freedom to make explicit changes to our site and servers) $60 per year for 1 DDoS filtered IP (Protects us from DDoS attacks) $32 per year two domains. (Allows us to use the overdosed.net domain, and the domain for our test sites) $50 per year for Forum's license (Allows us to have a forum) $40 per year for Two renewals for two themes (brave / titan) (Needed to continue using the main forum themes whenever we upgrade the forum) Total Cost: $662 USD a year to maintain Overdosed Costs are paid out every January. We are currently paid one year in advance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back in Fall we had a discussion during an Admin Meeting and decided to publicize the costs needed to run OD. I know it took a while, we had a lot going on for a bit, but we have our updated costs now and we will display it here in the Clan Info board for members to see. Our only source of revenue is the generous donations of our members, so if you think OD is great to be a part of and a community worth preserving then consider sending us a couple bucks once and a while to help us keep the lights on! There are also some great benefits given to donors that are worth looking into! Feel free to post in this topic if you have any questions.
  6. Considering the current state of America and their plans for the near future you'll probably want to let him know that waiting might not be such a bad idea after all.
  7. Your family always has a lot going on. Guess gaming kind of runs in the blood though, huh?
  8. Terra

    Clan Changelog

    The Discord section of the Guide to Everything has been fully revamped and adapted to our modern times. I have also switched the places of the Discord and Teamspeak sections in the Guide to Everything so that the Discord is now higher in the list and better represented as our main voice chat platform. The Teamspeak section will be retained as a reference, and in the event OD ever ends up using Teamspeak as an additional chat platform again.
  9. As always your work is appreciated. If there are any bugs with the changes then I've no doubt I'll wake up to several discord messages from members helpfully informing me.
  10. The issue is currently being investigated. Rag thinks he might know what caused the problem, and if that's the case then it should hopefully be resolved soon.
  11. While on the promotion screen push ctrl+F5 and see if it clears up the error for you. Let me know if it persists.
  12. Take care of yourself Smoken, OD will be here if you need us.
  13. Social Distancing is important for sure, but if the police force that is generally intended to protect the citizenry is instead beating them with sticks and batons then something is definitely wrong with the approach.
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