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  1. Thank you, Triny. I know I have been pretty hard on you lately, and I know it has not been easy for you. Know that I appreciate the grace in which you have faced it, and it reflects well on us both that we can maintain a cordial relationship despite any critical assessment we may have of each other's performance.
  2. Unfortunately I fear my addition to your evaluation is going to seem rather lackluster compare to the others. Unlike Rose, Compfreak and JD, all of whom I have literally years of interactions and exchanges with, in many ways I'm still learning a lot about you. You are clearly an intelligent and well-spoken individual, and people speak very highly of you whenever you come up in conversation. There is a noticeable improvement in some of the critiques people had of you in your previous eval, and it seems like you are growing as a leader. I have no doubt as you reach ever higher ranks in the Gener
  3. Well I think you should be promoted. I believe you are up to the challenge of a 2-Star General even if you aren't sure of it yourself yet. There is no denying that the biggest thing working against you when it comes to promotions is a visible splash in the community that seems apparent to people, like running a Division, managing Discord, etc etc. And people, yourself included, point to the struggles of the Social Media as the example of your stagnation. But I don't think it is fair to compare the daunting challenge that is our Social Media area with that of Divisions or Discord itself. P
  4. JD you are one of our more unique Generals. You have some kind of oscillating biorhythm going on where your enthusiasm and work ethic will alternate between burning highs and dormant lows, which to some may seem like a short attention span, and yet somehow you've managed to turn it into a productive strategy dipping your hand into a wide variety of areas within the Clan. You are also very open-minded when it comes to learning and self-improvement. You're well aware of your own shortcomings, you aren't afraid to accept and learn from your mistakes, or ask questions and listen to people you feel
  5. Thanks guys. Yes, it seems like a bit of a double-standard, doesn't it? Lightning asked me a similar question last month, and I'll share the response I gave to him with you here. Whenever a Commander becomes more publicly interactive it tends to overshadow the Generals. If a person needs help with something, or reports an issue that needs to be resolved, they have a tendency to go to the highest-ranked member of Administration that they are familiar with. This makes sense, right? The higher a person's rank the more authority and strength they have, so it's mor
  6. Happy Birthday Love ❤️

    1. LightningWolves(OD)


      Is it a birthday today? Happy birthday!

    2. Terra


      Thank you.

    3. RadarRick(OD)


      Happy Birthday

  7. Now that you've done us the favor of clarifying this 10 years after the fact, I'd like to ask you to spend the next 10 years thinking about how you possibly came to believe that something like this actually still mattered. I know I'm being a little critical here, but come on... really? Really??
  8. Yeah it did turn out to be a pretty long eval so far. But people be askin the hard questions, simple replies ain't gonna cut it. Thanks for your support Dabomb, I will continue to be the bitch that Gotham needs.
  9. Kudos to you, Compfreak. I honestly felt this evaluation was a bit unfair to you, as you really were gone for most of these last three months due to tax season. I don't really see that as being a balance problem, that's just kind of the reality of your work, but it does make it a bit hard to evaluate you again when there really isn't any difference since your last performance. Although the spreadsheet you did on DSL was really well done, and it was good of you to put in the time to do that for us despite being so busy at work. I do anticipate that you will reach the Commander rank
  10. Thank you, I'm glad to hear I can still occasionally make a good impression.
  11. Rank changed, congrats on your promotion.
  12. I can't speak for the other Commanders but I can speak for myself on this matter. For me it comes down to balancing work and play. Any person in leadership who spends too much time trying to do everything without giving themselves enough downtime is going to end up burning out, therefore learning to balance your time between work and R&R is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Back when community meetings took place years ago I faithfully attended every single one, but I didn't have as many other meetings in OD back then and my work in the real world was different back then a
  13. I want to make sure I understand what you are saying here. The way I read this is that for you as a Commander you found it daunting and challenging to offer up an alternative perspective and view to the other leadership in the community, and while doing so and fighting for something you truly believed would better the clan, you were afraid of repercussion from said leadership. Is this correct? If so, what advice do you have for up-and-coming Officers and Senior Officers when they have ideas or input they want to present and give? If it can be difficult and even a little fearful for a Commander
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