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  1. Roll out the golden carpet I'm feeling a come back tour 

    1. Terra


      Maybe this time people won't ask for a refund on their tickets.

    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      Just be happy I lowered my rates 😄 this awesomeness can be yours if the price is right 

  2. Terra

    Sassy is sick

    Try my strategy, drink lots of alcohol to keep your insides properly disinfected. 😉
  3. Looking good guys. We have almost the entire Enlisted section covered, and having a variety of people making guides is good to see. I know they require a lot of time and effort, but without a doubt this will make things a lot easier for members in the future. Keep up the good work, and I hope a few others of you out there who haven't written a guide yet will be inspired to leave a legacy of your own as well at some point!
  4. Placeholder replaced with the new guide. Good work on putting together, the videos in particular should be helpful for members.
  5. Replaced by Raged's new guide now.
  6. Terra

    hello <3

    You added a lot of color and culture to the community, and although we've only interacted on a few occasions I think I will miss it just the same.
  7. Terra

    Cya guys

    It's unfortunate to see you go, although I understand your situation. You've been a General for a long time, and have made a big impact in the D2 Division during your many years there. The Clan will be worse off without you.
  8. My beer fridge is being kept fully stocked in the event of quarantine or global apocalypse.
  9. Purplez guide has been approved and has now replaced the original Placeholder.
  10. Guess who's gonna be in bc apr6 til 12 🤪

    1. Terra


      You can enjoy our oceans of lush, beautiful forests in their prime of spring. Before they become oceans of fire and ash in the summer.

    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      I'll be in the okanagan, and If the canucks make the loffs I'm gonna hit a game 

  11. Gender fluid? I ain't worried about that. Let's talk about a more pressing problem. What's this title of artist you've given yourself? I don't recall seeing any artistic work from you before. You can be whatever gender you want but if you wanna be an artist then I better hear some sick beats or see some crazy imagery.
  12. Terra

    Clan Changelog

    An alteration has been made to the rule governing name changes in the clan. The previous rule Has now been changed to
  13. Doesn't require scripts to reboot the TS3, just server access. I'm confident that if the need arose we would be capable of arranging for the restoration of TS3 and many other things in the event Rag was unavailable, although hopefully that will never need to be the case.
  14. In accordance with this months goals an Overdosed Academy section has been created for the purpose of writing easy-reference guides on the powers of different ranks. The hope is that the creation of these Guides will be a community-wide project, and this will be one of the main ways members can contribute towards the Modernization of OD steps for February and March! For a more detailed explanation please refer to my topic here.
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