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  1. Cute. Although there is definitely some room there to spruce up the clan forum a bit if there was a dedicated group of people willing to put together ideas to make it happen.
  2. Careful, I've been known to bite a little.
  3. Okay ya'll made your point now, thanks. -_-
  4. Shush newbie. Respect your superior, the rookie!
  5. Yeah, not a fan of how they removed the rep points either from your post display, though maybe that's just my vanity talking.
  6. What does reputation have to do with custom ranks? ^_-
  7. So a new forum update came out that we've recently upgraded to, and with it came a couple new features. It also erased all our custom ranks, so... thanks IPBama. Instead it has introduced this new point-based system, which we all get to start out as Newbie with. As you earn points your forum rank goes up. Points are earned as follows: 10 points per topic created 5 points per reply created 2 points for each person that follows your topic 2 points for each person that follows you 1 point for giving a reaction 1 point for receiving a reaction Points can also be awarded manually by administrators (selecting the dotted button at the top-right corner of their post) to a maximum amount per day. Moderators can't award points but they can "recommend" a post for awards which will notify admins about it. (There is a recommend button instead of a reward button in the same place) Aside from points there are now "badges" as well. Think of them as like the Steam Achievements of the forum. If you fulfill certain conditions then you get a badge, which is then displayed in your profile. Most badges are awarded automatically but some have to be awarded manually by admins. (Again, Moderators can recommend) Unlike points these were largely awarded retroactively, so most of you probably have some. We have full customizable control over these new rewards. We can change their values, conditions, or images. We can even create our own as well, if we decide we want more, with a surprising amount of flexibility when it comes to conditions. For example we can create a custom badge given to someone for joining a specific club, marking them as a member of that club. Hopefully it gives a couple fresh experiences to the forum that you guys will enjoy, although try not to get too carried away. If you end up posting a bunch of pointless spam just to earn free points then I'm gonna subtract points from you instead, so keep it meaningful!
  8. Take care of yourself.
  9. Couldn't have said it better myself. So go positive vote as much as you feel someone has earned it, and go negative vote as much as you feel someone needs it in order to learn. Be honest with your feedback and let others be honest with theirs. Some people are gonna hate you for it, but if they didn't have a few character flaws then you probably wouldn't be neg voting them to begin with. You'll never convince everyone to accept criticism gracefully, but no one has ever grown as a person by having everything handed to them. It is our hardships that make us wiser and more mature, and sometimes that hardship requires enduring a neg vote, or enduring the loss of a promotion. The worthy will pick themselves up and keep pushing forward. And as for the vote powers, use what you feel is warranted. A -15 and a -20 is every bit as fair as a +15 and a +20, they are two sides of the same coin. Powerful neg votes seem harsh, and sometimes they are harsh, but trying to shield someone from their own faults in the short term will only hurt them more in the long run. Everyone handles success well, it is how we handle our failures that our true worth as a person becomes apparent.
  10. Well maybe we can try keeping it to short discussions then until that Discord chat. If you are suggesting that the system is unbalanced, then I disagree. I've seen people earn promotions despite neg votes, both recently and in the past. I've also seen people not receive promotions because of neg votes, and based on the reasons provided in those neg votes I feel it was better in the case of some of them that they didn't. People sometimes failing promotions is not an indication that the system is unbalanced. People always passing their promotions is an indication that it is. If you are suggesting that we are ignoring the issue, then I again disagree, mainly on account of the fact that you basically just got mobbed for suggesting that we were. If you are suggesting that all promotions that receive neg votes of -5 or higher are unfair, then I disagree. If you are suggesting that a specific promotion was unfair because of certain neg votes of -5 or greater, then I might agree, but you would have to cite what that specific promotion was. If you are suggesting that people are using too many work and business analogies at this point, then I would probably agree.
  11. Which one person is that? The only people to receive neg votes on their promotions lately, that I'm aware of, had multiple people neg voting them, not one person. And one of them still passed despite that. The system is a process by which the good and bad traits of an individual are weighed against each other, based on the experiences of those around them. People will hold us accountable for our bad traits, but if we bring enough good to the community then it can outweigh the mistakes or bad habits we have, and we can advance anyway. Rather than being broken, I feel like recent promotions have been a shining example of that process working exactly as intended. The main issue, and the subject of this topic, is the way in which neg votes are being viewed. Not that neg votes are overpowering.
  12. Wait, I don't get it, how is that chauvinistic? Unless you're saying you don't wear pants, in which case I get that, we should respect your life choice.
  13. If someone is dropping a -15 or -20 then that is kind of the intent. The true intention in this case is to provide constructive feedback that you want someone to learn from *before* they rise higher in ranks, and sometimes that is the better approach. It's easy for people to shrug off feedback if they are still getting promotions anyway, and -1 votes are pretty easy to overcome. People are much more likely to take feedback seriously, and make an earnest effort to learn from it, if it is actively preventing them from advancing. And in the case of red flags popping up suggesting how they might use the power and authority of higher ranks, you would definitely want that person to learn from any constructive feedback first before giving them it.
  14. If you think people are wrong, then you have to explain why you think you are right. If you can't explain why you are right, then no one is going to take you seriously. Geordie isn't going to change his approach just because you tell him to. I won't pretend like there hasn't been cases of people grouping up to neg vote someone in the past, but it's also possible for multiple people to independently notice the same issue with someone. Especially if there was a specific incident that multiple people witnessed, which it sounds like there was in this case. I don't think this is a case of people conspiring to neg vote PureSkooma, I don't think PureSkooma is disliked enough for that to happen. On the contrary, most people think pretty highly of him and what he has done, including those that neg voted him. In cases of groups ganging up to neg vote someone there is usually a history of bad blood between the group and the individual up for promotion. You don't really see that here. You could argue that people are holding that one incident during the drunken sea of thieves night against PureSkooma, and in truth you may very well be right. You may or may not think that is fair, but it isn't unusual. Sometimes one bad call can blow our chances for the next promotion, particularly if it is still fresh in everyone's minds. It happens a lot. But in those cases we just have to swallow our loss, and remember that we'll have another chance at it again sometime.
  15. Whatever you want to call it. I'm not necessarily opposed to the idea of a Debate Team Committee Squad in principle, but I don't like the idea of expanding political discussions within the Clan, and I worry that a Debate Team Committee Squad will inevitably lead to such discussions. I think it's better to keep it confined to the politics chat channel. I could potentially be convinced to allow a Debate Club, though, if the Club was invite-only and hidden from the main Clan. If it was kept private and separate from the main body of the Clan then I think it would be all right to allow political discussions within it, as any member joining it is willingly choosing to be part of those discussions.
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