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  1. Thank you for your kind words, Townkill(OD). The DAV is a very worthwhile organization, Purple(OD), and I look forward to the tasks ahead.
  2. I'm a Life Member of the National Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization, and an active member in the local Chapter 17. I've taken on responsibilities as our local Chapter Webmaster. and will not have nearly the same amount of free time to play Diablo III. I can't say when I'll play, but it will no longer be several hours every day, and may be days between playing sessions. After I've learned how maintain our website, updated it, and have it in a maintenance mode, I may be able to play more often.
  3. Yes, I know that Season 15 isn't even 24 hours hold, but it seems like we need to start talking about it now (not a week or two before it start, or after Season 15 ends). I got 3 replies to my post about Plans for the Start of Season 15. At Season start, there were 17 OD D3 clan members online. There are 16 online at the time of this post. I saw very little effort made ahead of time to have any organized groups. 57.3% of the 150 OD D3 Clan members haven't logged in for more than 30 days (26 for 30-59 days; 39 60-89 days; 20 for 90-120 days; and one for 124 days). Of the players posted as Clan Officers: SnipeDragon (Leader) hasn't logged into the game for over 30 days, Hikato (Officer) hasn't logged in for more than 60 days, and TreaLOD (Officer) for more than 90 days.
  4. Are there any plans for the start of Season 15 tomorrow evening? Will we be running organized groups or just doing it hit-or-miss?
  5. Thanks, Sil3NtKilL, it's good to be back (at least for D3 gaming).
  6. A long while. It's good to be back.🙂 Hey, Snicker66. How's things? 🙂 Aerineth(OD), this is the reason I was looking for a Clan to join after having started playing D3, and why I'm glad I rediscovered OD. I would be happy to play some D3 with you sometime. 🙂
  7. Colonel Hari(OD), I seem to be unable to log into my main OD account. The Forgot Password function worked, but it sent the password reset instructions to Bumpa(OD)@overdosed.net, which I can't access until after I login.
  8. I feel better already! 🙂
  9. Thanks, Hari(OD) and Purplez(OD), I appreciate the kind words. Thank you for re-enabling my old account, Hari(OD). I do remember you (dimly). My only plans (for now) are to play D3 and hang out on the website/forums. I've already created a Barbarian (BumpaOD) and will be playing that toon. Ya'll have fun!
  10. Good Morning (since it's 1:26 AM), This is Bumpa(OD) returned from the blackness. Previously I played Diablo II, and left OD just before (or was it just after?) D3 was released. I didn't play any games for a long time, dabbled in Skyrim LE/SE for a long time, and recently started playing D3. A couple of days ago I was looking for a D3 clan to join, saw the Overdosed name and applied. Bear approved my application and I am happily playing D3 as an Overdosed Clan member. I've re-accessed my Forum account, and tried to re-access my Main OD account. My attempt to recover my main login password ended in failure when I was informed that Bumpa(OD) was a non-existent account, yet when I attempt to apply (re-apply) for membership (using Bumpa(OD) as my desired name, I am told that that name is taken. Please advise.
  11. Sorry to hear about your problem. Hopefully you don't, but if you do, hopefully it won't be for long. Take care.
  12. Excellent! :thumbsup::biggrin: Have fun! :laugh::rofl: Be sure to have a designated driver to be safe.:P:yes::rofl:
  13. In that case, Mr.Fluffums, I also wish you and yours a joyous Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!:thumbsup::biggrin::laugh::smile::rofl::cool::woot::wink:
  14. Here's hoping that comes to pass, Ezah(OD).:thumbsup:
  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Over_Lord(OD)! :thumbsup::biggrin::laugh::rofl: I hope that you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season, Mr.Fluffums and Sil3NtKilL(OD)! :rofl::biggrin::thumbsup::laugh:
  16. Bumpa(OD)


    Congratulations on passing your Trial Week! :thumbsup::biggrin: Welcome to Clan OD as a full member! :biggrin::laugh::thumbsup::rofl:
  17. Welcome back, Scrugs(OD)!:thumbsup::biggrin::rofl:
  18. Thank you, HolyKnight(OD), for wanting to be a member of Clan OD. It sounds like you and your cousin have started a new family tradition. :thumbsup::biggrin: Like Over_lord(OD) said, keep your DSL low, active in-channel, in-game and online, continue to be GM, friendly and helpful, and you should have little trouble passing your Trial Week. :rofl: Take care, and welcome to Clan OD. :cool:
  19. Sorry to hear that you're having problems. What is the account name you are using when you log into D2, and then go to channel Clan OD? Also, please tell me (exactly) the error message you see when you attempt to enter channel Clan OD.
  20. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.
  21. I'd post a comment in this thread, but I'm too lazy. :thumbsup::biggrin::rofl::smile:
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. Thanks for wanting to come back, borntokill(OD)> :thumbsup: You're right, this probably should go in this forum: Questions Regarding the Clan
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