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  1. Master Warrant Officer MWO5 Mj3(OD)'s recruiting privileges was successfully updated.
  2. Post your solo GR or group GR
  3. Hari(OD)


    Add me Hari#1233 i will help u get lvl and gear
  4. Congrats all winners and thanks for all voters
  5. This should be move to D2 section
  6. Unable to send fg jsp was down
  7. 7pm Cst add me Hari#1233
  8. Blizzrd introducing Ancient Vaults by cubing ancient/priml puzzle rings it will open Ancient Vault portal In there only 3 to 4 gob packs I run this event through out season 17 and each Ancient Vault you will get 50FG Rules Screenshots or vouch required
  9. D3 leadership decided continue MoM event every month.This month also i do point base who gets more points he/she wins the MoM Medal+1000FG 1.D3 Recruitment =300 2.Highest paragon lvl =100 3.Winners of D3 events (MAY) =200 4.Each Ancient Vault. =150 Rules Post screenshot or some one vouch for ancient vaults Event starts on 5/17/19 and ends 5/31/19 Thank you Support our D3 division
  10. Hi all im going to run this event like D2 monthly runs event. Post here paragon levels you will get FG or Medals or both by end of May month Event starts on 5/18/19 Thank you and support D3 division
  11. I knew some members will leave after ray but in reality OD is better than other clans If you are diehard gamer and play with real ppl plz stay or you want support Ray thats up to you Leaders know how to run clan they saw up and downs since 2002
  12. First place = @Mj3(OD) Mj3(OD) Mj3#1431 para-1622 Second Place = @MooMoo(OD) Para-1143 Third place = @Dagus(OD) Para-1058 Sent FG congrats support the D3 Division
  13. @Redvaine(OD) is winner of MoM medal and will received 2000fg @Redvaine(OD) =575 @Prozacck(OD) =150 @MelodicRose(OD) =75 @MooMoo(OD) =190 @Purplez(OD) =50 @Dmon(OD) =175 @Hectic(OD) =50 @Solaris(OD) =25 @JC6(OD) = 25 @Mj3(OD) =155 will sent fg soon what you earn points i send that much fg.If i miss add some points lmk
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