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  1. Happy bday grey bush!


  2. Most of us watch TVs we see some commercials here and there Post here your best TV Ads Start with most emotional heart touching Samsung Ad
  3. 3 songs from 3 diff countries i didnt see much diff the beat 1. Anita Ward from USA(Ring My Bell) 2. Boney M From German Band(Sunny) 3. Disco Dancer movie from India(Jimmy jimmy) https://youtu.be/ZUdJQSUcK_Y
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  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Its real funny movie song its happens in some of indian families. Women beat with vegges and brooms This song was my language(Telugu) enjoy this song @Terra @Sassy @Purplez(OD) @MelodicRose(OD) @Triny(OD) @Redvaine(OD) And all girls/women in clan
  7. He is bf of that girl and those 3 were attempt to rape her earlier. The hero is undercover cop
  8. Its my language(Telugu) movie fight scene didn't find English subtitles
  9. For runewords you can chk on channel one of the runbot have the script ex: .fort( it gives the order of fort runes and base type) Nice work @Purplez(OD)
  10. Funny scene wit English sub titles
  11. Lvl 32 i like it skill tree is not harder like POE its simple but not simple than D2&D3. @Triny(OD) will give more info . They didnt release beta multiplayer yet. I like the Waypoint design
  12. Its a simple and easy mixing of D3(game style) and POE(skill tree + crafting) estimated release apr 2020 35$ beta version just played it https://forum.lastepochgame.com/
  13. Wb Rob i play D3 most time add me Hari#1233
  14. This clip from 3 idiots movie very funny
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