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  1. happy birthday hari :)

  2. Add me Hari#1233 sign up for new season
  3. Hariiiiii get on d3


  4. Hari(OD)

    Looking items

    Making cs zon this ladder plan to R/D our top runners lol in mule 20/20/10 anni and 20/20 zon torch
  5. Hari(OD)

    Looking items

    looking 6/40 jmod 5/20 scs-10 45 life java gcs-9 i will pay fg lmk if any one have
  6. Welcome to OD. Im born india and live in Atlanta GA lmk if u play D3 we can team up new season starts on july 3rd
  7. I think there is rule for General ranks if any general rank back with in 6 months they can hold their rank. @Terra will give more explanation on that rule
  8. D3 Division leader : @TypeReaL(OD) Co-leaders : @Immortalmaddness(OD) @EdgiestWall(OD) and Hari(OD)
  9. Sorry bro didnt think about discord pm. looked for u on bnet
  10. @TypeReaL(OD) @EdgiestWall(OD) @Immortalmaddness(OD) Make a schedule on discord any time good for me
  11. Sure we will find a good time get together in 2 days
  12. Ty for response.We will wait 2 more days if anybody interested Ty for response. @TypeReaL(OD) was msged me last night he wants you in leadership team. but still we wait 2 more days and will talk in discord
  13. we have 2 open D3 co-leader positions if any one interested let us know either @TypeReaL(OD) or Hari(OD). Requirements: 1.Recruit for the clan and maintain in game guild 2.Attend Admin Meetings. 3.Host Events(Hari will help prizes along with hoster) 4.Increase Discord activity(Its dead now) @EdgiestWall(OD) and @Immortalmaddness(OD) we would like to hear from you guys.
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