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  1. you right R.ag sarve janah sukhino bhavantu means let the entire world be happy thats one of main piller of hindhu religion Try to watch DANGAL its ameer khan’s movie and own production i think its in netflix
  2. Chk it @snicker66(OD)
  3. Hari(OD)

    Grim dawn

    Any one playing this game? Is it multiplayer?
  4. @lilg(OD) you can offer a medal or promotion talk to your division generals or division leaders best way is hc chant games and sc chaos runs ask @Raged(OD) for some tips
  5. Jerssy police were dance with some indians and also Newzland police
  6. 100fg add to the pot lmk your jsp lilg
  7. @Sassy Holding glass was her signature mark she was close to me we had very good memories
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