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  1. Hari(OD)

    Grim dawn

    Any one playing this game? Is it multiplayer?
  2. I know you lost your right hand(Juile) sorry for all your struggles i vote stay the current rank till you get better
  3. In your eval u said multiple IA i read the reasons you know i love to support you but this eval cant judge you fullfill your current rank My heart says +1 but mind say stay at current rank . If u on phase 2 the 20th vote will get from me
  4. I have one easy Q to you Recently i seen you used dont distrub on discord when u online is there any reason behind it if its personal ignore this Q. I thought any one can u reach easily after u post ur eval i tried to talk 3 times but 3 times i saw dont distrub You helped on D3 division, other games and OD community. +1 from me for your dedication i will give more reasons on phase 2
  5. @lilg(OD) you can offer a medal or promotion talk to your division generals or division leaders best way is hc chant games and sc chaos runs ask @Raged(OD) for some tips
  6. Without u cant imagin how this clan will be may be died long time ago Ty for all just let u know you get my support all the time. Do u have chance to watch PK movie? Here the link
  7. Jerssy police were dance with some indians and also Newzland police
  8. 100fg add to the pot lmk your jsp lilg
  9. You know how to run and fill the divisions +1 to you Good luck
  10. @Sassy Holding glass was her signature mark she was close to me we had very good memories
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