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  2. I had a few ideas regarding the script i downloaded for my bot(which was parked in Clan OD channel but wasn't supposed to be there :| my bad) The Runeword Script that is on it, insdead of just displaying the runewords and what items they can be put into. I was wondering if we could expand on it, it would be a shit ton of scripting, but i think it would help eliminate a lot of flipping to a help site and find what you need. Short handing some of the words would be convenient too. You could type in your strength/dex and the runeword you want and it would tell you the best item to use as a base for the runeword. For example: .25 136 lw(lash wish) this would display: 6soc Phase blade and with that idea, i was also thinking it would be handy if we could also have a best stat type of thing for the base. For example: .ph(phase blade) this would display: 25str 136dex required to wield, maximum of 6soc, damage 31-35 one last idea i had for runewords, was to display the dmg, or defence with a specific base for a runeword. For example .def crown(crown shield) noneth exile this would display: defence 66-104 (to calc that take lowest of both and highest of both. 30x2.2 and 40x2.6) if there was some extra time as well, i would suggest putting in ethreal also For example. def crown eth exile this would display: (whatever the ethreal bonuses are, idk how to calc that) (Bad Idea? Good Idea? LMK) Another helpful tool i was thinking about for this script would be displaying the specific mods on items that a specific character would use. For example: .smiter this would display LL health crushing blow defence(i dont know smiters so i might be off a bit) Also, i think cube sequences would be helpful too. type in .up armour and get the runes needed to upgrade armour With unique items, if you wanted to know what it was before you identifyed it, you could type in .id Shako and it would display Harlequin Crest, the possible stats and if the item is elegable to be upgraded using the cube or not. Along with this, i was thinking you could display the max stats for a unique item. For example: .hc(harlequin crest) this would display: defence 98-141 cannot be uped. OR .hoz(herald of zakarum) this would display: 150-200%ED(enhanced defence) can be uped. it is a lot of programming i know, but i think it would help out a lot for new people, or if you can't think of it off the top of your head and dont feel like asking or looking it up. Also, i know this is completely off topic, but i got some good feedback when my bot was in the channel with the runescript. So, if i might ask, may i keep it in there? I can change the username and all and put OD tags on it. Thanks For Reading! Hope You Enjoy My Messed Up Ideas!
  3. idc lol ive never been to war, so i wouldnt know what it is like, but the stories my brotehr has told me are horrific. you dont understand how much shit they actually went thru just to reach that site. that is the most amazing feat i believe that has been made into a full documentary. period. and being nominated for an emmy, im going to take a stab and say its pretty fuckin good. lol. no disrespect, but please dont comment like that. thanks
  4. yeah that documentary changed my life my brother is in the army. he showed it to me and i cant get it out of my head. im keeping this name to my grave
  5. Hai There! For starters, im a smartass, not a big one, jsut enough to get under your skin and ruffle your feathers a bit. I've been playing diablo for 6-7 years now, hard to keep track since I've been on and off so much. I don't know if this is in any way important to this clan, but I was second in command in a Halo: Combat Evolved clan for about 5 years. When I was recruited i was recruited for beating the leader of the second best squad in the clan at a 2v2. After talking with the leader one on one for ten minutes he promoted me to third in command of about 45 members. Within about 4 days 15 members had left in spite of me being ranked higher then them, and I don't blame them, I would be pissed too. I did my duties, created a Blizzard section within the clan, and lead that for about 3 years, pulling the 30 or so members to 60 members. From there I was promoted to second in command and played Halo, Diablo II, and Starcraft: BW for 2 years boosting the clan above our few compedators. The Reason I Was Kicked Out: Our leader had a clan meeting about a new system that he invented, without consideration of any other leaders. A lot of us saw that the system was good, but needed a lot of work. So we all tried to pitch in ideas and help improve it. Either our leader had his panties in a bunch, or he just didn't like us, but he shot ALL of the ideas down. After the meeting i was talking with the other members and they were telling me that if he didn't change it back or accept help on it then they would leave. So another leader and I talked to him and told him the opinions, he said he didn't care and told me to do what i was supposed to do. I wasn't going ot let him ruin all the work I did for him, so i protested. After a 45 minute debate, I was removed form the clan for treason. Within a month he was left with a shattered clan. Probably not important at all xD but I would just like to say that I have experience with clanning for the majority of my short life. Other people would phrase it "NNNNNEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRDDDD!!!!!" So to say the least, I'm a Critic at heart. I strive to put every ounce of myself into a clan, no matter how shwappy, how big, or how disrespectful. Either way, it is really amazing to see a clan so big, so involved, and actually active. Overdosed is by far the most exotic and content clan I have seen in many many years. I am proud to be among you Thanks for recruiting me Freebird! other then that, I'm pretty chill, tho I do speak my mind freely.. which seems to get me in lots of trouble.. Hope to kick some ass with you guys Thats my nerd life in a nutshell
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