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  1. My thoughts exactly... Not sure how OD has survived for literally decades! I read the forums a few times a year to see who's still around. 😄 Might jump on PoE for the new league.
  2. "Where Farmville meets PoE" ... Yup, exactly how I explained it to my friends!
  3. You're not weird for holding this opinion. In nearly every developed country, this opinion would be seen as conservative (I don't see a need to own any firearms for self defence, nor does 95% of the population in Canada, Australia, western Europe, and a large chunk of Asian countries). America is special, you just managed to get through the Second Amendment brainwash mostly unscathed. Having lived in the USA under military exchange (in GA, no less), I can honestly say that the mentality needs to change. People are very wrapped-up in believing that the Second Amendment is absolute, that it should not be open for discussion or debate, and that every single person should own firearms with little or no regulation. I've had a few interesting discussions when I explain how firearms are regulated in other countries; the look of shock and horror on their faces when I explain that most people don't own firearms and don't care to own firearms is amusing. Guns should be owned for hunting and for competition/sport shooting on ranges. That's it. Every other weapon should be standard issue to military and to the police force (assuming you have a properly trained police force, which is a stretch of a statement for the USA). Will that ever be implemented in the USA? Maybe, but not for a long time. There will always be the argument that criminals will have firearms and will break into houses, stores, etc., and the owner won't be able to protect themselves or their family. Therefore firearm regulation needs to be looked at concurrently alongside whatever solution the USA decides to implement to address the overwhelming crime rate and incarceration issues. There is no perfect solution, but failing the act on either front (gun control and criminal activity) is just going to continue to spin out of control.
  4. Feel free to attempt to exceed my majesty.
  5. Originally I was not speaking to your statement, I was speaking to this one below (when speaking of "moral grounds" and "moral issues"), which seems to contradict your own statements. I'm not part of OD any longer but it looks as though OD does not actually know what it supports... Mostly just stirring the pot at this point, but I pretty much completely agree with you now, Altros. Emulators are never illegal (nor are there any moral implications, Terra. Owning a firearm and using it legally does not make you a criminal, I'm surprised you jumped so high here.) as a lot of home-brew applications are/were created (also ROMs) in various communities, which are perfectly legal (well, maybe the US has again bastardised this, but I'm speaking on behalf of the rest of the civilised world). Home-brew was huge on Wii and other Nintendo emulators a while back, though that was many years ago. Not sure how such communities are doing now. Glad to see you're all as active and dramatic as ever. :)
  6. I did not state that they violate any forum rules. I simply said that something being legal does not necessarily imply that it is also in-line with the rules here. Video on issues of digital copyright: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo19Y4tw0l8 Emulators and ROMs are either legal or illegal depending on which country you reside. For example, it is not illegal for ME to download a ROM so long as I own the game. Does that mean I can link to ROMs and emulators? Well, I'm not going to because I understand that the majority of this clan is likely American, but you get the point.
  7. Just because it's legal doesn't mean it doesn't violate the TOS of this forum. Yes, emulators are perfectly legal in most countries, and owning disc/game images is perfectly fine if you actually own the game. I would not call this a moral issue as there is no moral issue when it comes to copyright of digital data. You cannot copyright a number (a digital file is, after all, just a very large number). It is, however, an issue of policy.
  8. I still don't understand what you mean by "ISP" problem. The last 50 feet of cable running to your house is generally copper, the rest is fiber. Unless the line quality is absolute shit (possible with DSL in rural areas) then there shouldn't be any issue. I can guarantee you that if a simple pingtest doesn't pick up on anything then you do not have line issues. There is nothing else at the ISP level that would cause malformation of packets. Again, this is DIGITAL information, not analog. There's no possible way for only certain types of packets to be affected by any type of physical interference. Test cases: Internet? Use pingtest Local? Use local recording software and playback (sound recorder or some such). Mic/Headset? Try a different one. PC Hardware? Plug into a different PC. PC Software/Driver? Same as above. These FIVE TESTS will localize the issue. My goodness... Worst case scenario is that it's a specific piece of hardware or software. It could be difficult to figure out the exact cause, but at least you'd be a step in the right direction without digging thru so many settings and nuggets of information.
  9. Terra still sounding robotic? It's because she is indeed a robot. Or more specifically, the first successful android. Haven't you ever noticed how she is always so calm and collected, presenting the most logical solutions? It's because she's not actually human. Don't dig into the issue too far or else you will raise suspicion of the CIA and you will disappear. On a more serious note, audio interference is usually caused from bad shielding on motherboard internals, or if it's a powered headset, could be from a dirty power source. I have my headset plugged into a power outlet directly (thru a USB converter, like a phone) because the power generated by my PSU isn't very clean at all and creates a terrible passive hissing noise. Since the signal is being transmitted digitally, it is very very unlikely anything to do with the ISP, unless her upload bandwidth is crap.
  10. Time. Contractors make hundreds of billions of dollars per year in the business of war, and their investors aren't too bad off, either. It would be amazing if you were powerful enough to control the stock market after investing most of your finances into areas of investment. It costs tax-payer significant chunks of money to fund a war, but in the end, there are always billions of dollars unaccounted for, and in some unexplainable manner, the rich get richer. I think that's a pretty basic explanation of a pretty basic concept. Just take a look at the stock market over the past 5 years or so: Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, General Dynamics, etc... Obviously the trends prove nothing per se, but that's not really the point... I'm not at liberty to state what I believe. However, you can connect the dots in any manor you see fit. You'll never find any solid evidence of anything being done intentionally unless you happen to be in on the action, in which case you'd be shooting yourself, and a lot of other people, in the foot. People tend to get pissed off when you shoot them. Not intending to change the topic here. Back to the idiocy that is Trump...
  11. You can tell if someone is remotely access your computer by monitoring network traffic across your network interface. Most "permanent" methods are amateur in nature and can be found quite simply by opening msconfig and looking for discrepancies.
  12. His stupidity could actually prove useful, come to think of it. It's entirely possible that he would be completely fed up with the bullshit going on over in the Levant and Iraq region, which may lead to a proper deployment (instead of trying to support a military which doesn't have the balls to do anything about the shit going on in their own country) and proper destruction of certain movements/groups. On the other hand, he might find it profitable for the U.S. to continue to supply ISIS indirectly with all of their weapons and munitions, as the U.S. has been so wonderfully kind to do. Could go either way.
  13. Isn't that the American dude who claimed global warming was a hoax because it snowed once? If the US actually elected this guy, I would feel more fearful than I already do to visit the US, probably to the point of refusing to travel there indefinitely.
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