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  1. I think I’m done building things for a while. Last update before the reveal has been added.
  2. Thank you sir. It's been updated with today's hell.
  3. Tonight’s work and pictures have been added. Now less then 4 hours to sleep.
  4. I will be editing/updating this thread every night up until Christmas. I may also get a video reaction that I might share (we will see). I have always been fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people and amazing friends. I am not sure if it's luck or skill but either way, I am grateful. This project could definitely not been done with my friends. Most of them have enjoyed doing it. My friends distracting Lindsey had a great time doing stuff. One of my friends came wanting to learn some stuff. Another friend is right around the corner and was willing to help. There is one person who legit had no reason to want to help. I barely know him but after hearing the story (through a mutual friend) he just wanted some gas money and a reaction video (but I will be paying him much more because he literally worked 12+ hours and took 3 separate trips out here (and it's not close) and has been answering questions from me nonstop). I've heavily debating doing something similar to this. However, the fact that she thinks I am giving her a blanket ladder really is tailored to me just telling her it's in the room and she should go get it on Christmas.
  5. Thought I would come on here and share something that I am excited about since I don't really get to talk about it nearly as much as I would like. Some of you may know this but my wife and I bought a new construction about a year and a half ago. It came with a partially finished basement. There is a room that was studded out to be a bathroom. It's bear to the studs but you cannot see into it from the outside because the outside wall has drywall and there is also a door. For the better part of a year, nobody ever went in there. The only thing that was in there was a 1 piece fiberglass tub that was just sitting on the floor. We had that put in before the walls were assembled because it's impossible to fit in a room like that after the fact without tearing walls down. This is what it looked like. With the ever increasing likelihood that my wife would be working from home the rest of the year (from the basement) I thought it would be cool to finish the bathroom as a Christmas gift. But... If that were not a big enough task in itself, I would do it secretly. You see, my wife goes to bed a few hours before me each night. Further, I have recruited friends to help me with the project as well as help get her out of the house to do loud and difficult things without drawing attention. The first step was lifting the tub to install the drain for the shower. How do I do this? I cannot rotate it. I cannot lift it, there is not enough room to just craw under it. I cant really slide it? Solution: Move the tub to the ceiling! Next I cut concrete and moved the drain where I needed it! I was able to do this while Lindsey had to go to work one day and I had the day off. I also had to figure out plumbing. I had to make drawings to figure out how it would logistically fit where I needed it to. Lot's of research for something so seemingly simple. It's easy for people who do it everyday but I was confused at first. I could not drop the tub without help. So I worked on getting water lines brought into the room. I was able to do this quietly at night! Also, had never did this before. Youtube was my friend. I was also able to sneak to a friends house to help me solder a piece for the control valve for the shower. I had never done it before but it was a cool thing to learn. I then put the control valve pieces together. Next was dropping the tub. This involved getting my friend to invite my wife out for a crafts activity. EVERYTHING went wrong for them (planned) so I had a full day to do this. But before that, I had to get everything out of the room. It was packed full of stuff. So many things! I also had a friend join me to drop the tub. It was not easy. After that, a friend came over for a board game night. We knew Lindsey would go to bed early which lead to the real reason they came over. To help me run electrical. We ran the switches to the light fixture and for the vent fan. I forgot to take pictures of this. Was not that exciting. I also had started picking out a bunch of stuff for the bathroom. Tile, light fixtures, paint, vent fan stuff like that. Keep in mind, there are two things that I cannot stress enough. 1.) I have no idea what I am fucking doing. Everything I do involves a bunch of youtube and consultation from people to figure stuff out. 2.) Lindsey still has no idea! It's a lot of work keeping all of this secret! Okay, the most recent thing has been installing drywall with the help of a friend. Once again, someone got Lindsey out of the house and basically held her captive for 8 hours for us to get the drywall installed. Over the next couple days, a friend was sneaking into the house around 10PM after Lindsey went to bed and helping put on coats of mud and leaving around 1am. Today, I just finished sanding the mud, it was unbelievably messy! It was during the installation of the drywall that Lindsey started to get a little suspicious. She said she thought she knows what I am getting her for christmas. She had noticed that I had left a couple tools out! Dangit! Anyhow, she told me that she thought I was making a blanket ladder for her. For those that don't know, it's basically a small decorative ladder you have in your house to hold and organize blankets. HA! This was perfect! Guess why? I told her that she was right and the only reason I wanted to come clean was that I am about to paint it. When I paint it, she will be able to smell it and the gig will be up so she might as well tell me what color she wants. Genius right? Now, I can paint the bathroom and draw no suspicion. I am having my parents buy her a blanket ladder for christmas :). In the next week, I need to prime the room (tomorrow), lay the flooring (start tomorrow), paint (Sunday/Monday), install the toilet and sink (Tuesday), install the light fixture, fan vent, towel bar and those small things (Wednesday). Catch up on anything I don't finish on Thursday in time to show the room off for a Christmas surprise! I will still have to go back and finish trim work but there is no way for me to get that in before Christmas. Also, the mirror wont get in until mid January. Anyhow, this is just something I am really excited about. I could go into further detail about the lengths I have gone to cover my trail like disabling wifi so cameras cannot be used, disabling our ring doorbell at specific times to let people in and out of the house, playing movies on the main floor so she cant hear me in the basement. I could also go into much further detail with all the nuisances of things that really screwed me up and slowed me down but this post is already probably long enough. Anyhow, thank you for taking the time to share in my story! 12/20/20 Edit: Was almost able to finish 2 coats of primer today but I ran out of primer about 80% of the way through the 2nd coat. I will have to find an excuse to run out and grab some more tomorrow morning and hopefully get it up with plenty of time to dry so I can get the first coat of paint up tonight. 12/21 edit: Got more primer to put on a second coat. Bought trim. Painted everything. Installed light, vent and vent light. Started getting ready to lay flooring. 12/22 edit: I think I finished the flooring. I’m worried I may of screwed up, it just doesn’t seem right. I found out my vanity won’t work. I did not think it out. It doesn’t have floor access for the drain and has a bottom drawer. This is a critical mistake and I’m not sure if I can fix this before Christmas. I’m very upset and am going to bed sweaty and stressed. If I fall asleep now I’ll get 4 hours of sleep. Sadly, that won’t happen. 12/23 Edit: Today was likely the most frustrating day of the build. Lack of sleep and complications have really tested my limits. I found a way to make the vanity work by cutting a hole in the shelf and modifying the drawer (not 100% sure on the plan of action yet but I accepted that it will be something I can and will work around - probably shorten the drawer). For installation, I took it out. I connected the water supply, dropped the counter/sink and got everything hooked up, including the faucet. Only thing missing is the drain connection. It was like a puzzle I could not figure out. I am hoping some sleep will bring clarity. I moved on to the toilet. This was very very very difficult. The elbow that supports the drain was actually sitting proud of the concrete which is bad for a variety of reasons. It made cutting the drain to the floor much harder but it also meant I had to modify my toilet flange as well because it would not fit otherwise. They really screwed me on this part of my house. Anyhow, all I ended up getting done here is screwing the toilet flange to the floor and seeing what the toilet looks sitting on top. On the bright side, I did go shopping today and got a shower rod, shower liner, shower curtain, towels, hand towels, rugs, trash bin, and soap dispenser. That should really bring the room together and make it pop. I could not find 3 gang light switches with the right finish. That was a bummer, I might have to order them. Also, my mirror wont be here till late January. I still have to connect the sink drain, attach the toilet to the floor and set it all up, do all trim work including baseboard, quarter round and door trim. I also have to thoroughly clean the shower from all the mud and paint. I then have to caulk everywhere around the shower and all over the trim work and do touch up paint. I also have to attach the towel rack, hand towel holder, toilet paper holder. I have to install faceplates for the outlet and the switches. I also have to install a carpet to vinyl transition strip in the doorway. I also have to modify the drawer on the vanity so it can close. I also need to install a door stop. If you're wondering why I am now going into such detail, half of this is for my own benefit because I cannot keep track of everything anymore. 12/25 edit i didn’t post yesterday cause I was up till 4am and running on fumes. It’s going on 4 again this night but at least I got some sleep under my belt. so let’s start with yesterday. I got the plumbing set up for the sink. I modified the rear of the drawer by moving it forward 3 inches so the drawer could shut with the drain behind it. I set the toilet but found I had the wrong water supply line. My friend came over and installed a towel rack, hand towel hold and tp holder. He also swapped out the face plates for the switches. Found out I bought the wrong faceplate for the plug. I also started installing trim. Today I woke up and ran to the hardware store to get the right water supply line, the right faceplate for the plug, a masonry bit and curtain rings. Then later that night I installed the baseboard and casing for the door. I installed water line for the toilet. I hung up the curtain. My buddy came over again and he moved the tp holder to a better spot and he cleaned the tub. We also caulked the shower and trim. We also gave the room a good cleaning and threw all my towels, soap dish, rugs and stuff in the room. Please enjoy the pictures. I’ll update one last time to share my wife’s reaction to the event.
  6. Heading out for dinner now. My family will be late but when we get home, we will have 4 more.
  7. I don't really know you that well. You don't really know me that well. That said, if there is anything I can do to help you with this battle, please reach out. I wish you the best of luck.
  8. I’ll do my best to be there. Hard to make promises these days though. Also, I have a few friends who I am sure would love to join if we had the need for extra players to fill up a lobby.
  9. I just re-installed the game. I played it quite a bit. What did you use to do?
  10. Welcome back my friend. Long time no see.
  11. It feels odd saying goodbye. I am thankful for this community that it brought you into my life but by no means will your resignation take you out of it. You are an amazing person, good leader and a tremendous friend. This community is better having had you in it. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors and implore you to reach out if you ever find yourself wanting to catch up or end up in a time of need. I will be there.
  12. I have read through all these a couple times. Also, I have gotten a PM or 2 on this event. and am excited about it! I am thankful for those willing to participate. Unfortunately, I am having some health issues at the moment (for over the last month) that is making extra activities quite daunting. This event will have to be put off until my health can get back in order. I'm going to a 3rd doctor tomorrow so hopefully it can be sorted out soon.
  13. As many of you know, a little over a year ago, I tried to get OD more involved with Twitch. Both so the community could support our streamers but also so the Twitch community could support OD as they have very large gaming communities that we can tap into. It did not go very well. Why? Because I was trying to get a bunch of people to care about something they just inherently were disinterested in (games that OD didn't play). I've taken time to reflect on everything and have found a way that would make it much more interesting for the average OD member. I am going to start with 1 event/show and go from there. I present to you, OD Survivor. OD survivor will be an event where a number of participants (OD members) will be joining me on the show and competing against each other in a number of ways. These could be anything from discussions on hidden talents, OD trivia, flash games, personal stories, and a number of other games. The audience (stream observers) will be taking an active role as judges determining who is fit to move on round to round as well as other important game decisions. The entertainment of this show is highly dependent on the guests/competitors on the stream, which leads me to ask, who is interested in joining us on the show as a competitor? As a competitor of the show, you may be asked to do or share things that you might not feel comfortable doing. This show is not intended on being G rated at this time and that said, I want to make sure that everyone is comfortable as it's my goal to make this an enjoyable experience for all involved, especially the competitors. So if you're interested in competing in the show, please take a moment to read the following questions. Please note that the questions I am asking are more on the risky side of things. Much of the event will be more tame but I am focusing on the stuff that might be a little more uncomfortable. Also, please note that saying no to any of the questions below does not mean you would not be invited to the stream. Lastly, also know that there will be prizes made available to the winner of the event. This would be something like a featured banner on the site for the division choice of the winning player, OD T-shirt or promotion (if below WO4) and stream currency that can be used for giveaway entries (like steam gift cards). Would you be willing to do the following on stream during this event: (copy and paste the following in your response). Also you can send me a PM of your answers if you prefer. What division are you from? Do you have access to and be willing to use a microphone? Do you have access to and be willing to be on webcam? Are you willing to participate in trivia games? OD Trivia? Gaming trivia? Are you willing to give a brief overview of yourself? Name? Age? Occupation? Are you willing to discuss any parts of your love life? Are you willing to discuss embarrassing stories from your past? Are you willing to share any hidden talents you may have? Is there anything off limits in terms of your personal life? (you don't have to tell me exactly what it is - just trying to get a feel) No date has been nailed down yet. Probably going to be in September or October though. Again this is kind of a kick off event for the OD community stream. Feel free to weigh in and share ideas as well and tell me what you guys think. Thanks all!
  14. Still at the hospital so these are fresh off the press.
  15. Any type of social media work is always a good idea. For a clan as successful as OD, it's surprising how weak it's social media presence is. I think for it to be successful you really have to be motivated to create content and preferably have a team that uses it every day and is adding content regularly. Lindsey and I stream 4 days a week but our social media outside of streaming is also week.
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