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  1. Any type of social media work is always a good idea. For a clan as successful as OD, it's surprising how weak it's social media presence is. I think for it to be successful you really have to be motivated to create content and preferably have a team that uses it every day and is adding content regularly. Lindsey and I stream 4 days a week but our social media outside of streaming is also week.
  2. Anyone else finds that @Badboi(OD)'s forum posts have been lit lately?

    1. Ray(OD)


      I gotta know what he did to reach 79 so quickly lol

    2. Sassy


      Troll comes to mind lol 😂 

    3. Tris(OD)


      Ray, it's because he is really just killing it lately. Sassy, I have no idea what you're talking about.

  3. We are living with Lindsey's parents so.... Sooner the better. Still got a ways to go though.
  4. It's official. Player 3 is due to arrive August 7th.

    1. MelodicRose(OD)



    2. Purplez(OD)


      Awesome, how exciting!  Congratz.

  5. Thank you for digging these up and putting them together.
  6. A New Recruit accidentally put you as his recruiter. Not sure how regularly you check the site these days with all your other life activities so I just wanted to give you a heads up on here. We'll need you to reject his application so we can change the name of his new account back to the username he wanted.

  7. Closed on our first house this week! It's a new build. They break ground next week. Very exciting 🙂

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Tris(OD)



      Here you go, Terra.


      Image may contain: tree, grass, plant, outdoor and nature

    3. Terra


      Well then. Guess it happened. 😛

      Congrats to you both. We should celebrate with drinks and rocket league sometime.

    4. TypeReaL(OD)


      Who number did I just call and demand satisfaction ? your poor real estate agent?

  8. Aerineth(OD), Badboi(OD), Ghost(OD), Doodle(OD), Tris(OD), Linds(OD), Joestealth(OD), Verg(OD), M777matt777(OD) at Tris and Linds wedding rehearsal dinner.
  9. The wedding is only a week away! Badboi(OD), Aerineth(OD), Ghost(OD) and M777Matt777(OD) are all going to be there (granted I knew Matt before OD but still). I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone.

    1. Purplez(OD)


      Congratulations to you both!  I has been a pleasure getting to know both you and Linds.  

    2. SnipeDragon(OD)


      Congratulations to you both!

    3. Sassy


      grats to both of you many happy years together 🙂 

  10. Thank you sir. At the moment there is a lot of work being done. When the dust settles a bit, I’ll have a better idea of what exactly we need.
  11. Tris(OD)


    It’s cause I came back isn’t it? I knew it!
  12. Like I said, I have been really busy. The little time I have has been very focused on what I deem most important but I assure you that I have worked very hard the last week to move things along. I don't raid random people (with rare exception-see note below). I raid 1 person at the end of each stream and the person I raid is usually very calculated. They are scouted ahead of time. Many of them are acquaintances that I have built a relationship with over time. Sometimes they are people whom I think are going to big time and I want to support them. Sometimes they are people who did work for me in the past, sometimes they are people who really help our community or maybe they are just someone who has raided me in the past and I owe em one. I almost always know their games and their schedule as to not raid someone when they go offline. I think raids are immensely important and take special care as to not squander a great opportunity. I've already got a short list of preferred victims for Sunday's raid. Going back to the 'exception' I was talking about above - occasionally I will raid with a group based on the advice of people I trust. Group raids are amazing experiences as well and are filled with opportunity. I'm glad that I was able to do that for you. My response to this whole thing has been somewhat slow and I apologize. I feel I could have stopped (some) of the bloodshed but part of the agreement about my return was to avoid the brunt of the political side of OD that I was completely anchored in previously. I enjoyed it, I believe I was good at it, but with my limited time, it was not something I wished to pursue any further. Tis' why I came back at a significantly lower rank then what the rules suggested I return at. However, in this situation, I probably should of said something sooner. That being said, I had not seen your previous response to purplez when I initially posted and now I am forced to get put my face on the tee and talk about it since it will be my second post with no other admins posting here yet and I cant just ignore it. I don't want to make a big deal out of this but I have to talk about it. I believe Terra did a brilliant job with her initial post and summed up everything that was done wrong (or at the least how it was perceived as wrong which is just as important). I urge the rest of the admins to relax a bit. Terra did what was required. We don't need to pile on. On the other hand, Jester, you did so brilliantly with your initial reaction, please try to understand people have similar opinions as Terra too and they clearly also wanted to share them (which they are entitled to as you invited them). Don't let your frustrations with Terra cause you to lash out at others who are legitimately also trying to be helpful.
  13. Tris(OD)

    I am back

    To be honest that's one of the drawbacks of this venture. I feel like I have pretty good rapport in the community and left on really solid terms. There is a risk in this venture. If I fail hard, it would be a terrible turn to my reputation and would be a sad way to then re-exit the clan. I do appreciate your kind words though, thank you. Raged/Purplez thank you for the warm welcome back :). Collin, you did not ;).
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