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  1. If you're really interested in learning how to understand the game and the theories and strategies that revolve around it, instead of a specific champion or position add me. -Vangrim
  2. My #2 would definitely have to be Draven. Pure sheer lane dominance. Destroy a couple ADC Graves in in-houses too
  3. Draven + Taric conquers all! GG to everyone, it was an honor playing with you all This post was made for my partner in crime, Wagadugu
  4. Finally won the Support + ADC tournament. Now I can sleep happy

  5. They're usually on a whim things when enough people log on.
  6. I'm glad this was all resolved in a great fashion! Here's what we all learned today: 1. Please make games with Tournament Draft 2. Games can get heated, but remember we're a clan when it's all over 3. Everyone likes 1990's television
  7. Hello. I don't believe we have spoken before but my name is VanGrim. Most people know me for my absurdly long posts on this forum. First things first, everyone here is welcome to voice their opinion, no voice should be left unheard. That being said, we take these kinds of posts very seriously (with you saying you don't want to be apart of this clan anymore). If you really do choose to be vocal about the said inhouse and decide to define it as "untasteful", please be descriptive with your explanation. This thread is very confusing for people who were not a participant of said game, and this can
  8. I use to play minecraft until the sun came up with a bunch of members. Good old' times. Would definitely be looking forward to a minecraft server
  9. Clan Overdosed already possess a ventrillo channel to be used by its members.
  10. Relevant. Any idea when you'll be back partner?
  11. Our mission statement. We strive to make our division the greatest it can be. We do not settle for less. We will not stand idle while there is a problem that we can fix. We strive for perfection. We are a community. We move as one unit. We stand united. We are Clan Overdosed.
  12. There are 3 different types of basic jobs. Each job requires a different mind set and requires different skills. In this thread we will outline the 3 different types and some responsibilities involving doing work for the Community Squad. Because no pay is (currently) given to members of the Community Squad, we cannot ask that you work a 9 to 5 work schedule. Thus, all work done with the Community Squad is voluntary. Because of this, you can choose how much or how little work you do with us. Credit will be given where credit is due. RECON Reconnaissance jobs are all about acquiring informati
  13. We have already looked at most of the applications, including yours. You'll get accepted into the Community Squad and then you'll receive a PM on the main site. There you will find everything you need to know, including how to access the C-Squad forums. Please be patient. We are making sure everything is perfect before we open up the gates.
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