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    eViLoVe DragMeToHell
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    My Favorite movies are: DragMeToHell Avatar Lord of the Rings I am Legend Twister Independence Day
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    I like : Lynrd Skynrd Eric Clapton Carlos Santana Linkin Park
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    Lord of the Rings The Relikt Deeper Shadows
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    Two and a half men Everybody love Raymond King of Queens What´s up dad?

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    Moenchengladbach, Germany
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    Other than playing Starcraft, I like playing the guitar and going swimming
    I also read a lot sounds nerdy but who cares ;)
  1. Zerg is the best haha xDD

  2. Well, he´s not a Pro-Gamer^^ Mondragon;) But he was damn good for a Non-Pro My fav, and our best player in Germany xD
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