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  1. I’m so sorry Julie. If you need to talk anytime, I’m here for you. Praying for the kids.
  2. I don't have any questions for A-A-Ron. I've seen his actions personally and feel very comfortable with giving my full vote of confidence. I have asked Aaron to help me and he has come through in the clutch. Whether it be simple requests or graphical work. I have seen his conflict resolution skills and he's up to pair with any drama. I have also seen his level-headedness and waits before jumping to conclusions. Thanks for everything you do for the community. ~Good Luck on Phase 2~
  3. https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/overwatch-ptr-balance-changes/370540 Has Overwatch saved their game from the stale meta? BIG CHANGES: Global ultimate cost increased 12% Will this just cause the goats to be delay game play even longer? Or will it have the intended change to increase the variety of viable comps and characters?
  4. OD Saturday Fight Night is Back Again: Chess Edition! The Overdosed Gaming Chess Club would like to formally invite you to our event: ODCC Rapid 2. I will be hosting our second ever chess tournament this Saturday night. I will be using LiChess (LiChess.org) and you will need to make an account. All are welcome. More details to come. It will start from 8-10pm EST. Check-in time is 7:55. Anyone is invited to participate. I will be streaming the event at www.twitch.tv/miamibadboi Format: 10 Minute + 5 Second Increment #ODSocialMedia Participants Badboi
  5. Apex is fun. Just hop on Teamspeak and come get me. Mobile eh? Melanie plays the Harry Potter Mobile Game. Yea, I was brewing for a while but I've been too busy to make a batck. @Freebird(OD) is still actively brewing. I'll have to hit you up next time I'm in Alabama. We have a discord but it is not as active as our teamspeak.
  6. This topic is now marked as resolved. If you feel your problem/situation was not fixed please get in contact with Administration.
  7. Good to see you Jeff. You still playing shooters? I'm into Apex Legends now.
  8. @CompFreak(OD) May be able to help. I had a similar situation to that, but the issue was so rare that you probably don’t have the same problem that I had. I had lightning strike the outside router (apartment complex). Some of the current traveled to my board and fried my Ethernet adapter. I took it to the shop and they said that they had never seen that happen before. Have you restarted?
  9. This topic is now marked as resolved. If you feel your problem/situation was not fixed please get in contact with Administration.
  10. Most of all generals have these already stated in their evaluations.
  11. Welcome to the community
  12. Interesting question v3n0m. I am actually of a differing opinion and that's what's cool about the community is that we add our prospective together and see if we can compromise. There are 28 ranks in our community, but five ranks (1 unofficial) that I feel are major milestones. I believe the other incremental ranks are for "all the feelz", but what's funny is that people get the most butthurt about others climbing up these incremental ranks quickly. If someone goes from WO1 to WO5 in a month and a half, many members are all up in arms. However, what happens if after that they sat at WO5 for 1,156 days. To me, the major ranks are Enlisted+, Division Lead, Officer, General, and Commander. Everything in-between are "power ups". So in my world, worrying about how fast an enlisted goes up the incremental ranks is making mountains out of molehills. Also, while this is a Q&A there are many opinions in the clan; even among generals and commanders. Even on the topic of insta-disable. I believe that if you are a legal or security threat, we will ban first and ask questions later.
  13. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Welcome to the community.
  15. Badboi(OD)

    Hello clan!

    Do you play Apex Legends?
  16. GD, (by the way GD is a term some Christians use because they are not allowed to take the lords name in vain) your point is correct for major tier changes, but not minor tier changes (to WO and SO). Another point on justice. Yes, it is in the eyes of the beholder. However, I believe we are doing our best to improve. For example, pre-2010 someone was demoted 7 ranks for picking up someone gold during a duel. On the promotion side pre-2014, there was no evaluation system for generals, a single general or commander promoted who they liked at the time behind closed doors. There was no transparency or consensus. Also, I’m not in total agreement with your comparison to “getting the large electoral college states”. As Führer Cheetoh has accomplished, you can get many lower value states (Enlisted) and still win the election. I’ve seen a member overcome -38 from Commanders, Generals, and Officers to obtain their officers rank with many enlisted and warrant officers behind them. Lastly, I was also demoted and a little butthurt. I had enough votes to remain at my 4* rank. However, after I criticized others’ evaluations, they had changed their votes in retaliation and I was demoted. I chose to work on myself and the things I could control. I outstayed the vote-changers and earn my right to run this community. That is why I have a special connection to members like you and former members like @Ray(OD). My example shows that it is possible to be demoted and then make a comeback.
  17. According to Steam: Recent Activity 67.0 hours past 2 weeks And 24 Hours on Apex Legends in 2 weeks. However, I might be an outlier as I’m the gaming Commander. —- Have you heard of the OD Chess Club? We had a tournament last weekend. I sometimes forget that I leave TS on when I leave my apartment. Most members do not need the assistance of a general. About 3 or 4 years ago, we gave more and more powers to division leaders and officers, so that generals were not required to run a division. Not only that, but we answer PMs on the forum. That’s probably the most effective way to contact generals. The Social Media Project is a great project that will get the clan on the map. #SocialMedia @MelodicRose(OD) may be able to tell you more about it and the amount of time she and @Purple(OD) puts into the project. It’s interesting that the perception is that OD is now doing a knee-jerk reaction to increase transparency. We (especially @R.agnarok(OD) And @TriSod), have made significant transparency changes in the past few years and continue working on them. I agree with @GhostDog(OD). More transparency is needed. I think the next thing I will try to push is to have the rules committee private forum to be public. Obviously, @Terra and I are on opposite sides of the argument, but compromise and trial and error will always move us forward. It’s true that change doesn’t happen overnight with a clan this size. The biggest transparency concern that OD has made since I’ve been hear is the development of the Evaluation system and to make it fully transparent. Before the evaluation system, generals were promoted and demoted in a good ole boys system in the general’s forum.
  18. Good Afternoon Ghost Dog, Thank you for sparking this conversation. I know there may be some (the ranks) that are shy at posting that have the same questions. Keep ‘em coming. Full transparency: All Generals have the power to edit posts and Admin CP users can edit them incognito. While Admin CP users don’t use this power on purpose, it’s the default and we try our best to leave reasoning for edits. While there are a variety of reasons we edit a post, we typically rarely have to do so. One reason that has not been mentioned is to consolidate a thread. For example, we will most likely edit Terra’s original post to accumulate all of the Q&A to the OP.
  19. @Ray(OD), where did you get your soundboard?
  20. The funnier thing is that my kill came with 6 squads left.
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