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  1. I’ll be hosting another Saturday Chess Tournament on Saturday for several hours. Feel free to check in and watch some games or participate yourself. Tournament is subject to change based on participants. If there are 15+ games played in the tournament, a promo for the highest podium finisher below MWO5 will be the prize.
  2. Congrats to @Varo(OD) for winning the OD Open 6 and @MadBROBOTO(OD) for his third place finish. Thanks to @JuJu(OD) for hosting and participating. Commander Badboi(OD) awarded Sergeant First Class Varo(OD) the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal for Won the OD Open 6. on Sun Apr 4th, 2021 at 12:38:17 PM GMT.
  3. Maybe this is a great time to reflect for those who nominate leaders who haven’t been able to time to show the performance improvement necessary for the promotion that they’ve nominated the person to. Comp, I think you should’ve gotten your fifth star last time and there was nothing that has changed my mind this time. In fact, I’ve been able to squeeze out about 10-20 hours from you in the past three months for strategic planning spreadsheets that will benefit the community.
  4. In March 2021, the Generals have decided to clarify the Core Expectations for the Officers and Sr. Officers. The Guide to Everything is updated. Please see below. Senior Officer Leaders within their division and the community tasked with assisting all members to ensure the growth of the community. Core Expectations - Attends Admin Meetings - Regularly participates in some leadership-specific boards and chats (Officer's Board, Division Admin board, Discord Offices, Division Officer topics or clubs, etc.) - Able to manage member disputes with minimal a
  5. We will shoot for 3pm est again.
  6. 5 and a half hours of blood thirsty chess. Congrats to @Chanter(OD) and @CompFreak(OD) for their podium finishes. Thank you to @JuJu(OD), @HDK(OD), @MadBROBOTO(OD), @AWildZac(OD), @Purplez(OD), and @PureSkoomaOD for participating.
  7. If there are no security concerns please move this topic, so that everyone can comment on how we can ad bots to drive more participation on the discord. OD has done this in the past on the forums (Army) and B.net (quiz bot).
  8. I recommended Chessable to @JuJu(OD) and he thinks that it’s helping his game. They offer 5 free lessons from your favorite GMs. Very interactive. Congrats to Chanter and thanks for all of the participants.
  9. Team, unfortunately I cannot make the meeting tonight due to work. However, I stress that you please read or re-read the Rank Expectations carefully. We introduced them last month and implementation is about to occur in tomorrow’s admin meeting. As explained in the Officer’s board, we will have a 3-month window prior to execution of the red text (minimum requirements for Officers) at a decided base rank. Further discussion will occur in tomorrow’s admin meeting. Always, I am a resource for all of you. PM me at any time and I respond on the weekends (weekday response is limited based o
  10. Unfortunately, I got work assigned to me this Saturday. If you'd like, I can show you how to create an Arena and you can host without me.
  11. Congrats to @Chanter(OD) for winning the OD Open 3! A big thank you to @JuJu(OD), @HDK(OD), @LightningWolves(OD), & @PureSkoomaOD for participating. Commander Badboi(OD) awarded Warrant Officer WO1 Chanter(OD) the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal for Winner of the OD Open 3 Chess Tournament was written into log.
  12. Before the tournament, you can watch the professionals on YouTube. They start at 11am EST. Just search for “Meltwater”. https://chess24.com/en/read/news/magnus-carlsen-faces-firouzja-giri-on-day-1-of-his-invitational
  13. Good Morning Team, We are inactivating the Rules Committee at this time. We are placing it on the OD shelf until a time where it is needed. With the effectiveness of the forums, community meetings, and administration a need to have a neutral arbitration committee is less than the cost of slowing down the progress. We will re-evaluate the need in the future. Thank you for the time and work you have given to the committee.
  14. This topic is now marked as resolved. If you feel your problem/situation was not fixed please get in contact with Administration.
  15. There is an app I use called Magnus Trainer that I used to learn. It’s on iOS and free to download. It has a premium feature, but isn’t needed.
  16. As we more and more interest and as our ELOs stabilized, we can dream of having two brackets.
  17. Great idea. You should start working on a new name for it. It shouldn’t have the word “Elite” if it’s casual.
  18. @JuJu(OD) was talking creating an Elite Month Tournament that is a Round Robin best of 3. If there is interest, he can make a sign up thread and start in April, if there is enough interest.
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