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  1. Snickers. Who is your favorite leader that you’ve worked with since you’ve joined? Why? Who was the hardest to work with?
  2. I like the bottom one Snickers. Discord is not Teamspeak. Because of Teamspeak’s look, we had to implement the bars. It is not necessary for Discord.
  3. Very entertaining. @Hari(OD), maybe one day there will be peace. After all, I think it was @Sassy’s people that drew the borders.
  4. @Terra, he probably golfs with @R.agnarok(OD). GJ SK. We definitely don’t need that. OD should support other members with game info that they don’t know, not make fun of people for having a stronger character, more game knowledge, or more skilled. Also, having mental issues is not excuse for being an ass. Seek help, follow the docs instructions, or get therapy. Mental health is important.
  5. Welcome to the community! I wish you and your family good health.
  6. My fellow members from Canadia. I am planning to visit Montreal for a Bachelor Party. Have you guys been to the city and what is some cool shit to do. Places to eat. Of course need a decent “club”. I see that they have a casino. I’m bringing @Freebird(OD) and @Legion(OD).
  7. Welcome to the community
  8. Had fun in the Mountains last weekend.

  9. I agree membership. Both you, Snickers, Tex, and Scud have great contributions to this community, yet are not on this list yet. I also don't deserve to have 21 awards. The system is a little flawed due to people in smaller divisions having a better chance at winning in their own division category, larger divisions winning in clan-wide categories and the fact that this is really just a popularity contest. If you have any suggestions, please let @Purplez(OD) know. She tries her best to make the contest fresh and inclusive.
  10. You missed March 2018. I'm updating now. Thanks for pointing that out @Jiraiya(OD)!
  11. @Ghost(OD), are you on this yet?
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