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  1. According to Steam: Recent Activity 67.0 hours past 2 weeks And 24 Hours on Apex Legends in 2 weeks. However, I might be an outlier as I’m the gaming Commander. —- Have you heard of the OD Chess Club? We had a tournament last weekend. I sometimes forget that I leave TS on when I leave my apartment. Most members do not need the assistance of a general. About 3 or 4 years ago, we gave more and more powers to division leaders and officers, so that generals were not required to run a division. Not only that, but we answer PMs on the forum. That’s probably the most effective way to contact generals. The Social Media Project is a great project that will get the clan on the map. #SocialMedia @MelodicRose(OD) may be able to tell you more about it and the amount of time she and @Purple(OD) puts into the project.
  2. Good Afternoon Ghost Dog, Thank you for sparking this conversation. I know there may be some (the ranks) that are shy at posting that have the same questions. Keep ‘em coming. Full transparency: All Generals have the power to edit posts and Admin CP users can edit them incognito. While Admin CP users don’t use this power on purpose, it’s the default and we try our best to leave reasoning for edits. While there are a variety of reasons we edit a post, we typically rarely have to do so. One reason that has not been mentioned is to consolidate a thread. For example, we will most likely edit Terra’s original post to accumulate all of the Q&A to the OP.
  3. @Ray(OD), where did you get your soundboard?
  4. The funnier thing is that my kill came with 6 squads left.
  5. The OD Victory #Social Media #ThaDamages
  6. @Triny(OD), do you know any members who are active in game?
  7. Congratulations to @CompFreak(OD) for winning the first OD Rapid 1 with 18 points! Commander Badboi(OD) awarded Lieutenant General CompFreak(OD) the American Campaign Medal for Winning the OD Rapid 1 (Chess Tournament) on Sun May 12th, 2019 at 02:12:34 AM GMT. #SocialMedia
  8. Event date changed to Saturday (@Triny Please update on #SocialMedia)
  9. Good Morning Rich, You bring up a great point. I would also like to bring some clarification on the purpose of the community meeting. These meetings are designed for all members of the community to get a better understanding of how the clan operates and give feedback. No policies can be changed during these meetings, but suggestions will be taken to the Rules Community and Administrative meetings. We want ideas from the community. I’m not saying “consensus recommendations” shouldn’t be taken in community meetings as polls. But be wary of the meanings of these polls or “votes”.
  10. Are they fixing the meta?
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