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  1. https://soundcloud.com/ https://24hourhiphop.com/
  2. I had to research if the statement was true or false. That took some time. As for taking it down, sometimes it’s appropriate to leave up topics to highlight the boundaries of satire and objective material.
  3. @MelodicRose(OD) @Purplez(OD) #SocialMedia
  4. Snickers, I don’t think we want these types of memes. This may sound like a snowflake comment, but on top of that it has disinformation. This meme is rather insensitive and incorrect. Blizzard was forced to modify its Chinese Comic because of the regime’s strict censorship campaign, not due to any company’s “marketing scheme”.
  5. That shows a great level a mature and humbleness. I’ve been in your shoes before and I have full confidence that you’ll be back to the highest level of leadership when you can get back into the full swing of things. Thank you for your dedication to the community.
  6. I don’t have a timeline yet, but I’ll keep you updated.
  7. Comp, I'm really torn on promotion or remain. But of course, I have to make a decision. My decision is to remain. I think you always let us know your opinion and you are always offering help. Also, I do think you have made massive improvements since the last evaluation, but there is still room for improvements. Try not to jump to conclusions without going to the person first (you should know the thread I'm talking about) and don't make broad acquisitions when 1-on-1 conversations are needed. If you need support to handle this situation, please reach out to the Commanders instead of throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks. Like I said, this was a very difficult decision to make, but thanks for everything you do comp.
  8. I won't pile on too much, as Mike already hit the points I wanted to make, but I am also voting to demote you to Sr. Officer. You have the experience enough to know what was required of your rank, but you neither committed to putting in the work needed (as Terra made the point in your non-participation) nor communicated properly (through IA request) the lack of time you have available to the community. Don't get me wrong, no one should sacrifice their livelihood for the community, but once you make a commitment to be at the highest level of leadership, we expect you to fill the role or take an IA or a step back (demotion) until you are ready to be fully committed.
  9. Mike, please keep in mind the delivery of some of your posts. That is my big concern moving forward. However, I still think you got what it takes to hold on to your JPEG.
  10. Is there ever a time that you feel overwhelmed with things in life+gaming+OD? and if so who do you talk to about it? or do you dip it down and keep smiling? Summer of 2011, I burnt out. Took me a year and a half to dig out. I pull my sorry ass back up, manned up, and adequately budgeted my time between OD, work, and school. In 2013-2015 it was great. Now since, I have my "real" job, I don't have any issues. I just game when I get home or on the weekends. Is their ever a time where your work environment pressures you and requires you to put other things on the back-burner on weekends and evenings? Yes. Every weekday I work anywhere from 10-14 hours. It's management. If you were given $500 & a team of 3 dedicated members to allocate 10 hours a week to spend on creating a better community what would you invest it on? Website Overhaul
  11. Good Evening Comp, By the way, thanks for helping me out with my computer issue and thanks for taking the time for making an evaluation and putting yourself out there to own the accountability piece of our position. Similar to Mike, there were several times where you were standoff to your peers on the forum to the point in which it may be seen as a personal attack. I have seen this occasionally in the past, but it has become more consistently lately. What has changed to make you approach challenges this way? I also have some additional questions for you below. What irritates you about other leaders, and how do you deal with it? What is your greatest fear for the community? Who has impacted you most in OD, and how? What's the most important thing you've learned in OD?
  12. What was your most important post of this evaluation period? What was your favorite thread you created this evaluation period?
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