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  1. Congrats to @Badboi(OD), @CompFreak(OD), and @JuJu(OD) for podium finishes. Thank you Salax(OD), @priceless(OD), @Chanter(OD), @FollowMe(OD), @HDK(OD), and @PureSkoomaOD for participating! @JuJu(OD), being the only eligible podium winner, will get a promo next week. Set Rank - Successfully Chief Warrant Officer CWO3 juju(OD) has been promoted to Chief Warrant Officer CWO4 Commander Badboi(OD) promoted Chief Warrant Officer CWO3 juju(OD) to Chief Warrant Officer CWO4 for Congratulations on finishing on the podium with 8 points in the OD Open Ra
  2. I understand completely. On LiChess, they have correspondence game. I'm down for a game anytime and we can play slow, so it's less stressful. I hope your help improves. https://lichess.org/@/BadboiOD
  3. #TwitterTeam #SocialMedia OD is ready!
  4. Haha when I read “Budget Builds for D2R”, I thought this thread would be about minimum requirements for running the game. Some of our fellow D2 members may have to upgrade their Pentium Processors. https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/284798
  5. Since the poll is tied, we can split the difference and set it up for next Saturday at 3pm.
  6. How is this going to impact OP Clan OD
  7. Fellow Chess Enthusiasts, If there is interest, I will be hosting our second OD Chess Rapid tournament most likely on Saturday March 6th. I will be using LiChess (10+5) and you will need to make an account. More details to come. If you are interested, please fill out the poll. Create your account ahead of time at https://lichess.org/. Join our club today!
  8. I’ll be on tonight to discuss. and Chess Event
  9. Praying for you guys. Unfortunately, as weather is getting more and more extreme, these things will occur more often. @MelodicRose(OD) can explain more and list some steps you should take to prepare.
  10. The Commanders have taken a hard look at our rank expectations in order to institute massive reforms that not only affect community leadership as a whole, but also specifically address expounding upon the pathway to its highest leadership role by expanding the essential roles based on the demands of the community. Previously, expectations for 1* and 2* required heavy divisional leadership. While these expectations are still contained as a avenue to advancement, additional tracks were created based on the needs of OD Gaming. The principles behind these different expectations categories are now
  11. This is request is complete.
  12. If I remember correctly, when the game first shipped, you couldn't run through your summons. Which made raising skellies not viable on small maps.
  13. You check all of the boxes below. Keep on going Raged!
  14. Pops. I have very similar advisement that I've dropped on Triny's eval. Communication,, Communication,, Communication,, Communication,, Communication,, Communication. Just drop some comms on the Gens Board and make sure that you've trained your team so that they can be successful when you have to dip out and then pick it back up with you dip back in. You have the skills to do your 3* thing as one of D2's leaders. I'm giving you another 3 months to strut your stuff and take it on. I'll leave you some parting words from our mutual friend Sassy about you "Yep that true tell him man the fuck up lo
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