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  1. Sounds like Aer and Terra are on the case. I haven't been in this mug as long as you, but I hung out with some of the OG's since 2008. I've seen leaders flaunt their shit over the years. But the buck stops at the Commanders. No 100% guarantee we can break up the concrete, but we try our best to make positive change. JuJu, this community is led much different than ten or twenty years again, when the OGs would have thrown even more ban hammers and not listened to their critics. I do want to share an outsider perspective on ODD2. I understand that being legit makes ODD2 attractive for players that enjoy playing the game without botting. However, maintaining that standard is very difficult without built in anti-cheats or support from the game developers. As you can see with Ray, joining OD is pretty easy. So there are many botters that join OD and say that they are legit now. They may even be worse bad actors by trolling the legit players. We don't tolerate that. However, Administration aka the Bot Police, tries their best to make sure everyone is legit. We take each bot accusation very seriously and have a dedicated part of the forum for investigations into each allegation. We have to be sure that they are botting before disabling. It would be a shame if we disabled a legit player. Finally the icing on the cake. I believe that the majority of D2JSP has botted items. But, let's not get into that debate. Either way, JuJu. Thanks for your concern.
  2. Commander Badboi(OD) disabled First Sergeant juju(OD) for https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bad juju - was written into log.
  3. No I don't think I should have done anything more. As much as @Terra and I have been on opposite sides of the spectrum (some members would not even know that I recruiter her in the ODSC2 channel), but we have had superb teamwork. Oh course, we must not forgot R.ag, our anchor on the U.S.S. OD. I have always been on the side of "Your work within the past evaluation will speak more volumes than the words and participation in your evaluation". I believe you may be in the other school of thought. Also, Sunset could have mentioned that he's seen my leadership skill set in action for the past ten years and approves. The "bias" is an allusion to the fact that he set ranked me from Enlisted to Officer, because he saw my potential as one of his successors. Sassy has only seen my leadership for six years, but has acutely experienced my support when she needed it most. My opinion is that it is not fair to assess evaluation threads before they are even due/started. Thanks for the questions and discussion starters (Purp and Aaron as well).
  4. The simple answer: It's time for leadership to step down when they are no longer benefiting their division and/or the community as a whole. In my 10 years, I've seen three different things play out with a new up-in-coming leader(s) and ineffective leadership. A) Leadership steps down and new leadership steps in. B) Old Leadership remains and creates a barrier for new leadership. C) Old leadership mentors new leadership. Obviously, C>A>B. When B happens, senior leadership and I get involved. Of course, I'm talking about division leadership and Generals+. No. There are some situations where a division is succeeding, but the leader needs to step down or mentor. I've done this in SC2 (2011) and LoL (2015). There are also times when a division is stagnant, but the leader doesn't need to step down. D2 in any period before reset. Lastly, there are division that eventually die out to do lack of interest. Myself again in OW (2016-2019). We left due to a terrible meta. However, I can judge if a leader needs to step down based on a multi-faceted approach. I look not only at the performance of their division, but also their community contributions, character, and activeness.
  5. None. Terra made sure that Comp handled the donations. In the 5 months you were IA/Disabled, I missed was your creative ideas the most.
  6. Participating in VoIP and enjoy gaming with members of the community.
  7. Good Morning Fellow Members, If there is interest, I will be hosting our second OD Chess Rapid tournament this Friday night. I will be using LiChess and you will need to make an account. More details to come. It will start from 8-10pm EST. If you are interested, but cannot attend at that time, please fill out the poll. Join our club today!
  8. I contributed a litte bit to @CompFreak(OD)'s Analysis of Phase 1 passing Generals and the Phase 2 Outcomes. Although, I only poured a few hours into it and Comp many sleepless nights, I want to share it to the OD public. Eventually @CompFreak(OD) and I need to gather all of the data analytics that we've done into a single thread. It's interesting (I think). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SUFyNhVSQpkGSxAwTslXVL1MNJWHjnLwJuHmf6zSiYs/edit?usp=sharing The Phase 2 Data is very interesting. Average Voters per Promotion ( + & - ) 25.41 Average Officer Votes Per Promo: 6.73 Avg. Neg Votes / Promo: 0.87 % Over 30 votes received (+ & -) 20.59% Number of Evaluees Failing Phase 2 4/63
  9. As @MelodicRose(OD) pointed out to me, the permissions were not set up right for this board. Oops. We have fixed it. The Private Discussion Sub-Forum will remain Private to Rules Committee Members, Generals, & Commanders.
  10. Link to my last Evaluation: I prefer to post an evaluation annually, so that members can ask questions about my contributions that I give to the community and make it a better place for everyone. Here are the expectations for the position. Evaluation Criteria Commanders - Can aptly judge the direction and status of the Clan to insure it is progressing in a manner suitable and safe for the community - Can solve the problems that nobody else can solve - Communicates regularly with the other Commanders to keep each other informed and on the same page - Identifies and intervenes in any situations that pose a risk to the integrity of the community - Attends General-Specific meetings - Votes on all General Evaluations that take place Individual Performance - Can aptly judge the direction and status of the Clan to insure it is progressing in a manner suitable and safe for the community. Check, I step in a resource when needed. - Can solve the problems that nobody else can solve. Check. Ask any of the Commanders, I'm not afraid to make hard decisions. - Communicates regularly with the other Commanders to keep each other informed and on the same page. Kinda Check. Communication is still an area where I need to improve on. - Identifies and intervenes in any situations that pose a risk to the integrity of the community. Check. I'm on tap whenever needed. - Attends General-Specific meetings Check as well. I believe that I have missed one last year. - Votes on all General Evaluations that take place . Check. I see myself as the harder to get votes Overall Community Performance Since last year, there have been many performance measures of the clan that have stabilized. We now support more than 5 games with multiple divisions outside the ARPG genre. We currently support a RTS, but not a MOBA, or MMORPG as a major division. Our overall member count is the lowest in 5 years. However, we have made gains in developing and retaining top leaders. Despite adding more rigorous standards and an evaluation period for our highest ranking members, we now have the most Generals and Commanders in the past 6 years with 4 more officers looking to join the fold. With these great leaders, we have reduced the number of disruptive situations (drama) and created a stable environment. Community Involvement Host of Admin and General's Meetings Rules Committee Member Active PoE Advisor and Warzone Gamer Various Commander Duties Data Analytics President of the OD Chess Club Leading Statement Wow, I can't believe that it has been 10 years! Thank you everyone for all of the things you do to make the community fun and safe. Now, back to my eval. I believe that I have fulfilled all criteria above and should remain at the position of Commander or "an Executive Leader". I have made major community decisions, managed the overall operations and resources of the community, and acted as a point of communication between staff and members. In the past 4 years as Commander, I have switched my role in community leadership to making high-level strategic decisions and directing the community's overall goals, but reducing the hands-on involvement with day-to-day operations. My gaming, meeting attendance, and VoIP activity have remained the same and I continue to set the tone, vision, and sometimes the culture of the community. This will be my first year not "leading" a division. As I have left SC2, LoL, and Overwatch. I am currently a part of PoE and serve in an advisory role. For the community, I have remained professional, respectful, supportive, responsive, in communication, and informative. There are still some commitments that I have lagged on, as far as the rules committee dealings, but overall I believe my performance should grant me a continued mandate to lead this community. Thank you and I look forward to answering any questions you may have. Just a reminder to those not familiar with the current eval process, posts are limited to 2 question posts (can have multiple questions per post), and 1 opinion and/or statement post, per person.
  11. You can download it through steam or the stand alone program that GGG has.
  12. Powers can be found in the Guide to Everything,
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