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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Also, I’ll be in Mexico from 8/5-8/8.
  3. Of course I’m in. Hopefully no injuries this year. Zeke ducked me last year.
  4. I didn’t see a picture place to do that. Thankfully, no one hits 9,000 posts every day. In fact, it would take Terra five posts a day for a year to hit it.
  5. I have created a custom badge and have awarded it to the two members who have qualified. Congrats @SnowWhite and @f0xX(OD) for having over 9000 posts.
  6. We’ll see you later Space Cowboy.
  7. Like JD stated, the logs aren’t perfect, so the best thing we can do is rely on memory. Over the past ten years, I’ve seen more fail then pass that have had negative votes. Usually someone is put up with a +1 from an enlisted that’s voting on imperfect information. The neg votes come in and the promotion is removed from the waiting list via a request. That happens the majority of the time. The other two options are: member passes promotions with negative votes and member fails promotions with negative votes. I would agree that option one occurs more often then option two. The main factor is if the promotion is a tier rank change. The majority of the time, if the member has something glaring that they need to work on, they will most of the time not pass the tier change because people are throwing their full weight behind the negative vote. On non-changing, the neg votes don’t have as much bite and are a reminder of the things that they have to work on. In the end, we all want the same goal. To provide the best community for our members. To do that, we must continuously improve. To help each other improve, we have to get honest feedback. Having a worship session on someone’s promotion, when they need to work on something is not going to help them. We help each other by giving the honest feedback and supporting each other to get better.
  8. Very true. In most circumstances, voice is better at conveying points than text. However, when you can’t get all stakeholders on voice at the same time, we have to resort to forums. I pro tip that I do. Whenever I see a Great Wall of text from @Aerineth(OD), I copy and paste it into text to speech website. 😄
  9. My vote is that it is a committee, not a squad and that the webdev/GFX Team is a Team not a squad that can be better tracked on Discord and the forums, not the squad site list. But that’s not my sword to fall on.
  10. It’s definitely a non-squad. I’m more than happy to discuss demoting squads to non-squad.
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