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  1. Oh man....im on SC2... Creation.life It feels like when Starcraft first came out and everyone was building random shit and had no idea what they're doing. Even in the platinum leagues.
  2. BigBaller, I don't dislike you, I'm just bored. :] But i hate flowergirl.* Key : * = sarcasm :] = Happy Face
  3. Gotta love this kid. If the BM policy were truly in effect he wouldn't be above WO2. Walker please try to defend the clan of which you are supposed to "represent" instead of yourself and the guy whose ### you kiss. Easiest advice to take in the world. Plain and simple.
  4. Yes, we love to talk about how even people on the internet didn't respect you. I can only imagine your lonely basement life. I hear jerking off has gotten you late to your job at kinko's on more than one occasion.
  5. I guess i thought i had been a good boy, so i promoted myself today.
  6. Artist's Rendering of Me - Poison the Well
  7. UnDeaD

    so true

    Edmonton hasn't been good since the 80's andrew you wernt even alive back then.
  8. It isn't easy to recruit on BW anymore.
  9. UnDeaD

    Bye guys.

    Yea i'll keep in touch with you losers. I gave up my rank and all that ###### as an example for you guys. Don't get caught up in trying to advance the clan, or you will get ####ed over infinitely, and I don't wanna see that happen to you guys. But if you ever wanna AIM me, have questions, or just wanna shoot the ######, I'm on MykeTython sometimes. So take care guys. -Joe
  10. ROFL, Praise?! You are still here. And I did more in 2 months than you will ever do in the rest of your pathetic time in OD. If you consider yourself a faithful member of OD that is; I mean, I look at your sig, and it seems to contradict your posts. I'd also like to add that TheWalker should feel honored that Ghostd(OD) respects him. I mean who would take that for granted. I mean..###### Ghostd(OD) himself. Psst Walker...This is Ghostd, meet me in the tall bushes after class, i want to suck your #### off to get another rank in this computer clan, <3 Ghostd. Actually, in my post i didn't state that as my reason for leaving. But since you are going to quote shane, maybe you should read more of what he said. Ghostd take your own advice or stop talking. Awesome, thanks for wasting my time.
  11. Oh man this is going to be fun. I wish I had more time to pick apart your pointless posts and aimless blabbering, but I'll have to do what little I can at the moment. The reason you only count only that many disablements is because most people didn't respect this clan enough to leave a resignation nor care enough to tell anybody they were going. They only stayed in this clan to begin with because i asked them to. And they respected ME. I won't take full responsibility for making the B.net channels alive, but i started the "movement" if you will, to bring OD to life. With the help of the BW guys i brought in and the original BW guys i became friends with, and even some diablo guys that i know, we made the channel "Clan OD" a fun place. But GL with it now. Also I'd like to point out the people that were disabled for 8 DSL were CS , WOW, and Diablo. HAHAHA. After your demotion for BM and your apoliges for BM, you still just don't give a ######. If you don't get more demotions , it will prove that this was for nothing. Everyone can believe your 5 minute BS bill clinton ###### letter of apology and lie to their faces, but i see through your ###### lies. As do many others. That's really easy to say. But let's see somebody do what I did. You can say all the ###### you want about people in the past did this, and during summer this and that. ODBW is done.
  12. UnDeaD

    Bye guys.

    I think it was best said by Omni: I was already planning on this day, before the mass demotions of people who did nothing to deserve them. But I had hope for a change in what was an almost perfect clan, only short of leadership at the highest ranks. And if it wasn't for most of you BW guys i wouldn't have even stayed in this long. But my concern for you guys is still intact, that is why i cannot be a part of what is going on. It is unfair to take part in what will surely screw you over in the near future. I tried to change that, but the only people willing to help, do not have the power. I also learned that General's meetings are pointless, we (being the 1* and 2* generals) all agreed that Brood War needed its own high ranking Generals, because we have none beyond 2*. (Chobo doesnt count he gets on once every 3 months, he would even tell you he doesn't count). But the higher ranks simply shot down our ideas with no explanations. Anyways I have completely lost faith in the leadership. And im just tired of being in a clan where the the main game of the only 2 active leaders is the least represented game in the clan. People who know nothing about B.net tell us what is best for it, and don't listen to us. Thanks to the BW guys mostly, and actually alot of D2 players who i became friends with in the channel, and War3 players as well. It was fun while it lasted. -Joe
  13. Because Omni knows that's not how you run a clan successfully.
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