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  1. anytime time really. I'm going to try to be on around the time you mentioned.
  2. it was scl. I have everything except the ammy. Just going to get it from Darkgrey.
  3. ohhhh yessss lol. Jsp has been a bust. Would I find you in TS3 or Discord? or ingame D2? oh baby lol. Do you use TS3 or Discord?
  4. Thank you very much ^.^ I posted on jsp too. I find it funny how hard this is lmao.
  5. Ok so I know probably no one is hanging on to Vidala set pieces lol. But I am in need of the Armor, Boots, and Ammy. So if anyone happens to stumble across these pieces let me know 😄
  6. I am down to walk too. Send me a message if there is a spot.
  7. I'll shoot my shot lol. I recently lost my account that I made back in 1.08 everyone and the account expired. I couldn't get the game to launch so I just let it sit. I had fully geared Blizz Sorc, Hdin, Smiter, CS Java, Bowazon, and 3 mules. I ended up playing single player with plugy mod trying to do the Holy Grail. So I completely forgot about my online account. I friend of 14 years and I have started to play together for the first time ever lol. We both loved D2 growing up together but never had to opportunity to play together. So a full character would actually help us both out. So yeah that's my shot xD
  8. I made a Clan OD in Div 2 yesterday. Only Priceless and I are in it at the moment lol. My Uplay is SpikeSpiegelOD
  9. Both of his parents are Lawyers too. His father said he is proud of his son and is actually looking forward to this.
  10. Final Fantasy II, III (NA), Chrono Trigger, Shadowrun, and Terranigma off the top of my head.
  11. Damn straight. I wonder what my handle would be if my friend didn't introduce me to Cowboy Bebop 10+ years ago lol
  12. I sold a ring on jsp in 2008-2009 for 2000 FG. It was a 20 Fcr - 15 Dex - 40 Life - and duo res ( can't remember which 2)
  13. I was going to get MH:W for PS4 but I kept holding off. I wonder what it will be like on PC. Mouse and Keyboard or use Steam/PS4 controller? lol. Anyways I'm going to pre-order on steam this week.
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