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  1. HBD Korhal

    1. Townkill(OD)


      Happy solar revolution buddy.

  2. hApPy bIrThDaY KoRhAl 🙂 

  3. chkwng is on everyday and very active on teamspeak ,I looked out for him last night and kindly reminded him. I will get back to you sir once I get a clearer picture of what we really want to accomplish and honestly just wanna get him to understand that there is a networking aspect and outreach tactic of sorts needed. For example, using the OD twitter to tweet when streaming, utilizing the forums so he can perhaps attract OD members and Non OD members to take a peek , using the main website sidebar feature , small things of that nature 💪
  4. Just spoke with chknwg and he is going to be streaming about 6-8 hours a day , he plans on streaming POE, playing music.I have notified him about these efforts and how we plan on taking initiative here. Would love to get him squared away because he is a perfect candidate for what we intend to do here.
  5. We're wrapping up Season Eight of Build of the Week by featuring a Deadeye build that takes many of the mechanics we've covered in earlier episodes of this season and combines them to generate up to fifty clones of yourself which absolutely melt bosses. Check out the full episode for more information about this build and how it works. For more in-depth information about the build, check out c9q9md's build guide here. Thanks to everyone who submitted builds for this season of Build of the Week! We've had a blast creating the series and
  6. Skippitty bump, please take a look and use this frequently , Internet = Homo Sapiens best friend
  7. I play Both, join us on teamspeak
  8. woot im glad , we are always on teamspeak lemme know if you ever need anything
  9. Haha, I was thinking about the same thing, thank you so much for taking a look at these ,"Builds of the week" and participating with responses.
  10. I am excited , good luck to everyone !!!, I should be able to participate as well.
  11. In this episode of Build of the Week we're doing something a little different. We're looking at several similar builds used by a variety of classes, all of which use the unique wand The Poet's Pen to trigger a specific set of spells. What results is a mind-melting sequence of movement and explosions. Here are builds which were used in this episode: Hierophant Poet's Pen build by SilverSequence Juggernaut Poet's Pen build by dvs_m0rph
  12. In this episode of Build of the Week, we're showcasing tarpan's build for a Juggernaut that doesn't do much killing itself, but instead takes a more supportive role for the two minions it manifests. It does this by using the fated version of the Dancing Dervish unique sword, the Dancing Duo. For more information about this build, check out tarpan's build guide here. If you'd like to submit your build for the next episode, just post a build-guide in the class forums.
  13. Super excited , and thank you dave
  14. In just less than a month, we're going to start promotion for Path of Exile's next big release - currently known as Content Update 3.3.0. While it's too early to reveal the full details of this release, we wanted to answer some general questions about its scope so that you have an idea of what to expect (and when). Is 3.3.0 an Expansion or League? After a few years of alternating expansions and leagues, we released two expansions back-to-back in late 2017. Our March release blurred the line between an e
  15. In this episode of Build of the Week, we're showcasing Some_Day's Hierophant that makes use of self-cast Righteous Fire and Scorching Ray totems. This build combines high single-target burning damage through multiple Scorching Ray totems with wide area-of-effect burning damage from Righteous Fire. For more information about this build, check out Some_Day's build guide here. If you'd like to submit your build for the next episode, just post a build-guide in the class forums.
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