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  1. What channel are you guys using now? Trying to connect to the clan channel to hang out, but it is restricted. Can I get whitelisted?
  2. Happy birthday Mike!

    1. Terra


      Happy birthday.

  3. Damn Tris! Just as I return you are leaving =[. I will always keep the Tris Signal light shining in hopes you return someday.
  4. If you use JSP, I’d give you some FG for it.
  5. I personally think the choice should be more revolved around functionally and use case for the clan and less about popularity. However; I do agree that the chat system is way more robust in Discord compared to TS3. I also like that I get notifications on my phone if I'm not on my computer.
  6. After reading some of the content in here and also contributing my own opinion, I have to be honest by saying this. I really don't see the big deal with using both TeamSpeak and Discord, like we are currently doing, and then revisit it in a month to see how it is progressing. Will the community be split? Yes. Has it ever truly been together as one? No. Will we eventually figure out the best option? Perhaps. It will take time, testing, and patience. Currently, I am in Discord quite frequently and I hardly see more than a half a dozen people in there at once (Most of them are Destiny 2 players). That being said, it seems foolish to assume that everyone is ready and willing to switch when our current server is vacant 90% of the time. On the other hand, I see TS3 a lot more full, but that could be due the lack of common knowledge that we use Discord as well. Also the comfort that we have been using that voice program for longer so it's just the go to. Overall, I do like the discussion so far, but please do not take things personal as I see some side conversations getting a bit out of hand. Keep it GM please!
  7. Would probably be helpful if you posted the code you already have so we can suggest / determine what needs to be changed. I took plenty of Java classes in college but it's been a while since I've actually coded with it.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. So if someone has admin permissions to their donor channel they can move anyone in their channel + any other channel? If I am reading that right. EX: Donor in Donor channel moves me from Test channel to Test 2 channel. Also, this is something we dealt with back in the Ventrillo days (sighh.....). If you donated X amount of dollars to the Ventrillo server, you were given server admin (No Rcon) Also cost a lot of money. We only had one person abuse it and it was dealt with within minutes. (If you can guess the name you get a gold star!)
  10. I believe Collin may be already working on donor channels. In a few other discord servers, a few buddies have channels set up in such a way, so it's doable, I'm just not sure how they accomplished it. There are plenty of third-party programs that could accomplish this. It looks like the most popular one that is showing up on Google is Audacity. We would have to test it to see how it sounds, but that wouldn't be a big deal. Discord includes DDos and IP protection VS TeamSpeak only protects your IP address. I believe TeamSpeak uses AES based encryption, but I haven't looked into it that much.
  11. Have you been in the Discord recently? I believe Collin , or whomever is working on the layout, already has put a lot of work into organizing the channels. Looks a lot cleaner than before. Otherwise, I'm sure there will be more additions (AFK channel ,ETC) but it's a great start.
  12. If i'm not mistaken. If you ban someone it's an account ban + IP ban (By discord). So unless they are going to use a VPN or a proxy , they shouldn't be coming back anytime soon.
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