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  1. knox(OD)


    My girlfriend asked me the most random question today and i didnt know how to answer it. Mostly because i honestly dont know crap about it. So here was the question " What type of roofing do you want on our house? " Just looking for imput as to what's best for long term and weather conditions. I dont even know all the types out there.. lol
  2. knox(OD)


    Just D2 LOD NL & Ladder. I'd play SC but my computer is waaay to slow for it lol.
  3. knox(OD)


    Hello all, My name is Randall and I'm 21. I'm about 5'7 and weigh 150, got Blue eyes with brown hair. I'm a pretty laid back person but im not scared to stand ground. I wont ask anyone to do anything without willingly doing it myself. I love to be outdoors. my favorite hobbies are paintball(when available, football, wrestling, basketball, baseball,soccer.) I've recently got out of the military, for those that are wondering I'm a Marine. My MOS is/was 2111 which is Small Arms Specialist or Armory. Any Questions feel free to ask.
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