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  1. Funny thing is i got free T1 connection i never have time to use. i might start playing again soonon west. never liked east 2 many nubs
  2. Gday all just Saying hi,Never got time for games all i do is work these days. but mayb someday i will return!~ Welcome back BB
  3. Killa is just helping me with my D2 Store thnx people.
  4. i see nothing much has changed, people still dunno how to stay on topic @@~
  5. Hey nate you should get D2x back up and start hcl again with me and a few friends lol
  6. The sky is falling! always wanted west to be active now the day has come lol. but now only thing that would bring me back to OD is arbiter @@ anyways as the east people used to say to us on west...stop complaning and do something about it.
  7. hey people hows things in OD? im still playing d2x on acc NxP-GoD if anyone wants to talk . but i play ladder d2x now, my nl accounts got banned for spamming ebay links lol. Hmm nothing else has happend really Just Kayzer wont be back i got his accounts now, hes gone off to the NAVY.
  8. G(OD)


    id say he was the most active gamer on west u people never seen him in channel cuz hes always gaming lol
  9. G(OD)


    @@ i dont even think they know your OD acc lol its Dark_Jester(OD) Anyways gl man.
  10. only 1 person can give you this..thats botooh so you should ask him no point asking on forums he dont read here much.
  11. ty for unban someone can lock this now.
  12. G(OD)


    Another west player, Gl Limmy @@~
  13. G(OD)

    Goodbye West.

    Thnx all <3 ima miss OD but too late now lol.
  14. Now for the rest of this story. Brigadier General GaCan(OD) disabled Captain BeNbOi(OD) for BeNbOi, best of luck to ya. I guess this is the right moment for me to admit something, West is better then East HAHA! There, I said it. Anyways, peace out bro! on Tue Jan 10th, 2006 at 11:41:44 PM GMT. Brigadier General GaCan(OD) disabled Captain G(OD) for G, Im sorry to see you go. Your contributions to the clan wont be forgotten. You will be remembered as a Legend. on Tue Jan 10th, 2006 at 11:32:00 PM GMT. Brigadier General GaCan(OD) disabled Captain BiFF(OD) for His last wish was to get disabled by me. I hate disabling people but I think I need to give him his wish. BiFF, I wish you luck. Peace out bro! on Tue Jan 10th, 2006 at 11:21:56 PM GMT. West was great while it lastedthnx to everyone who games there over the years
  15. G(OD)

    Goodbye West.

    Thnx gacan..and i never hated you lol just dont think we agreed on everything to do with D2x. GG all
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