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  1. Metz(OD)


    Been a while! Any OG d2/3 members still around?
  2. Damn Mike.. Hope you get it sorted quickly and find out whats going on. Always makes you wonder how the hell they got the info or w/e circumstance let them get your stuff.
  3. "choices are only a by-product of the chance circumstances" ...Chance circumstances, how amazing they can be. Own the moment for you may wish later you did. Thanks Terra.
  4. I dunno...My 50 Inch 4k UHD would love a ps4. No 360 here Rocket.
  5. Oh my god Rob is a Commander. What is this Voodoo? Rag? What in the holy hell this world is now doomed... Ducky invasion.. Oh yea, got a psu.
  6. Hey guys, 2009 pc finally took a shit on me (mobo). Been trying to login with my phone when i can inbetwen work and settling in my new place. Have a few bills to pay then i hope in a couple weeks i can get setup up again. I noticed i lost track of days and droped from 2nd lt to to mwo5. Was actually gonna ask for a demote while i get my shit together in order to give another member an open officer spot so i guess thats done. So again no idea how long ill be in lingo, hope to be back soon ladies!!
  7. I get out of work next Sunday at 9. Wish I could make it.
  8. Find The Mind.

  9. I work second shift on Wed-Sun. Mon-Tues are off.
  10. Nice to step up and apologize Mike. From this day forth let your actions speak towards the sincerity of the apology. Kutos and I hope all works out.
  11. Welcome to OD Snipe. Enjoy your stay, have fun and good luck!
  12. "Poof" ... and in a cloud of taco seasoning, he's gone! You'll never make it past the green sauce.
  13. Screw that, lets have a soccer tourney and really watch em drop!
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