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  1. im posting this thread to ask for a resignation ive moved on and no long want to be apart of the od clan thanks for all the memories
  2. battler(OD)


    Im gonna start a ladder account soon as reset is done on monday anyone wanna start fresh with me let me no i would like to try soething different
  3. Hey guys im looking for non ladder east bumpers nm and heel need plz ingame let me no since thats where ill be rushing a new member
  4. I was just asking cause it seemed to me ppl get promoted faster then others n I didn't understand y sorry I even mentioned this CLOSE THIS TOPIC THANKS This says it alll right there...
  5. I was just wondering I am a very active player on d2 I rush baal chaos give items duel everyday I want to no what else I need too do to become promoted to higher ranks I enjoy the clan and I'm not Bitching I don't know how more active I need to be please explain what else I should do to be noticed thanks
  6. I read ur post I'm trying that as well thanks for your help everyone
  7. I tried the avg and it wouldn't start completely I'm going to try once more today if none works I'm gonna buy protons but I can't really afford it (((((((( Nortons
  8. I'm having ping up to 3k and when I open game it. pops up n down in menu bar on widows also a d1ll error keeps showing up and it keeps asking to install a new version of java when I didn't download ne thing
  9. Stud not to correct u but I think u r talking about redemption bro not salvation n I agree with the lyle wave 2 what a pain
  10. I need to no if ne one noes of s free anti virus program I can download that will scan and remove virus from pc without paying for it I want a free complete service let me know
  11. i suggest changing isp then probally only way to fix it
  12. My suggestion would be to change your isp that might fix the problem since its saying bad dns servers . Or you might have a bad ethernet in your pc check on it never hurts to try
  13. I enjoy having friends and OD has many gm people to be friends with thanks guys for letting me in ur clan
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